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10 Design Inspirations from the Classiest Offices in the World

Office DecorWhen doing something for the first time, we often look up to and learn from people who are way ahead of us in that particular field. They serve as our inspiration. While designing your office, you can also draw inspiration from the already existing offices that are world-class brands and have designed their offices to perfection and comfort. They don't follow trends, they make new ones. If you too want to have a world class office like one of these, here are 10 design inspirations from the classiest offices in the world for you to follow.

Themes defining your style of architecture:

Your office can have a world class ambiance with a theme perfectly set in every part of it. Themes give you the feel of being somewhere which it actually isn't. For example, when you are in the offices of 'White Mountain Office' or 'Inventionland Design Factory', you will see they have a cave-like theme in their architecture (and you are not really in a cave!). Similarly, 'Urban Outfitters' have a vintage theme that can take you to a different era of time.

Pay attention to the flooring of your office:

Off course we have formal tiled floors and carpets everywhere nowadays (like, in every office), why not opt for something classy as the waymakers show us! 'Pallotta Teamworks' office shows us how to instill a thrill with 3D and hollow glass floors. They look and feel amazing! The office of 'Zynga' has got these beautiful carpets of fake turf and moss on its floors, certainly an eye catcher as they look so real.

Use of bright and cheerful colors:

We all know, bright colors give us a feeling of increased energy and fun. Let's love our workplace more with colorful walls and furniture! 'Google', 'Pallotta Teamworks', 'Facebook', 'Nokia'-you name it, and they got their office walls painted in bright reds, yellows, blues, and greens. 'Airbnb', 'Lego' and 'Nokia' even got these bright color-schemed furnitures to match!

Get arts involved in designing your walls:

Get beautiful and quirky artworks (in big singles or groups of small ones) and mount them on the walls that engage more of the eyesight of your visitors - the reception, conference room, etc. to make them the center of attraction. 'Airbnb' and 'Urban Outfitters' have had artistic works and paintings mounted on their office walls and they look absolutely amazing. The walls gradually become a place for photography to Instagrammers.

Interesting individual cubicles for each staff:

The idea of each staff member having his/her own cubicle is not new, in fact, most offices have them. But how to make it interesting for him/her to work in it? Let's learn from the masters. 'Selgas Cano Architecture Office', 'Dropbox', etc have cubicles made or covered with glass - they are transparent and colorful all together! 'Pallotta Teamworks' has created these storeyed cubicles that together look like an orange colored chest of drawers ( or maybe a cabinet). 'Inventionland Design Factory' has made their staff cubicles like rocky caves.

Use of glass walls and dividers:

Many offices like 'Nokia', 'Urban Outfitters' use walls of glass for their offices to make them totally transparent and displayed. 'Nokia', 'Zynga' also use glass dividers inside their offices, between cubicles and rooms and departments. Maintaining glass walls and dividers can be a pain and no one would certainly want to look at the dirty or cracked glass. You can also put liners on the glass so that your visitors do not bump into the transparent glass.

How to use different plants and trees, whether fake or real:

These days, the use of greenery in offices for decorations is quite in vogue. Most world-class offices have real or artificial flowering plants and topiaries, etc in their premises for an earthy feeling which is very relaxing. 'Google', 'Inventionland Design Factory', 'Dropbox', 'Facebook', 'Urban Outfitters' - name them, and they've got involved in the display of indoor and outdoor foliage, big or small.

Invest in a designer ceiling:

Give your office a touch of illusion with different types of a designer ceiling - 3D, geometric, gradient, dark, or patterned. Learn from the very best in the market, the offices of 'Facebook' and 'Urban Outfitters' on how to do it with swag.

Keep break rooms and/or gym and sports room:

Most offices have break rooms or rather call it cafeteria. It's the place where the staff gathers during break or recess times to rest, have some good food and catch a chat with a colleague. This room should be far from boring. Decorate them with hanging lights, introduce light music and add some silk leaf vines to complement the decor. Watch and learn from 'Google' and 'Dropbox' how they invest in gyms and sports rooms with all up to date equipment for their staff so that they stay active and healthy. You also should keep all the equipment clean.

Overhead lighting is the best light arrangement:

All the world-class offices have overhead LED light arrangements for maximum illumination. However, fancy lamps and hanging lights are also being used in many offices. Use the one best suited for the purpose. Use CFL and LED bulbs and tubes for lesser consumption of electricity. You can also use star lights in the cafeteria or bundle them up with the plants for a gentle illuminated effect.

As much as you are inspired by all the classiest offices in the world, your office should be the one and only unique among all others, that's what is called an identity. If you are interested in any feature, ask your designer to implement it in a matching and planned way, don't just copy it. If you know young artists, encourage them to make artworks for your office. Keep your office litter free and clutter free, because they can spoil every design. Now that you have all the new and trendy design ideas with you, why not give them a try in your own office!

The 12 Best Practices of Designing Eco-Friendly Offices

Fake GreenIn today's world, smart, eco-friendly offices are a must!

These are testing times, and we need to be well-equipped for a sustainable future.

So, here are 12 best practices for designing eco-friendly offices.

#1 Use eco-friendly materials:

In a step towards creating greener and eco-friendly offices, its always recommended using eco-friendly recyclable materials like recyclable paper, eco-friendly stationery, paper cups, toilet ware, logos and artworks (made up of natural and non-synthetic materials).

This is a good practice as it helps in mitigating the use of harmful products which are primarily made up of harsh and synthetic materials. Such products are harmful to the mind and body as they are made of very strong and poisonous chemicals. It's very important to buy good-quality and durable items to avoid unnecessary trouble in the future. Design eco-friendly places which use more of natural and recyclable products.

#2 Create Green Zones:

One of the best practices towards a bio-friendly and eco-friendly space is by creating a green zone.

Greenery is the most natural and common way how you can create an eco-friendly zone. Plant trees and small plants in planters and boxes. They look lovely and are a delight to the eye. Apart from being very soothing to the eye, they are also a good source of oxygen in the indoor areas of the office.

#3 Go for artificial variants:

If installing real ones are an issue which is generally because of high maintenance costs and installation in the indoors, you can easily count on artificial variants like artificial outdoor plants and trees.

Artificial outdoor plants for terrace gardens and balconies in eco-friendly offices are a great option to swear by because they look good and exhibit the same soothing and relaxing feels like real plants and trees. They are also safe options because these days there are many plants available which are fire-resistant and ensure 100 % safety.

#4 Indoor and Outdoor Topiary Forms:

Both natural topiary and faux topiary in offices look really beautiful. In fact, they have the aura of changing the landscape and panorama of a place.

If you are looking to inspire the onlookers, install some stylish and innovative topiary in your office. Not only it makes your office an eco-friendly zone, but it also adds élan and makes the place look chic.

Boxwood topiary in offices is also very in these days. It also looks stylish. Topiary forms instantly enhance the décor and overall look of the office. Faux boxwood topiary for indoors and outdoors is easy to install and can be set up anywhere.

#5 Say no to plastic:

One of the best practices to be incorporated in everyday office routine is to use less of plastic. Try using more eco-friendly substitutes to plastic like jute, paper bags, cotton bags, etc. Plastic is averse to ecology as it is made up of harmful elements. It's also very hard and difficult to dispose of plastic products. So, try moving towards more eco-friendly and natural substitutes which are not harmful and virulent.

#6 In-House Farming:

One recent trend towards maintaining an eco-friendly office and stepping towards a safe and sustainable future is adopting in-house farming.

Yes! Using space on the office campus for growing own food is not only a novel and superb idea towards producing your own food items, but it also promotes an organic and healthy ecosystem. You don't have to worry about buying artificial and fake products.

Also, the food grown is natural and healthy which is also good for the environment. Offices are best places to comply as people spend a good amount of time in the offices.

#7 Install Eco-friendly less consumption lighting bulbs:

Offices need illumination. You can save electricity and also cut down on your electricity bills by using low power consuming bulbs and lights. Offices can go a long way in saving electricity by using lesser power consuming lighting options for offices.

Design the lightings smartly to make your office a power saving, earth-friendly and green zone.

#8 Use water saving designs:

Design the office by creating water saving designs. Water is used everywhere in the offices from the cafeteria to washrooms. Design water saving ways for kitchens and use water-recycling technology in washrooms for an effective and healthy eco-friendly office.

Even if you are using water fountain around a planter, or faux boxwood topiary for decoration, make sure you are using recyclable water to minimize water waste.

#9 Use modern go green designs:

A new way of giving an eco-friendly and smart touch to the office space is by using cell tower trees for outdoor office areas where large cell-towers are located. This helps in camouflaging the tower and giving it a greener and robust look.

These days many offices are installing cell tower trees for offices in the outdoors to disguise cell phone towers. Tree-like cell towers are eco-friendly in design and approach. They are green and promote a safe and sustainable environment.

#10 Use eco-friendly colors as paints:

A very practical and smart option these days is to use safe colors on walls as paints.

Today, paints are available in eco-friendly options which use less of harmful materials. They are more ozone friendly. Also, while designing the offices, make sure you make use and buy such products which do not deplete the ozone layer. A small caution and discretion can go a long way in saving the environment.

#11 Create more open oxygen-friendly zones:

A very smart and natural way of creating a desirable eco-friendly office is by creating more open and airy places to breathe and relax.

It mitigates claustrophobic situations and instils freshness and calmness in the employees present.

#12 Use earthenware:

Last but not least, use earthenware as much as possible. For example- make use of bricks while designing spaces. It's not only eco-friendly, and rustic but it also promotes local manpower. This is also significant in terms of corporate social responsibility.

So, we see incorporating smart and eco-friendly ideas can go a long way in designing an ecology and earth-friendly office space towards a much more sustainable future!

The Definitive Guide To Set Up Zen Zones In Offices

Artificial Outdoor PlantsSevere workplace tension between staff, frequent overtime and staff cutbacks, constant anxiety of being laid off, over-the-top connected employees and inadequate communication, excessive stress and reduced productivity, tremendous work pressure, too many urgent requirements and too little creativity, dirty office politics and indifferent higher ups, no job satisfaction, wild deadlines and nil collaboration, immoderate demands, demanding bosses, difficult subordinates, bungling managers, etc.

Welcome to today’s office!

Silence, harmony, relaxation, single-mindedness at the office: Out of the question!

Not really!

With zen zones in offices, it’s feasible.

Meditation and productivity

Though meditation is a simple routine, it appears formidable!

It seems ironic that being inactive and tranquil for a short period makes one more diligent and creative, but it’s spot-on!

A few benefits of meditation include:

a-Abundant calming effects.

b-Recharges individuals (so they feel more energetic throughout the day.)

c-Helps individuals gain essential perspectives on their present work.

What is Zen?

Zen, a subdivision of Mahayana Buddhism began in China during the Tang dynasty and subsequently, changed into a number of disciplines.

The expression Zen stems from the Indian tradition of Dhyana ("meditation").

Zen meditation highlights severe self-control, meditation practice, and awareness of the real true nature of things.

Meditation: What do you need to start?

You don’t require many things to begin a meditation practice, but you must have something to sit on.

Even though you can meditate while standing or moving, sitting meditation is the most popular style of meditation and an excellent way to begin.

While meditating, you can sit on:

1-A chair.

2-A meditation cushion.

3-A meditation bench (if you are quite tall).

How about a meditation room in the office?

Can you see in your mind's eye a room in your place of work that restores and rebuilds your intellect, physique, and spirit?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a particular area inside (or outside) of your place of work that permits a company’s workforce to plug into a higher power?

1- Opt for a pleasant room

What it implies is a place that has a bright and friendly aspect.

Additionally, it must be in a quiet area in the office that sees minimal traffic.

This meditative room should be spotless and clutter-free despite having a few essentials like a small desk, a yoga mat, a basic rug, and a cushion for meditation.

2-Introduce nature in your meditation room

Meditating in the open air in a peaceful, natural setting is ideal; yet it is not always realistic if you work in a city.

Moreover, when meditation is all about bonding with natural surroundings, then your meditation room too should host a few natural components like a container of freshly-cut popular garden flowers, jars packed with sand and seashells, a miniature water fountain, etc.

3-Play meditative compositions

Though playing relaxing background music in such a room is not critical, it can be music to many ears.

The soothing sounds running in the backdrop can overpower unnecessary distractions inside the office.

Ideally, these musical compositions should be without lyrics. It is not compulsory to play classical music, and any sounds that calms can be played like sounds of the ocean, etc.

4-Use aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is one more building block to think about when planning a meditation room in your office.

Aromatherapy uses aromatic substances, including essential oils from plants like lavender, chamomile, and peppermint which enhance an individual’s emotional and physical comfort. The blends of these restorative essential oils can be used for topical application, immersion, or massage.

5-Give a personal touch

When assembling a meditation room at your workplace, you can include some of your favorite things like bells, chimes, statuettes, artificial outdoor plants and shrubs, affirmation stones, beads, graphics, photographs, hanging flower baskets, etc.

Include any fragrance, tune, outdoor artificial flowers hanging baskets or artificial flowers that calm you. However, do not clutter up the room.

6-Don’t forget fresh air

Besides the aromatherapy scents in the meditation room, ensure that it has enough fresh air.

If you are meditating in the open air, then this will not be a problem, but if you are doing it indoors, then the room must be well-ventilated. If there are no windows or ceiling fans in the room, then get a standing fan.

7-Pick a soothing color scheme

The color of the room influences a person’s mood; therefore, insist on a calming color pattern if you want to match the contemplative nature of your meditation room.

Some individuals feel that neutral shades are apt for a meditation room whereas others claim that dark colors lend a womb-like feeling to the room, putting them at ease during meditation.

8-Lighting positively impacts the atmosphere of a room

Though an ideal meditation room has copious amounts of natural light, some kind of window design is necessary for a comfortable feeling. A sheer fabric curtain in a muted shade is recommended as it will scatter the light.

If there is less or no natural light in the room, then you must carefully select light fixtures.

Is technology permitted in the meditation room? Certainly not.

Though explicit rules for developing a meditation room in the office don’t exist, there is one strict law that cannot be modified or evaded, in other words, no electronics besides your music player.

After all, the notion for a meditation room is to be able to ‘get away from everything digital or electronic.’

Why not install a green wall in your meditation room?

Living green walls consist of plants that are enclosed in a growing medium and then positioned on the wall of rooms, properties, etc. to provide lushness and the benefits of plants in the least horizontal space.

Final thoughts

Today, anxiety, depression, hostility, fatigue, etc. at workplaces are widespread.

Besides stilling the mind, meditation also increases an employees’ productivity as he or she experiences greater well-being.

Harnessing employee potential via a meditation room for employees plus unveiling indoor greenery are wise investments.

Here's How to Design a Delightful Small Balcony?

Artificial Outdoor PlantsNo matter where you live, in a house or in an apartment, you can always have a small balcony of your own. This space might be limited or be spread out, but it can always be there as space where you can relax and sip your tea or coffee and have a conversation with friends and family.

To make your balcony look beautiful, you would need small balcony design ideas. You can decorate your balcony as you wish and small interior balcony design ideas will help you to come up with new ways to decorate your little space.

Here are some tips to design your small balcony to make it look beautiful and stunning. Following these tips will certainly give you an idea about how to decorate your balcony.

Use Artificial Plants:

Using artificial plants to decorate your balcony has many benefits. First of all, greenery and trees make any ambiance soothing and thus using artificial plants will soothe your nerves whenever you sit in the balcony.

You can use artificial outdoor plants for decoration in your balcony. These plants are fake and thus will not need any special care to survive. They will survive on their own and you do not have to worry about them.

You can also go for outdoor decorative flowers. These artificial flowers will bring the look of a small garden in your balcony. It will not only offer a soothing site bit also will make the atmosphere pleasant.

These artificial plants to do take much time to be set up and once they are up; you do not need to worry about them. That is the beauty of these items.

Use proper Furniture:

Given the fact that you will use your balcony for sitting and relaxing purposes, it is important that you have some basic furniture put in there. You can have a small table and some chairs on the balcony. This will give you the opportunity to sit with your friends and family on the balcony.

You can also use bean bags in places of chairs and you can have an equally comfortable sit. As for the table, you can use a small center table or a coffee table to keep the snacks and coffee that you will be having in the balcony.

There is no need to stuff the balcony with unnecessary furniture as it is a space that will be used mainly for relaxing. Thus it is important that the place remains breathable and does not get stuffy.

Decorate the Floor:

You should not neglect the floor of your balcony. You can put some rags on the floor or you can use carpets as well. Keep in mind that the colors of the rags or the carpets should match with the color scheme of the entire house. They should not look out of place.

You can use rags or carpets of neutral colors as these colors go with almost every other color.

Paint the Walls:

Another important aspect of decorating your balcony is painting the walls. You can go for bright colors as that would bring out a sense of positivity and will lift up your mood whenever you visit your balcony.

You can paint the opposite walls with contrasting colors as that would highlight the walls and will bring forward a smart look.

However, keep in mind that the colors of your balcony wall should be in accordance with the colors of the walls of the rooms. You should not make your balcony stand out as a separate portion of the house with entirely different colors.

Make sure that the balcony blends in with the house and stands as a part of the household.

Use Curtains:

Another important factor in decorating your balcony is the use of curtains. Your balcony with undoubtedly has a door. Now, you would not want to close the door every time you sit in the balcony; but you might want some privacy when you sit in the balcony alone.

You can easily solve the problem with the use of curtains. With the help of the curtains, you will not have to close the doors and yet you can have your privacy intact. Once you pull the curtains, you have a separate space from the house.

Be careful in selecting the color and the material of the curtain. The curtain should go with the color scheme of the balcony. You can choose either silk or cotton curtains. The silk curtains will add a shiny look to the décor as their base material is shiny.

The cotton curtains, on the other hand, will add a majestic look to your little balcony.

Put on Decent Lights:

Lighting is another important aspect of the decoration of any space. Your balcony is also no exception from this rule. To complete the decoration of your balcony, you should use proper lights.

You should use both bright and dim lights in your balcony. You might want to read something sitting in your balcony. Then you will need bright lights.

However, when you would want to simply sit and relax in the balcony, the dim lights will come to use. You can also use fairy lights in place of dim lights as that would also look beautiful in your balcony.

Fairy lights add an extra piece of charm to any space and you can use them quite beautifully in your balcony.

If you follow the above-mentioned suggestions, then you would surely be able to design your small balcony beautifully. However, ultimately everything depends on you and your choices. You should also consider your availability of space and your budget, according to which the decoration process will follow.

You can work on these tips and improvise them or customize them according to your own benefit. These tips are meant to give you an outline idea of how to decorate your balcony and are flexible.

You should also consult with your family members and take their opinions in the decorating process.

8 Reasons Why Artificial Outdoor Trees Are a Great Landscaping Investment for Malls

TreeThe one thing that shoppers of today don't lack is choice. There are shops galore along every street, and malls are cropping up like mushrooms even in smaller towns. And when you consider the limitless array of goods available online, you may be tempted to throw up your hands and wonder how on earth you'll ever attract customers to your mall!

The one thing you can offer, however, that online stores and individual shops can't, is an ambiance. By making optimal use of your building's premises through artificial landscaping, you can transform your mall into a retreat of your own that visitors will love lingering in. A plethora of artificial outdoor trees are available to suit every need and theme – if you're hesitant about investing in them, read on for some excellent reasons to add artificial landscaping to your redecoration strategy.

No need to be restricted by which species are native to your area

Want to create a tropical landscape even though your mall is located near the mountains? By opting for artificial outdoor trees, you're no longer restricted by the limitations of geography! Put up some high-quality palm trees, add an artificial lake and place some faux outdoor flowers here and there, and you'll have a tropical ambiance that your visitors will love!

You don't have to worry about which flowers are in the season either. Pick your favorite faux flowers and arrange them in artificial hanging baskets to charm your visitors the moment they enter your mall!

No need to worry about dead or infected trees

Imagine one of your mall visitors passing under a tree only to feel a dead leaf dropping on her head. Not much fun, right? When you're using faux outdoor trees, however, all your leaves stay green, spotless and firmly in place.

No need to worry about diseases or pest attacks either – with faux trees, leaf-eating insects and blight will stay well away, and you can enjoy healthy-looking greenery all year round.

No color fading or aging

Leaves tend to fade and flowers tend to wilt when it's sunny – and no one likes looking at wilting plants. Top-quality artificial outdoor plants, however, are made with UV protection to guard against the sun's rays – so you can be sure of bright green leaves and blooming flowers even during the hottest months.

Avoid triggering allergies or infections

Allergies are tricky things – even the most innocent-looking plants can trigger them! So to avoid making your mall visitors sneeze throughout their visit (and possibly never come back again), install some beautiful artificial outdoor flowers that have all the aesthetic appeal without the allergy risk.

Moreover, keeping faux plants could protect any curious pets who try to bite at the leaves! For instance, the oleander plant looks pretty, but its leaves are highly poisonous! By installing fake oleander, therefore, you're keeping your four-legged visitors safe.

A sizeable chunk of costs saved

Any garden requires gardeners, and good gardeners come at a hefty price. And when you're considering a mall landscape, you'll require several top-notch gardeners to look after your plants. Invest in some quality fake outdoor plants, however, and they'll flourish without any gardening. So you get the same greenery at a much lower cost!

On top of that, you'll no longer need to replace any dead or diseased trees! Simply clean your faux plants from time to time with a microfibre wipe and a spray hose, and your initial investment will last your mall a lifetime.

Create living walls to hide cracks or stains

However hard you try, you can't protect your walls from getting damaged. Cracks in the paint will inevitably develop, and there are always mall-goers who seem to think that walls are meant for spitting or spilling drinks on. And if you have a burst pipe somewhere in your plumbing, you can expect pulpy walls the next day.

Enter living walls, the perfect solution for concealing less-than-pristine walls, protecting them from the elements and giving them a stylish makeover! Faux boxwood and other varieties make for attractive patches of green that are a refreshing break from bare concrete walls.

Topiary without the maintenance efforts

Few things make your premises as distinctive as some skillful topiary work. Maintaining a landscape full of bushes in the form of perfect spheres, cones or animal heads, however, can be phenomenally tough. There's a simple solution, though – invest in some high-quality outdoor artificial topiary, and enjoy flawlessly shaped bushes all year round without any pruning or shearing needed.

Create a deluxe ambiance that shoppers keep returning to

Malls are a dime a dozen these days, with the same sets of restaurant chains and clothing stores everywhere. There's no reason, therefore, for a shopper to prefer your mall over any other simply on the basis of shops. By adding artificial landscaping, however, you're giving them a reason to linger and enjoy the greenery.

You can even go further and add park benches and a coffee shop near your faux trees and artificial pool. Many shoppers who would earlier have walked away will now buy a latte and relax on the benches, amidst the foliage. And the longer they stay, the greater the likelihood that they will end up making a purchase.

There's no denying that offline selling is more of a challenge than ever these days. Quite apart from the competition from other malls and stores, online shopping allows shoppers to get everything they want without stepping out of their homes. Expecting high footfall on the basis of shops alone, therefore, can be a risky move for a mall owner. When you invest in artificial outdoor landscaping, though, you're creating an experience that goes far beyond merely shopping – you're creating an ambiance where they can relax, refresh their senses and indulge in their own escape from the world outside. So go ahead and order some top-notch artificial outdoor trees – the investment, we assure you, will be worth it!

Want To Make Your Restaurant Talk Of The Town? Fake Greens Can Do That

Fake GreenWant to make your restaurant talk of the town? Fake Greens can do it.

Plants have always been a great decoration, whatever the place may be. Homes, schools, restaurants, offices and even hospitals look more aesthetic with plants. Using plants also requires a lot of time to maintain them.

They need to be watered regularly and some might need occasional pruning, which all takes time and effort. Additionally, plants are also sensitive to the environment and weather, and you can only use plants that can survive the weather you live in.

Artificial plants and trees offer a solution to this problem, as they require almost no maintenance, except some occasional cleaning and no recurring expense.

Given below are some super cool ideas for artificial greens that can make your restaurant the talk of the town:

Fake Lawn Grass

Fake lawn grass can be the first thing you can add to your restaurant, or rather at its entrance or in the lawn.

These lawns do not need trimming or maintenance and look perfectly green at all times. This fake grass can be made of plastic and is therefore easily cleanable and requires no maintenance.

Artificial Bonsai for indoor décor

Artificial bonsai plants made of cardboard and handmade paper can give an authentic look to the plant and can give your restaurant a traditional look and feel.

The trees can be placed on the tables and on the counters or shelves. A closely resembling artificial bonsai plant can also be easily made and discarded as well as being cost effective.

Tissue paper branches

Branches of artificial trees can be easily made with tissue papers, using a thin wire as the backbone of the branches. These branches can be made to spread out as much as you like and can even be made to create an entire tree if you like.

Use them as the centerpiece and give your restaurant an interesting look and feel.

Succulents made of felt

Felt succulents can be both colorful as well as soft and can give a warm feeling indoors. Felt succulents are also easy to clean and dry.

These succulents can be kept on the tables or on the counters and can greatly enhance the look of the place. The choice of colors and quality of the felt can also give a touch of finesse to the setup.

Succulents made of paper

Paper succulents are cheaper than felt succulents and can be disposable. This allows experimentation with various types of succulents and changing them regularly to prevent monotonousness.

These succulents can also be kept anywhere except perhaps near water, which can damage the plant. Using them as artificial hanging plants is your safest option.

Paper rose plant

Making an entire rose plant with artificial roses can be an excellent idea for an artificial plant inside the restaurant.

Roses are traditionally loved by almost everyone, and the familiar structure of the rose plant can be a great decoration for the restaurant if used wisely.

A paper rose plant, complete with paper flower and paper thorns can be an intricate project to work on, but can attract the admiration of the customers. Give the visitors some boost for romance and love.

Crocheted Plants

Plants made entirely of wool and crochet can be a new approach for making various types of artificial plants and even small trees. The wool's tensile strength greatly adds to the shelf life of the plant and make it sturdier.

Making crocheted plants can be time-consuming and therefore expensive, however, these plants can greatly improve the experience of the customers and thus a great suggestion for an artificial plant.

Cacti made of fabric

Regular fabric can be used in an interesting way to create cacti or lots of them. Even used pieces of fabric can be used for this purpose, making it super cheap to make as well as super easy to clean.

Various types of cacti's plants can also be made using different types of fabric depending on the theme and rest of the décor used in the restaurant.

Paper Orchid

Orchids are by nature one of the most beautiful and rare group of plants which can only grow under a certain type of weather.

Making orchids of paper can help to add the beauty of orchid in the restaurant without actually having the orchid. Papers of various colors and textures can be used to create the structure of an orchid.

Cactus made of pincushion

Pincushions are a common and familiar item and a quite useful one at that. These pincushions can be converted into artificial cacti, with the pins actually acting as the thorns.
This can be a trickier décor for the restaurant, as it can increase the risks of needle pricks while handling the plant and therefore is suggestible to be kept in spots which are out of reach.

Burlap wrap fern:

Ferns made of burlap wrap or jute bags can be an interesting idea for an artificial plant. The texture of the burlap or jute bag can give the feeling of authenticity and class while making the plants more durable and easily washable.

These plants can be kept anywhere in the restaurant. There is no reason not to target this fake plant.

Wooden sculptures of houseplants

Artificial plants can also be made from wooden sculptures. These sculptures can be made to resemble certain plants or trees of choice, or which can be attracted to the customers or according to the theme of the restaurant.

Wooden sculptures can be a little expensive to make, depending on the type of wood used and also time intensive. However, these plants can last for a really, really long time.

Artificial plants can be used absolutely anywhere, which means you can use any form of rare or exotic plant model to decorate your restaurant tastefully. So you do not need to bother about them withering away.

No more changing of plants every season. Save your money for the other important things in your restaurants like fancy crockeries and comfy cushions.

9 Innovative Décor Ideas For Your Banquet Halls

Banquet Hall DecorBanquet halls are a perfect venue for celebrating the joyous moment in your life. Be it the flower power, awe-inspiring lighting arrangements or the surreal flowers, the right kind of décor will add to your moment of joy. The event that you host must turn into heaven for relaxation, enjoyment, and interaction with your guests. You can establish this perfect setting by opting for the right kind of décor at the venue.

Umbrella prop for colorful halls

Gone are the days when umbrellas were used only for the monsoon. You can now use them to add some extra color to the banquet hall. They are available in several intrinsic patterns and have become a vast rage today. These umbrellas can be accommodated in any setting, outdoor or indoor, with hanging flower pots with artificial flowers creating a whimsical tropical theme for your event.

They can even be customized with different patterns and colors for intense makeovers. Create an amusing look by hanging them upside down, use them to create attractive centerpieces or incorporate these ultra-cool umbrellas into food and catering.

Artificial flowers to create a floral backdrop

Banquet Hall Decor

Flowers are one of the best means to add some style and grandeur to the event. Be it an entire wall of flowers or attractively arranged flower banquets, and floral décor is a way to add some life to your event and make it look classy. The entrance to banquet hall can be made great by choosing outdoor artificial flowers hanging baskets.

Artificial flowers have soaring popularity owing to their nearly zero maintenance and attractiveness. They add instant charm to your décor and can be placed anywhere in the banquet hall. You can create magical displays by combining these faux flowers with attractive vases.

Create a magical experience with lighting

Lighting is crucial for setting up the mood and brighten your event. A proper lighting arrangement will enhance and highlight the décor arrangements done. Use artificial hanging baskets with lights to add some glitter to your event. Contemporary lighting designs are available for you to create a perfect backdrop.

Admittedly, light strings are a great way to make your backdrops look crisp and clear. Your evening parties can be made more stylish by fusing different lighting elements like lanterns, globe lights, etc with other décor elements.

Contemporary chandeliers

Chandeliers are a recent addition to the banquet hall décor. They add a touch of creativity and mostly used at center stage where the actual event takes place. The center stage is most likely to be decorated with several genuine or fake flowers that look real. Choosing the right chandelier can help you in presenting these decorations in an impressive manner.

Chandeliers are a great way to make your banquet hall look grander and add plenty of appeal and glamour to the event. It offers great lighting and resilient presentation to give your guest a unique and majestic experience.

Furniture draping

Integral with the banquet hall décor is the concept of designing stylish furniture. Draping the tables and chairs will make them look elegant, and there are numerous ways with which you can do it. Depending on your taste or the theme for your event, you can choose from complex draping patterns to a simple ribbon being tied behind the chair.
The drape material and the color palette are also of prime importance since they decide the ambiance look and the mood of your event. You can even use chair covers for transforming standard furniture into an exquisite piece. From pearl reels, hood floral, and ruffle knots, there are a variety of options for you to choose from.

Entrance decoration

The entrance area can vary from one banquet hall to another. Irrespective of its type, ensure that it is well decorated with bouquets, flower garlands, grand arches or any other element that you see fit to the occasion. Decorating the entrance with fairy lights and bulbs is another excellent option.

Surround these lights with pillar candles and flower vases to create an elegant walkway. Create a magical entrance by using cherry blossom trees. These are one of the unique ways to cascade offbeat themes into your event. You can even choose to add some shine and shimmer with metallic tassels. Add some dazzling fringe curtains to create a beautiful walkway.

Floor carpets

Most often, good floor design is one of the most neglected aspects of banquet hall décor. You will have to highlight certain key areas like aisle, stage, staircase, etc. with appropriate carpet designs.

Selecting the right color can manipulate the shape and size of the hall and also provides brilliant effects with light. You can make the hall look more spacious and hide certain awkward elements from your guests. Carpets add a sense of warmth to your event and facilitate profuse energy flow.

Welcome signboard

You are celebrating your success, and you will certainly need a signboard that welcomes your guests. You can make this venture creative by including graphical ideas and other décor accessories. Most banquet halls provide a welcome signboard by default.

However, you can customize a signboard by aligning it to any theme of your choice. Welcome your guests into a soaring space that is crowned with dazzling chandeliers, beautifully decorated entryway and an equally mesmerizing experience of attending your event.


Ideally, centerpieces are placed on the guest table and must look promising. They are available in varying sizes and shapes. If you are looking for simpler ones, then, you can choose floral centerpieces that are reasonably attractive and handy. However, unique centerpiece calls for several elements to consider.

Such situations demand that you choose the centerpiece in accordance with the table size and the overall area of your banquet hall. Its color must also be consistent with the theme or other elements at your venue. Your choice of centerpiece must also balance the overall ambiance and provide elegance to your banquet hall.

To conclude, decorating a banquet hall has come a long way from being a simple affair to that of an enriching event. Choosing the right décor can elevate the event's purpose, reflect your sense of style and also make your guests understand that their presence is valued and appreciated.

12 Decor Hacks To Make Your Restaurant Seem More Luxurious

Decor Hacks To Make Your Restaurant Seem More LuxuriousIt is not always the high price that signifies luxury. But you need to present your customers with something out of the box to make them feel special. They got to feel rich in your restaurant, even if they are essentially just mediocre earning.

These décor hacks will make your restaurant an elegant look making customers extravagant.

The wall be a typewriter

One way of adding some fun to your wall is by having a blackboard where the chalk-written menu is displayed. You can also have graphics and diagrams on them that talks about the restaurant theme.

"We cater class on a plate," such tag lines will give a very real impression to your customers. You can also choose to have the writing done in different colors.

Appreciate the art around

Few places may have an abundance of artists, and few may have them in lesser counts. But every area has its share of art and culture.

Get in touch with some local artists who are looking for a place of recognition. Get their talent on your wall, and it will be a win-win situation for both parties.

Having uniform frames for each of the painting will accent not only the paintings but they will seem to be a part of a carefully chosen collection.

Colors that are worthy of a picture

There is no shortage of color schemes in the market. It is always good to have very toned down colors for luxurious restaurants. This is what adds gravity to the décor

White, beige or damp grey will allow you to have lots of other accessories in your restaurant. One good idea would be to have one wall of different colors while the others are the same.

What lights do you prefer?

A big restaurant does not need to rely only on one kind of lighting. According to the mood, the levels of lighting can change — one for dining another for the bar.

Low lighting is perfect for a romantic and relaxing ambiance that will make your guests comfortable enough to put up for long hours.

You can also have alternative lighting according to the time of day. If during breakfast time you have more natural lighting then dinner is all about ambient light.

Embrace the era of smart lighting!

A perfect set of tables and chairs

If you are even having a thought of fine dining then choosing your furniture is a place where you need to give ample amount of time. You need to have tables and seating for a variety of sizes.

There need to be longer sofas for family and large gatherings. You may have a look at anchored seating for this side.

Similarly, two or three seaters should also be there just for a couple or a small group of businessmen. Simple portable tables and chairs will give you the benefit of adjusting the room accordingly.

Choose your fabric wisely

Fabric talks a lot about the overall décor.

Glass curtain design is all you need for the windows and doors. During the day they allow enough sunlight to come in. In the evenings they give a closed feel of warmth and comfort.

Add some classic velvet or embroidered cushions to your sofas to give it a lift in design and coziness.

A showoff wine cellar

Luxury without good wine? Not at all! Display all your quality collection of aged wine in a cellar. You can separate them according to their types.

Sometimes having just one version of vintage wine for each of the categories also helps in building your statement of indulgence. You will have lines of orders coming right away only by the look of it.

A wooden cellar is a hit for any décor, especially a lavish one.

Let people get closer over your restaurant

Apart from having separate tables and chairs in your restaurant, you can have an open sitting space near the bar counter. There can be a lot of magic over a glass of classic wine.

High seats or even rotating ones are perfect for this side. Let your customers get a chance to know each other.

Having wooden chairs is a good idea because here you do not have to add any additional cushions or comforter.

The warmth of the fire

A fireplace is a perfect addition to your restaurant. Not every house can afford to have one, but your customers can provide to enjoy one in your restaurant.

Modern-day fireplaces are smoke-free and have deficient maintenance. The classic china brick fireplace will fit in with any wall color you choose.

Accessorize your central place

Adding tiny details to your décor will have a significant emphasis on making your restaurant a "must visit." Bring in some coat stands, hat stands, and umbrella baskets.

You can have fancy sets of crockeries complementing those mouthwatering dishes. Fold the napkins like a pro.

The top and the bottom

Box ceilings can change the look of your restaurants. You can also try some lop-sided geometrical shapes for the ceiling and add lights in between.

Or how about having a wooden ceiling against the popular wooden flooring notion?

But now your flooring also needs equal attention. Plain flooring is best for classic restaurants because everything else in the surrounding is already breathtaking. For a little drama, carpet flooring will give a home-like feeling.

The final touch

It is now time to giving a perfect finishing touch to your restaurants with some beautiful plants and flowers. Do not bother with the time consumed in taking care of them. Use some not so real plants.

Snapdragon flowers are perennial.They look genuine indeed. Also, these snapdragon flowers come in so many colors that you can pick and choose to fit your décor.

So if you wish to gain the tag of being fancy and upscale spend a little extra to have special people just standing by the door to open the coat and hang them correctly.

Small gestures matter a lot!


Make Your Office Meeting Rooms Modern With These Décor Tips

Make Your Office Meeting Rooms Modern With These Decor TipsSpace where new ideas meet creative outlooks, where endless discussions lead to the best ever solutions, an office meeting room is an important part of every workplace. Needless to say, a beautiful set-up is essential to keep it lively and vibrant.

Is just good furniture enough?

A large round table, comfy chairs, and several tech-savvy features are things that make for a decent meeting room. But, is that enough? Studies have shown that the décor of your workplace plays a crucial role in defining the quality of work delivered by the employees. A visually attractive surrounding is essential when people feel like breaking out of their mundane routines.

Greenery is the key!

A dash of greenery is a much-needed element of modern décor. Plants add to the liveliness of your workplace, giving it a fresh look. So, get in the grass and flowers and transform your office spaces into a relaxation hub! As ‘Feng Shui', adding decorative items to your space and amplify the ‘good' vibe.

Fake plants

While plants do add to the glamour of your spaces, it takes a whole lot of effort and time and money to maintain them in good condition. They need plenty of sunlight and ample air to flourish, which is difficult to find within the enclosed office spaces. A great solution is to have artificial plants instead of real ones, thus reducing the after-costs of maintenance, without compromising on the glamour quotient of your office décor.

Big is Better

While elegant furnishings are a quintessential aspect of a contemporary office meeting room, a couple of large fake plants can enhance the overall look of the place quite easily. Place a few artificial fiddle leaf fig trees along the pathway, or just have a fake golden cane palm silk tree in one of the corners of your conference room to add a dash of freshness to the room.
Large artificial plants like the fake versions of Cedar Bonsai, Philodendron, Sansevieria, Agave, and Peace Lily are a must add-on to the office space for a deeply sensuous look!

Faux boxwood

Petite and non-messy, faux boxwood is the ultimate answer to cherishing the love for greenery, minus the endless hard work of taking care of the plants, much unlike their real counterparts. These fake plants look as real as they could be! You can place a small one as a centerpiece for your meeting table or can have different varieties like spiral faux boxwood plants to adorn the corners of the meeting room.

Faux topiary

Artificial topiaries are the newest addition to the world of interior décor. You can instantly glam up your otherwise dull-looking office meeting room by installing neatly trimmed faux topiaries thus adding an element of class to your indoor space.

What's more? You don't need to hire a professional landscaper to maintain the artificial topiary, which is crafted expertly featuring popular trim styles to suit your taste. You can also choose from a variety of floral options too, just to add a subtle hint of color to your space. There are also a number of choices when it comes to faux topiary planters like barrels, terracotta, urns, tin, and decorative wood.

Get in the silks!

There is something about the color green that adds serenity and calmness to the atmosphere. Real or artificial, green foliage is always a soothing sight to our eyes, especially when we need a relaxing break in between our busy and hectic work schedules.

Fake plants for décor now come in vibrant silk textures that enhance their beauty and make them look unbelievably real! Silk plants and trees make for the most attractive, pocket-friendly and easy to maintain décor options of today.

You can choose from a wide variety of different artificial silk plants to suit your ambiance. Silk bonsai plants are a popular choice as they create a magical aura. The only care that these beautiful art pieces need is regularly and gently dusting them off so that they don't lose their peculiar sheen.

Silk boxwood topiary is yet another piece of perfect decorative to embellish your setting. Molded in a host of different shapes and patterns like spherical, conical, spiral and more, these artificial plants definitely bring in a fun element and also add a welcoming charm to any office space. Get in some silk bamboo plants or have a few hanging silk plants by the window sill and you have created a soothing atmosphere at the workplace!

A few evergreen classic must-haves to add to your office meeting rooms

There are ample options when you look out for artificial plants to decorate your office space. However, we have listed a few evergreen classics that would spruce up the room instantly. Popular floor plants such as Cedars, Ficuses, Areca palm, Agave, Dracaena, and the like are best used inside conference rooms and lobbies.

Exotic bamboo plants teamed with a miniature waterfall or a fountain can lend a classy and elegant look to one of the walls of the meeting room. Large artificial plants with flowers catch your attention instantly, while a cherry blossoms bonsai at the center of the table looks perfect like no other! Look out for some hydrangeas and peonies planted in beautifully sculpted ceramic pots. These are sure to get noticed and admired at the same time.

How to clean your artificial plants?

Although they need not be watered or trimmed, fake plants do have to be cleaned up at regular intervals, so as to maintain the vibrancy of their colors and prevent them from fading away. Use feather dusters and small brushes to clean the dust off the foliage.

You may gently wipe the leaves and stems using a microfiber cloth. For deep cleaning, the plants can be thoroughly washed with a hose and allowed to dry in the sun for some time. Don't forget to spray Ammonia D window cleaner before you get them back indoors, to ensure long-lasting shine.

A vibrant looking and the peaceful workplace are awaiting you! Relax and enjoy the greenery, sans the hassles, of course!

8 Tips to Decorate Your Automobile Showroom

Automobile ShowroomWhen you think about an expensive automobile showroom, what comes to your mind is the sleek and stylish machines contoured with the latest of designs and shades. But this is only one dimension of it. A showroom is a link between manufacturers and potential consumers. To make it more than a display of metallic brawn and finesse, it is also essential to make the ambiance spot on.

So, let's have a quick look at some of the ways in which you can achieve the same

Create a welcoming atmosphere

Make your showroom warm and inviting for the customers. Use some amazing scent to make your space fragrant, add overhead music with appropriate volume and some lovely silk plants and flowers to add some lushness. Also, provide seating areas at frequent intervals for customers and their companions to take rest while shopping. Set up kiosks and board giving all the necessary information about delivery times and prices to make it a hassle-free experience for the customers. Incorporating beautiful window displays highlighting offers and products will them get a sneak peek of what is inside.

Illuminate your showroom

Good lighting can make or break your space. Natural light enhances the style, color, and features of every model cost-effectively. However, incorporating some dramatic lighting in your showroom can work wonders. It adds brightness, charm, and depth to space. The key is to use a spotlight effect on the vehicles as these will make them look stunning, captivate your customer's attention and give them an enriched buying experience. For the other spaces, slightly dim lights would be perfect. You can choose from various light fixtures like ceiling lights, canopy lights, high bay lights, downlights, panel lights, low bay lights and so much more.

Bring in some greenish tinge

Plants flowers and greenery can make any space look lively and fresh. The downside is that plants need a lot of maintenance. Instead, you can go for some faux varieties that look amazingly real! You can install these artificial plants and flowers for some great airy vibes. Setting up some beautiful and vibrant artificial topiaries at the entrance would be a great idea too. The best part is these plants require almost zero maintenance and remain fresh throughout the year!

Use the right colors

Every color has a distinct visual appeal and effect to the eyes. Always use colors that complement the color of the vehicles and make the entire space look cohesive and well-coordinated. Do not paint your walls with colors that divert your customer's attention from the vehicles! Remember the psychology behind colors in marketing, for example, red color triggers strong emotions, orange emanates warmth, yellow reflects happiness and green resonates with good health, pink has calming effects, blue represents tranquility and so on. Studies say that blue is one color that boosts sales as it has a soothing, comforting effect on the customers. To make your brand attractive and identifiable to the customers it is imperative to present all the elements in a unified manner. Use the color schemes wisely; any disruption in the continuity will fail to create a long-lasting impression in the minds of your customers.

Go for balloon décor

Balloon décor is one of the most common yet beautiful ideas to add some vibrancy to your automobile showroom. Balloons are so versatile and visually appealing that you can put them anywhere! You may beautify the entrance with a series of arches made of colorful balloons, make signboards with balloons or even use balloon emojis to add some fun and quirk. Also, you can choose color combinations that blend well with your brand, theme, and interior of your showroom.

Make the waiting area super-comfy

The waiting area of your showroom should not be a dull and lifeless area. Make sure you install cozy and comfortable sofas and couches to make your guests feel at ease. Also put up a flat-screen TV, some tables with some artificial flowers in lovely vases and racks with newspapers, books, and magazines to keep your guests engaged. Also, set up a playing area for kids and don't forget to serve some hot tea and refreshments to your guests.

Make your showroom spacious

You would want to accommodate as many vehicles in your showroom because more vehicles mean more sales. Well, sadly that's not the case! According to studies, too many choices can make your customers perplexed. They like to feel that their decision is special and having fewer vehicles will make their choice stand out even more. Also, fewer vehicles make room for more space for your customers to walk around. Your showroom should not look congested, try to maximize the available space. Setting up large fake plants with real looking foliage will add a fresh twist to space!

Use technology

Customers these days are looking for novel products and experiences. Also, their shopping styles and needs are diverse. Some sales techniques that work for more customers may be a turn off for others. Making use of gadgets like tablets on stands in front of every vehicle can act as a catalyst in the sales process. It is a very interactive way of sharing all the essential information about the vehicles to the customers.

These were some fantastic ideas that you could choose for your automobile showroom. Of course, you may not incorporate all of them; just select a few that will go with your theme and style. In addition to these ideas, you may also use your creative flair and imagination to make it more like your signature style!

7 Tips to Make Any Hotel Room Look Spacious and Classy

7 Tips To Make Any Hotel Room Look Spacious And ClassyIts great fun to make even a small space look spacious, elegant and smart. Together with the looks and style factor, it also gives you an added feel of airiness which is of course, important.

So, let's see how you can do wonders with the small hotel space you have for yourselves.

#1 The first thing, keep it uncluttered

Minimal furniture is much better than going overboard with stuff for the room. This not only makes the room look spacious but also gives it a neat and clean look.

Just imagine, you have a huge room, but you fill it up with umpteen number of articles. We bet it's going to look tacky. The same applies to hotel rooms. There is no need to flaunt all the artifacts in a single room. Try arranging them at other places and corners.

The minimalistic approach always does the trick, and as the saying goes, less is more!

So, the idea is to keep it spacious and airy with pleasant surroundings.

#2 The Colour and lights of the room make all the difference

Have you realized how a small room can also look great and big enough if painted in light pastel shades? Yes, it's true!

If you use light shades and hues, an area can look much bigger. It creates the illusion of space.

To the contrary, even though the room is big enough and you paint in red or scarlet (with dark colors), you will feel the wall is so close to you, that it is nearly touching you!
Light colored window boxes are also great! So, make good use of them.

The effect of colors is fantastic. It's also recommended to get hotel rooms painted white or in rich pastels which looks excellent with living walls and greenery around!

Also, make use of light colors as they don't absorb much light, which makes the room look bigger and more refreshing. Dark colors, on the flip side, absorb light, giving the room a much darker, warmer and smaller look.

#3 The Mirror-Effect

One of the best, time- tested ways, is to create the mirror-effect.

By positioning and placing mirrors at the right places, you can create the illusion of some more space and area. When you look at the mirror, it gives you a mirror image, you get the feeling, that the length of the room is much bigger and spacious (backways). This makes a room look a lot bigger.

Mirrors are, of course, used as a necessity. But these days, false ceilings are made up of mirrors. There are also many mirror ceiling tiles available. These not only looks luxurious but very modern and chic.

The idea is to make the room look more prominent than usual. So, make use of ample supplements. Suspended ceiling lights also come in various designs which can be used to enhance the look of the space.

#4 Experimenting with windows

All windows at one place, together, give you the effect of a larger and bigger room. The windows can be arranged in a hotel space in such a manner that they are stuck together, taking a smaller area but giving the effect of a bigger one.

Windows can also be used for sufficient lighting and for giving the room an airy feel when opened. Windows also have a great appeal on the viewer. It gives the feeling of openness and freedom, a sense of independence from the claustrophobic world! You can create a surreal effect and great view inside by using outdoor artificial plants and trees, which give the room green and airy feel.

#5 Use Light colored Upholstery and Linen

Believe it or not, not just the color of the walls and lights, the color of the upholstery also makes a difference.

The curtains can be of light colors in neutrals and white. White is an excellent color for indoors, and can never go wrong. Not only does it signify purity, but it also creates the effect of space and airiness.

Here as well, you can make use of all-weather friendly artificial plants in elegant plant containers which can complement the color around and add to the appeal.

White and green look great together. So, along with artificial plants in corners, use a lot of whites and cremes. Neutral shades can also be used. But avoid dark colors which make the room look small and congested.

#6 Use the Actual Space

Also, an excellent idea to make a hotel space, spacious enough is by using the actual area, ‘intelligently.'

It requires you to maximize the storage space by using furniture like floor-to-ceiling cabinet units which can be used to display and keep stuff. It also makes the room look fashionable and well-designed.

This is also an exciting way of using the extra space to include drawers, chests, a display area for books and antiquities, which can be used for stacking things.

It also gives the effect of a useful-liveable area (a place for real and not just for ostentation).

Using the actual space and area makes so much of a difference. All you need to do is not to fill the room with unnecessary stuff and everything in hand.

Use your exclusive taste, be selective and use good quality, fashionable stuff, that will not only add glamour and style to your space but will make it look rich and luxurious.

#7 Last but not least, Experiment as much as you can!

Try using custom-made furniture. For example, built-in drawers, wall-mounted tables, and chairs are good options to make use of a lot of space available.

Be bold. Don't restrict yourself to only traditional styles.

These days as the rooms have become much smaller compared to earlier times; it is advisable to use unobtrusive and small items.

These days, many new designs like nature and forest inspired walls murals are available. These not only look attractive and are great decorative pieces, but also delude and deceive the onlooker's eye to make your space look significantly more prominent.

Feature walls and commercial landscape designs are also a great idea. Sometimes selected piece of decorative items can also do the trick. The idea is to make the room inviting.

Just Experiment!

There is no stopping you to be clever and intelligent.

Be creative with your given space.

So, we see there are endless options to give an enhanced new look to a small area. Not just hotel rooms, any given space can be illuminated and be provided, a grandeur appeal.



Here's How You Infuse Life in Unused Hotel Hallway Space

Done5When it comes to hotel décor, the hallways or corridors are the least thought of, just because it's one of the most unused space, as well as, an insignificant part of the hotel. However, you can add some verve and glam to your hallway too and make them look livelier and more welcoming.

Let us have a quick look at some fantastic décor ideas to infuse life in your hotel hallways:

Put up console tables and chairs:

Putting up console tables in your hotel's hallway is a great idea, as these do not take up much space and also gives a sleek and stylish look. Choose colors which would contrast and complement the color of your hallway walls.

To enhance the visual appeal, you can also place some lovely artificial flowers in some beautifully crafted vases, small antiques, and artifacts, a stack of various types of books and magazines, fragrant candles, pictures of nature, wildlife, portraits, etc., or anything of your choice! Chairs and sofas also can be left by the side to enable the guests to relax once in a while during their strolls and rounds.

Tip: Choose the items carefully so that none of them looks out of place.

Go for vibrant wallpapers:

Say goodbye to the dull and monotonous hallway walls! Wrap them up with some amazingly vibrant and colorful wallpapers. The choice of colors may depend on your general theme, i.e., something bright and shining or a soberer and classier one.

You may go for various shades and patterns that blend with the floor, ceiling and the overall look of your space. You can also put up some miniature décor pieces on the walls to add a stylish flair or hang some artificial hanging flower baskets to add a natural twist!

Tip: While selecting the wallpapers to care must be taken about the quality and texture of the material, lest, it may not give you a fabulous look you are aiming for.

Illuminate the space:

It is important to remember that your hallway must not have any dark corners, as your guests walk through with their luggage and other stuff. Do not cover the windows in your corridors with curtains or blinds. You can go for various light fixtures like ceiling lights, floor lights, lamps or even candles! Installing some gorgeous silk plants and trees entwined with fairy lights will significantly enhance the aesthetics of your hallway!

Tip: Contrast is the key; make sure space is not too dim or too bright.

Get artistic:

Adorning your hallway walls with some mesmerizing artworks will make your guests pause and look for a while! You may go for anything like modern or old paintings, rustic antiques, murals and so much more. These will add depth, character, and drama to your space.

Tip: Don't overdo it. Too much artwork on the walls would not look pleasing because of the limited space in the hallways.

Bring in some lushness:

Most people are bound to feel claustrophobic while passing through the hallway. Decorating the space with some beautiful plants and flowers would be a perfect idea to make the ambiance lively and airy. However, maintaining the same could be quite a task. What you can do instead is install some beautiful fake plants and flowers that look amazingly real and needs almost zero maintenance!

Tip: While choosing faux trees, plants or flowers, make sure you go for high-quality ones, as it will be a one-time investment and turn out to be advantageous in the long run.

Choose the right flooring:

While choosing the flooring for your hallway, you must keep a few things in mind. The material you choose must be durable, fire resistant, sound absorbent and off course easy to maintain. You may go for natural hardwood, carpet tiles, luxury vinyl tiles, and several other options. For softer flooring options you can dress the floor with rich, cushy, colorful carpets that would complement and gel with the color of the walls and the overall décor of the space.

Tip: Material selection is the key as the wrong type may even harm the acoustic quality along with the aesthetics.

Decorate the fifth wall:

As you know, ceilings are the fifth wall of your space! However, these are overlooked most of the time when it comes to décor. It is painted in regular light colors and left as it is without any artworks. Using some creative flair to decorate them can elevate the charm of your space. You may go for silver or golden leaf design, lattice design, wallpapers or even decorative ceiling tiles.

Plaster of Paris flower designs of various types and shades provided at the base of decorative fans and lights would give the ceiling a magical look. Ceiling corners, one of insignificant part comes alive and give it a distinguished look when the right design and shades are chosen.

Tip: Plaster of Paris artworks should complement the light fixtures and fans, as well as that of the ceiling corner.

Blend the traditional and the modern:

Be it artifacts, paintings, murals or sculptures, the conventional as well as the contemporary have its place among the art lovers. Adorning these timeless pieces on the walls or console tables would be a great viewing pleasure for your guests.

Tip: Getting the perfect balance between modern and traditional designs would give a stylish and contemporary look.

So, these were some amazingly unique décor ideas that you could choose for your hotel hallway. Of course, you may not incorporate all of them; just select a few that will go with your theme and style. In addition to these ideas, you may also use your creative flair and imagination to make it more like your signature style!