10 Decor Ideas To Make Your Child's Bedroom More Fun For Them

The decoration of children room effects their personality. By decorating children's room with good furniture and plants can improve their creativity and art of learning.

10 Decor Ideas To Make Your Child's Bedroom More Fun For Them

Done4Children work, learn, and gain energy from their room. It'd be safe to say that their rooms are their safe space. As a result, kids' rooms must be tastefully designed, as a reflection of their personalities; space where they can grow and evolve comfortably. Here are the top tips for designing the kids' room of your dreams-

The key is practicality

The underlying feature of a kid's room should always be functionality and practicality. Install the furniture at an appropriate height. Make sure that the bars in the closet are low enough so that they can reach it easily. Baby proof the room, ensure that the furniture has round edges so that it is safe for the kids. It is not logical to expect your kids to maintain the room

spot free, so don't introduce a lot of whites into the room, and don't adopt a very minimalist décor, since you'd need a lot of functional pieces. Select the best looking fake flowers if you want to add a splash of green to the room.

Encourage creativity with an art center

Make a continuous art center by maintaining a blank space in the room. Apply a coat of dry erase paint to the wall, to make your whiteboard. Kids are brimming with enthusiasm and potential, and you should hone it and display it at every possible chance.

Décor that reflects their personality

Your kid's room should be a perfect depiction of their character. As they grow older, and their interests change, the room should also accommodate it. For instance, if your kid loves the color blue, include it in ample amounts. If he/she is a curious traveler, display a world map to tick off countries as and when you visit them. Flood your kid's room with books and other resources to learn, so that they can grow to be all rounded individuals.

Incorporate quirky and geeky elements

Glow in the dark paints are inexpensive but feel like a million bucks. You can use it to paint stars and planets on the ceiling. A rustic light fixture is a more appropriate choice for an older kid. You can also develop a theme and stick to it, like oceans, or forests. An oceans theme would be complete with wave decals on the wall, and blue furniture all around, maybe even a blue bean bag/love sack for a laid-back, casual feel. For a forest theme, you can incorporate artificial plants and trees indoors, or artificial boxwood plants with a planter box.

Pro tip- An indoors clubhouse is a fantastic way to jazz things up, and make things a lot more fun for your little one. It offers a break from monotony, by creating a clear demarcation between work space and play space.

Allot ample display space

Kids love being on display. Celebrate your little achiever by shining the spotlight light on their wins and achievements. If your little one is a musician, display his/her musical instruments, and the trophies that they win as the main attraction of the room. This would motivate your kid to love themselves, value their achievements, and would provide the initiative to work harder.

Don't ignore good lighting

Research shows that plenty of natural light is essential for proper development of kids. You don't want to miss out on all that natural goodness! Use glass windows to let all that light in. Make sure that the artificial lights aren't too jarring to the kid's eyes. Real plants might branch out, blocking the light, so opt for artificial plants for the home décor.

Emphasize on effective storage

You need to store a multitude of things in your kids' room. Toys, books, clothes, maybe even a crib for the younger ‘uns. In a small space, it would be impossible to fit all this safely, if you don't plan your storage effectively. Loft space and ample wardrobe space are the two main things to keep in mind.

Pro tip- Clear plastic boxes are an excellent choice for storage. They are very cheap and are durable. More importantly, the latches are incredibly firm, serving as a child lock. Toys and even clothes can be neatly arranged in them.

Teach good values with greenery

The best gifts you could give your kids are the values you teach them. One such significant benefit is the love for nature. This would be of immense use to them in later years, giving them peace and a break from routine. That considered, isn't it essential to add some greenery to the room, so that the kid would grow up feeling love for nature? Of course, in a kid's room, real plants are not a practical choice. The soil can be a breeding ground for germs and diseases, and the maintenance itself is a huge hassle.

For children, the cutest and the best choice would be window boxes with flowers. They are available in various styles, colors, and varieties, offering a subtle and pleasing appearance. They are fade resistant, so you know they are in for the long-run. It is also effortless to include them with the room décor, and they need very little display space.

Opt for temporary fixtures

Kids grow in what seems like seconds. Their changing personalities demand a change in their rooms. It becomes difficult to invest a huge amount of time and money every few years to change up the room for your children. The solution is temporary fixtures. Temporary wall decals are inexpensive and widely available. They are also available in a wide variety of designs, to infuse some fun into the room. Similarly, wall pop-ups are also a great choice to spice up the room for next to nothing.

Surround your kid with a love

It is vital to make your kid feel loved and cherished at all times. Remind them of your love by hanging up pictures of your family and friends. As your kid grows, this collection would only grow, serving as a reminder to the beautiful life you share, and have created together.

Decorating a kid's room can be an intimidating task, what with the innumerable things to wary of. But it represents a beautiful chapter of your life, so what it should be, is a fun process. Let-loose, and enjoy it, and maybe even include your kids in the process, if they are old enough. All you will remember are the memories that you create.