10 Amazing Decor Trends Taking the Hotel Industry by Storm

If you are a hotelier, try out these trendy hotel decors. Then sit back and see the magic for your guests and your business too!

10 Amazing Decor Trends Taking the Hotel Industry by Storm

Artificial Indoor TreesWhen you go on a holiday or a business trip and stay in a hotel, you expect a lot from it. It’s like a modernized home extension with all the extra facilities as well as the comforts of a home that you want. Hoteliers have to keep themselves abreast with all that their clients want and need. Therefore, most hotels today pay a lot of attention to the décor as well the facilities that they offer to the guests.

It’s not only the bedspreads and the paintings anymore, but it’s also about the holistic approach to the décor which includes landscaping, high-quality fake plants, patios, gardens, presentations, and layouts, etc. Let’s see the 10 fantastic decor trends taking the hotel industry by storm today.

1. Entrance and Patios:

Drive in into a hotel and know what to expect inside. Isn’t it how you feel too? Hotels pay a lot of attention to the main gates and entrances to the hotels. They do these areas grandly with bright lights and beautiful outdoor artificial foliage. Hoteliers light up and decorate the patios as well. You can see spotless tiles, luxurious rugs, and pretty artificial patio plants. These areas are the first impression of the hotel.

2. Lobbies and Reception:

When hotel guests walk in, the first look of the reception area helps them make up their mind about this place. Lobbies and reception areas are now important spaces which look spacious and inviting at the same time. They are decorated to show warmth and hospitality. A look at these tells the guests how the rooms and the rest of the hotel would be like. Most lobbies today have beautiful water fountains or handicraft items as part of the décor. There are high-end artificial plants and artificial landscaping decors along with comfortable seating areas.

3. Home Away From Home:

Like said earlier, hotel guests do look for a comfortable and home-like feel in a hotel. Boring and dull stuff doesn’t attract or impress anyone anymore. Hotels are going in for colorful decors like a variety of textures, pieces of furniture, wall hangings and paintings, etc. They also throw in some handicraft items like handmade fans, lampshades, candles, mats, and rugs, etc. which give that ‘home’ look. Hoteliers place furniture items which have a variety in color, design, and textures. They bring in some variety in the walls as well and use panels, textured and designer tiles murals, etc. for that décor. Additionally, they add color and nature to the hotel.

4. Gardens and Lawns:

Green and manicured lawns are a hallmark of good hotels. Guests enjoy seeing this panoramic view from their balconies as well as a stroll in here during the evenings. Garden lights, rustic benches to sit on, and artificial topiary outdoor trees to admire are a big attraction for them. Hotels make sure that their lawns are well kept, lush green, and full of real and outdoor artificial flowers.

5. Saving the Environment:

Most hotels today are conscious of saving the environment. Therefore, they use a lot of natural sunlight and energy for lighting up the hotels. You can see solar heating panels, solar heaters, solar water geysers, solar lamps on them, etc. Decors use recycled wood and paper as well. These look nice and come in a variety of designs and colors for lamp shades, wall decorations, covers, servers, etc.

6. Selfie Points:

More and more guests love to take their selfies at different points in a hotel. They want to store and cherish these memories as well as share them on various social media. Hotels today ensure that there are beautiful and numerous Selfie points in various strategic and scenic locations of the hotel property. These could be in lobbies, in gardens, on the terraces or balconies, banquet halls, etc. If you own a hotel, it is highly recommended to put up these points. Think of various themes and decorate them with high-end artificial plants as well.

7. Rooms With Views:

Hotel guests like to move in and out of their rooms and other enclosed spaces. Thus, a lot of attention is being given to patios, balconies, terraces, side lawns, etc. You will see most of the hotels with decors like small indoor fountains and waterfalls, cascades against walls, artificial ferns hanging baskets, privacy screening plants, etc. There are multi-level terraces for the guests to sit out and enjoy the nature outside.

8. Tapestry and Furnishings:

Hotels are giving a lot of importance to the tapestry and furnishings used inside. They are using great combinations of the urban and the traditional designs and colors. They experiment with rich colors and bold prints. Another strategy for a great décor being used these days is a contrast of materials and prints. You can see bold and soft velvety finishes; rich and sheer fabrics; woods and metals as well.

9. Great Exteriors:

These days you are awestruck by the great exteriors of the hotels as well. It’s not only the interior decorators that are in business, but exterior decorators are in big business too. Hotels are going in for Murals and fake moss walls for that look. They get in artists to do up entire walls for that spectacular look. You love to admire the embossed designs and fake plants for outdoors growing along the walls as well. Hotels also use a variety of wall tiles and other designer finishes for the exteriors.

10. Personal Spaces:

A hotel guest may be impressed with all that he sees when he enters the property. He does look for great décor in the hotel room allotted to him. Hotels take good care to do up the bedrooms and washrooms too. These have pretty bedspreads and tapestries, comfortable seating, sufficient lighting with attractive lampshades, and most importantly enough storage space. Thus, hotels are making these look beautiful and useful. They use an odd handicraft item, expensive glassware, a colorful rug, a beautiful cushion, a classy painting, and many more ideas to decorate the room. Washrooms too are clean and inviting. Modern fixtures and adequate facilities are the norms.

If you are a hotelier, try out these trendy hotel decors. Then sit back and see the magic for your guests and your business too!