10 Design Inspirations from the Classiest Offices in the World

Are you looking to give your office a modern and contemporary look? Then here you can find ten design inspirations from the classiest offices in the world.

10 Design Inspirations from the Classiest Offices in the World

Office DecorWhen doing something for the first time, we often look up to and learn from people who are way ahead of us in that particular field. They serve as our inspiration. While designing your office, you can also draw inspiration from the already existing offices that are world-class brands and have designed their offices to perfection and comfort. They don't follow trends, they make new ones. If you too want to have a world class office like one of these, here are 10 design inspirations from the classiest offices in the world for you to follow.

Themes defining your style of architecture:

Your office can have a world class ambiance with a theme perfectly set in every part of it. Themes give you the feel of being somewhere which it actually isn't. For example, when you are in the offices of 'White Mountain Office' or 'Inventionland Design Factory', you will see they have a cave-like theme in their architecture (and you are not really in a cave!). Similarly, 'Urban Outfitters' have a vintage theme that can take you to a different era of time.

Pay attention to the flooring of your office:

Off course we have formal tiled floors and carpets everywhere nowadays (like, in every office), why not opt for something classy as the waymakers show us! 'Pallotta Teamworks' office shows us how to instill a thrill with 3D and hollow glass floors. They look and feel amazing! The office of 'Zynga' has got these beautiful carpets of fake turf and moss on its floors, certainly an eye catcher as they look so real.

Use of bright and cheerful colors:

We all know, bright colors give us a feeling of increased energy and fun. Let's love our workplace more with colorful walls and furniture! 'Google', 'Pallotta Teamworks', 'Facebook', 'Nokia'-you name it, and they got their office walls painted in bright reds, yellows, blues, and greens. 'Airbnb', 'Lego' and 'Nokia' even got these bright color-schemed furnitures to match!

Get arts involved in designing your walls:

Get beautiful and quirky artworks (in big singles or groups of small ones) and mount them on the walls that engage more of the eyesight of your visitors - the reception, conference room, etc. to make them the center of attraction. 'Airbnb' and 'Urban Outfitters' have had artistic works and paintings mounted on their office walls and they look absolutely amazing. The walls gradually become a place for photography to Instagrammers.

Interesting individual cubicles for each staff:

The idea of each staff member having his/her own cubicle is not new, in fact, most offices have them. But how to make it interesting for him/her to work in it? Let's learn from the masters. 'Selgas Cano Architecture Office', 'Dropbox', etc have cubicles made or covered with glass - they are transparent and colorful all together! 'Pallotta Teamworks' has created these storeyed cubicles that together look like an orange colored chest of drawers ( or maybe a cabinet). 'Inventionland Design Factory' has made their staff cubicles like rocky caves.

Use of glass walls and dividers:

Many offices like 'Nokia', 'Urban Outfitters' use walls of glass for their offices to make them totally transparent and displayed. 'Nokia', 'Zynga' also use glass dividers inside their offices, between cubicles and rooms and departments. Maintaining glass walls and dividers can be a pain and no one would certainly want to look at the dirty or cracked glass. You can also put liners on the glass so that your visitors do not bump into the transparent glass.

How to use different plants and trees, whether fake or real:

These days, the use of greenery in offices for decorations is quite in vogue. Most world-class offices have real or artificial flowering plants and topiaries, etc in their premises for an earthy feeling which is very relaxing. 'Google', 'Inventionland Design Factory', 'Dropbox', 'Facebook', 'Urban Outfitters' - name them, and they've got involved in the display of indoor and outdoor foliage, big or small.

Invest in a designer ceiling:

Give your office a touch of illusion with different types of a designer ceiling - 3D, geometric, gradient, dark, or patterned. Learn from the very best in the market, the offices of 'Facebook' and 'Urban Outfitters' on how to do it with swag.

Keep break rooms and/or gym and sports room:

Most offices have break rooms or rather call it cafeteria. It's the place where the staff gathers during break or recess times to rest, have some good food and catch a chat with a colleague. This room should be far from boring. Decorate them with hanging lights, introduce light music and add some silk leaf vines to complement the decor. Watch and learn from 'Google' and 'Dropbox' how they invest in gyms and sports rooms with all up to date equipment for their staff so that they stay active and healthy. You also should keep all the equipment clean.

Overhead lighting is the best light arrangement:

All the world-class offices have overhead LED light arrangements for maximum illumination. However, fancy lamps and hanging lights are also being used in many offices. Use the one best suited for the purpose. Use CFL and LED bulbs and tubes for lesser consumption of electricity. You can also use star lights in the cafeteria or bundle them up with the plants for a gentle illuminated effect.

As much as you are inspired by all the classiest offices in the world, your office should be the one and only unique among all others, that's what is called an identity. If you are interested in any feature, ask your designer to implement it in a matching and planned way, don't just copy it. If you know young artists, encourage them to make artworks for your office. Keep your office litter free and clutter free, because they can spoil every design. Now that you have all the new and trendy design ideas with you, why not give them a try in your own office!