10 Surprising Bathroom Décor Ideas That Actually Work

The best bathroom ideas can also come from the simplest of things possible. To help you achieve just that, we have come up with 10 bathroom décor ideas that are always a hit.

10 Surprising Bathroom Décor Ideas That Actually Work

Artificial PlantsWhether you are bored of your existing decoration or you want to make your bathroom look bigger or just plain furnishing stunt, re-doing the bathroom always works like a charm to the house. The cleaner and the prettier the bathroom, the healthier the home will be. There are many ways how you can furnish and decorate your bathroom ranging from quick fixes to a complete makeover. And, there are various options available for all kinds of budgets too. The best bathroom ideas can also come from the simplest of things possible. To help you achieve just that, we have come up with 10 bathroom décor ideas that are always a hit.

1. Suspensions- this works the best when the bathroom is smaller with huge windows and doors, and the wall space is less. In which case, we can suspend mirrors, shelves, plants and any decorative items. Suspensions help us in saving the wall space plus it also gives a unique style to the bathroom. To provide different types of décor, the suspension can be done using jute ropes for a rustic look or iron suspensions for a minimalist look. Combination of different colors of ropes, pulleys, and hooks also gives vast options according to your taste.

2. Colors- ivory walls can never fail to give your bathroom a more spacious look and feel. Bright yellow and blue on a wall also gives a lively look in contrast to the white color on other walls. Tiles, in combination or contrast, can also work wonders. If you want the cheapest overhaul of the bathroom, then redoing the tiles is the first thing to do. This includes different floor tiles with wall tiles, patterned floor tiles with plain walls or wooden floor to give the bathroom a rustic look.

3. Towels and accessories- how you arrange your towels can also make a big difference to the appearance of your bathroom. You can use different colors of towels and arrange them either in layers of folds or roll them up to make a pyramid. Similarly, you can also play around with the mirrors’ shape size and frame style. A complete mirrored wall can also be a good hack as it gives the illusion of a bigger room. Window shades can play a significant role as there is a vast variety of patterns and colors that you can choose from according to the color of walls and sanitary items. You can also give a theme based decoration to the bathroom, like a nautical look, old rustic look, glacier or meadow look by working with the colors and accessories.

4. Plants- this is the idea which can never go out of style. Plants give your bathroom a sudden zest of life and are soothing at the same time. There are various ways in which you can incorporate plants in your bathroom. You can either put the pots on shelves, flush, window sills, floor, and the sinking slab. You can also hang the pots from the roof to save on the shelf space. One of the best bathroom plants is English Ivy, Bamboo, Aloe Vera, Orchids and Peace Lily to name a few. For those without green fingers, quality fake plants and artificial plants for the garden. This saves you from maintenance hassles, and you can choose from all types of plants and trees even the exotic ones. Faux hanging plants and small faux hedges can add a twist in a little corner in the bathroom.

5. Storage and shelves- to increase the storage area use baskets instead of shelves. Glass baskets give a modern look whereas wicker wood baskets provide a rustic look. In a longer narrower bathroom, the baskets can also be arranged vertically to save on the space area. Multiple smaller shelves one on top of the other can also give a nice organized look where you can choose from the different variety of racks available in material and pattern.

6. Lights- hanging pendant and arm lamps near the mirror illuminates the whole bathroom with the minimum lighting. Yellow bulbs give a classic look and white LED lamps to provide a serene look to the bathroom. Brown woodwork works the best with subtle yellow lights and black or metallic works best with white lights. Shuttered windows are great for letting natural light in the bathroom.

7. Pictures and Paintings- a big bright picture on the wall opposite to the bathing area or a collage of smaller brighter pictures on the wall is the most economical way to give an added feature to your bathroom. A double frame of white, black and brown colored frames provide the best classic and minimalistic look.

8. Essentials- a bathtub for a small bathroom can help you keep the floor dry and clean besides giving it a luxurious look. The shower curtain for the same can be either of a single color or printed complementing the theme of the bathroom. The curtain can be hung from the roof or put with a stand around the bathtub. A longer, slender basin should be the choice for a narrow bathroom. A hand shower instead of the roof or wall shower also helps in saving space while giving the bathroom a uniquely stylish look.

9. Scents- potpourri and scented candles have become one of the essential elements for a bathroom today. It comes in a large of variety of color, fragrance, shapes, and sizes. It is a great aesthetic ornament and also works as a natural bathroom freshener. Arranging bath bombs and bath salts in glass jars on racks also serve the same purposes.

10. Furniture- for a roomy bathroom, a wooden stool or a chair or both work as the best to place flower pots, towels, candles, and other decorative items. A tiny drawer table with fancy handles can replace the entire rack system in a bathroom. It gives a nice royal touch to the bathroom. The stools and tables can be of wood, marble, metal or even plastic according to the budget.