PermaLeaf® Outdoor Artificial Plants

#1 Brand of artificial plants that combines UV blocking technology with strong colorfast pigments to create an inherently fade resistant foliage for outdoor use.

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PermaLeaf® Outdoor Artificial Plants


PermaLeaf® is a specially formulated weatherable plastic designed and engineered to withstand harsh outdoor conditions caused by wind, water, snow and sun.



PermaLeaf® is the only fade tested product that had NO COLOR LOSS detectable by sight after exposure to UV rays equivalent to Miami, Florida or Phoenix, Arizona.



While design and testing establishes a baseline for a products expected performance, nothing quite communicates the value of a product like a warranty. PermaLeaf® offers an industry leading warranty on its product.


PermaLeaf® Outdoor Artificial Plants


PermaLeaf® Outdoor Artificial Plants
We understand that live plants are not always feasible and in fact sometimes not the best solution; so to that end the PermaLeaf® line of plants have been developed for these very applications.
  • Window Boxes

    Window Boxes

    Create seasonal rotations

    Create seasonal plant displays for your window boxes that can be easily rotated when installed in styrofoam blocks custom cut to your size.

  • Hanging Baskets

    Hanging Baskets

    No irrigation systems required

    Create beautiful streetscapes utilizing hanging baskets that do not require any expensive irrigation systems and are in full color bloom on day 1.

  • Rooftops & Balconies

    Rooftops & Balconies

    Eliminate drainage requirements

    Build a rooftop garden complete with boxwood hedges, topiaries and green walls without worrying about weight restrictions or drainage requirements.

  • Plant Containers

    Plant Containers

    No watering required

    Beautify your entrance with plant containers filled with flowers, plants and foliage that do not require any watering, fertilizing or pruning.

  • Create instant privacy

    Visual Screens

    Create instant privacy

    Attach ivy wall mats to existing fences or install an entire boxwood hedge to create visual screens that brings privacy with no maintenance.

  • Green Walls

    Green Walls

    No expensive system required

    Design elaborate artificial green walls with no restrictions due to light levels, watering requirements or the need for expensive green wall systems.

  • Cell Towers & Feature Trees

    Cell Towers & Feature Trees

    Manufactured for extreme conditions

    Disguise cell tower poles or foliate a theme park tree using artificial branches developed to withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions.

  • Unique Applications

    Unique Applications

    When real foliage won’t do

    Let your imagination explore the limitless applications where artificial plants are more cost effective and feasible then living plants.


PermaLeaf® Outdoor Artificial Plants

I was extremely pleased with the professional, fast service and with the product. I think it is very well priced. There are so many places that should be using this product to help the environment.


Everything was just as we wanted. The product that was sold to us performed exactly how our sales person specified. Customer service was excellent.

New York City,NY

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PermaLeaf® Outdoor Artificial Plants

Thank you for your interest in receiving our catalog that features our entire line of PermaLeaf® plants, trees, flowers and foliage varieties manufactured exclusively for outdoor use. In addition, we also have a team of project managers with degrees in horticulture and landscape architecture that are available to assist customers with landscape designs using our PermaLeaf® plants.

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