10 Decor Trends to Try for the Fall Season

You use any of the above tips or can also combine them to achieve a soothing and surprising fall decoration.

10 Decor Trends to Try for the Fall Season

Artificial Indoor Plants“Fall brings the loveliest smiles of nature and makes you content at home.”

Fall brings in a chilling sensation around, and you want to spend more time at home. This makes it the season to spruce up your home. Maybe you are looking for fresh décor trends. We have gathered a list of the inspiring fall decorating ideas here. Check for the details.

1. Bid farewell to traditional lampshades

As fall approaches, we get ready to nest more. This increases the urge to decorate the homes. But the seasons change periodically, and it is hardly possible to get a complete overhaul every time. So starting with basic elements is the ideal option.

Lampshades are crucial décor elements. The simplest way to make décor changes is to change the lampshades. They are available in all colors, designs, and shapes. Get some dome shades. They will deliver the mushroom look and spruce up the place.

2. Infuse colors

Colors are great to induce seasonal feelings. Since you will be spending more time at home, make it bright and bold. Include shades of brown, red, and orange in your décor list. As temperature will gradually go down, replace all summer colors and items.

The other way to do this is to ease with subtle colors and then accessorize it. You may use gray, cream, taupe, and earthly colors like terracotta. Combined with pumpkins and dried leaves they will bring in a lovely fall vibe.

3. Add colorful fabrics

Adding colorful fabrics is the current fall decoration trend, and it is going to stay. Using velvet textiles deliver the best decoration among all colorful fabrics. This sumptuous fabric is available in a range of attractive colors.

Cover your sofas with velvet covers and spread a velvet bedcover on your bed. These are easy to maintain. Their soft touch also renders posh and comfortable feeling. There is nothing that looks more elegant and luxurious.

4. Get a mixed kitchen

Having a mixed kitchen suits fall décor themes. Bring in a new look to your kitchen with contrasting color. You may paint the wall or can go for fall-inspired wallpapers. The wallpapers are available in bright colors and with all the beauties of fall.

Better build a feature wall in the kitchen other than decorating all the walls. This will liven up the space bringing in a fall vibe in the interior. In case your kitchen includes have some sitting arrangement, cover it with colorful upholstery.

5. Heavier fabrics are the call of the season

Fall is associated with crisp and cold temperature. Naturally, people are driven indoor to be comfortable. Remove what you have been using so far and replace those thicker blankets and quilts. Cover the sofas and couches with Use heavier throw rugs or faux skins.

While changing to heavier fabrics opt for dark and rich color palettes. They will make your home a cozy and comfy retreat.

6. Decorate with pumpkins

With the change of season, you have to consider updating the interior space. Pumpkins are the most obvious choice for a mind-blowing fall decoration. They can be used in many ways. Use pumpkins with other seasonal elements like pine cones to create an eye-catching tablescape.

Creating pumpkin candles, owl pumpkins, and lanterns with pumpkins are great fall decorations. You may adorn the living room with these unique creations. They will add a nice seasonal punch to the interior.

7. Adorn with dry leaf decoration

Dry leaves are closely associated with the fall season. This is very easy to make. Gather some dried leaves and fix those on a colored ribbon. Get a red, orange or yellow frame. In case these colors are not available, spray paint a frame.

Hang the ribbon from nails on the two sides of the frame and place it on a table. This will create an outstanding mantle fall decoration.

8. Have geometric accents

Geometric patterns make a home relaxing and comfortable. Include items with geometric patterns to spruce up the interior. Include rugs and linens with circles, squares, and rectangles create a striking effect in the interior. When these designs are matched with vibrant colors, they make the place warm and cozy. Adding quirky geometrical structures also add an oomph factor to the interior.

9. Include mixed metals

Including mixed metallic décor elements is the new trend in fall decoration. Choose lampshades and other accessories in dual tone to achieve this. Tones of brass, nickel, and bronze are great for this purpose. These align well with neutral color shades and can refresh the interior for the fall season.

10. Bloom up with plants and flowers

Fall is so unique that you cannot but celebrate its glory with colorful foliage. But the live plants are difficult to maintain for maintenance demands. The flowers also wilt and need to be replaced. Having no such hassles the faux plants and flowers are the ideal alternative.

These artificial landscaping elements are available in many varieties. They include hanging baskets, artificial foliage, plant containers, living walls, boxwood topiaries, window boxes, etc. Made from high-quality foliage and color pigment, these are strong and durable.

Passing through process updates these quality fake plants and flowers look stunningly realistic. So, there is no compromise on the aesthetics. You can use them anywhere in the indoor and outdoor. They will adorn the place beautifully.

Decorate your front entrance with fake outdoor flowers. You can also use the artificial patio plants in patios, porches, and gazebos. They will make the places warm and inviting. The fake topiaries can also be a great addition to the indoor.

Using the best artificial plants and trees is better in many ways. These do not attract insects or cause allergies. Thus, you get a safe and hygienic décor.


The decoration is a fun activity, and it improves your home. Welcoming the fall through decor also lets you enjoy the distinct charm of the season. You use any of the above tips or can also combine them to achieve a soothing and surprising fall decoration.