10 Things Nobody Told You About Dorm Décor Basics

If your dorm looks dull and the walls are empty, here are some basic ideas with which you can begin the quest of renovating your dorm.

10 Things Nobody Told You About Dorm Décor Basics

Artificial Flowers OutdoorStaying away from home isn’t an easy task. Home is an emotion for every individual, but, to make your hostel life peaceful, fun and worth living you need to decorate it like your home. Dorms can also look cool if you are ready to give some efforts in decorating it the way you wish to. Dorm rooms are big, but the individual spacing is limited. Hence, one needs to decorate it in the available space. Staying in the dorms also provides you the liberty of making the place yours, and you can live the way you wish to. If your dorm looks dull and the walls are empty, here are some basic ideas with which you can begin the quest of renovating your dorm.

1. A rug of your choice.

A fluffy and furry rug is always an attraction. Placing a furry rug near your bed and stepping your feet on it every time you get on or off the bed, will give you the best feeling of being at home. The rug should be of proper length and size. It should not be excessive big or too small. It should not exceed the length of the bed.

2. Store your things smartly.

Another important thing that one should do is storing the items smartly and the right thing in the right place. One can also loft their bed. In this, there is a problem that t shall provide lesser space for fitting in a bedside table. You will need your daily necessities in hand reaching distance. Hence, you need to settle things in such a way that you do not find any difficulty while in a hurry.

3. Cool appliances.

A cooling fan and lighting always attract a person. While laying around and relaxing after a hectic day, a fresh and soothing ambiance give a feeling of satisfaction. Hence, one can decorate the dorm room with the lights of your choice. Yellow soft lights and slow music can relax one’s mind and also make one feel at home. You can also make use of bright lights to make the room suitable for birthday celebrations and hangouts. Dorm rooms can be easily converted to the kind of place you want to stay in.

4. Desk and chair arrangement.

A desk and chair are the necessities of a dorm room. The proper spacing and placement of the desk and chair are essential to ensure they occupy the minimum space of your allotted space. You need to set your accessories and books in the desk in such a way that it occupies minimum available space. One can also decorate their desks with pen stands and other stuff. The chair can have comfortable cushions that match your bedding. This shall definitely give you a feeling of being at home.

5. Arrange for a message board.

There are some dorms that do not provide a message board for the tenants. In such cases, it is advisable to arrange for a message board. Message boards are very helpful. Suppose, you have to leave urgently, and you need your roommate to know about that, you can paste a message on the board to let the person know about your departure.

In cases of the time table of examinations or routines of classes, you can easily get access to these important documents.

You can also make use of the message board as a memory wall where you can hang pictures and collages of memories that you wish to cherish.

6. Make use of a storage ottoman.

A storage ottoman can be easily used to store daily use knick knack stuff. These work as a bin as well as a storage seating. You can also use these boxes for keeping and storing accessories and jewelry.

7. Use fun lamps.

The best way to decorate and make the room look your own, one can make use of attractive lamps which suits your dorm room. Using cool and stylish lamps helps to change the décor of the room and makes it look beautiful. Use lamps which you can light up while relaxing or while enjoying a fun day with friends.

8. Hooks behind the door.

Even when at home, we find scarcity of space. In a messed up room, we find the difficulty of keeping stuff and this results to heaping up of the clothes. So, if the order to expand your space, you can make use of the back side of your door for extra storage. Use nails or attach hooks behind the doors to enable hanging of wet clothes or unwashed clothes. You can also use them for hanging bags. Hooks behind the door is a space of common sharing. By using this idea, you can also benefit your friends. In an off day you can take your time to arrange your stuff but, in a working day, hanging stuff behind the door saves your time.

9. Make your dorm green.

It always feels good to stay in a healthy environment. Greenery is always required for a healthy living habit. So, you can also make use of some greenery to make your dorm room look nice. Keep small plants in your room or balcony. You can also take care of those plants in your free time. At times it so happens, that in your busy schedule you cannot manage time for looking after the plans and after some time they die. In order to make the room green even without keeping an original plant is that you can also go for green artificial plants. You can also decorate your balconies with fake bushes and trees or use artificial flowers for the garden. You can also keep artificial outdoor plants near the door to help you recognize your room when in a hurry.

10. Make the stay fun.

You can decorate your space in the way you want to. So, you can make exciting DIYs for making the room look pretty and attractive. One can create beautiful collages, wall hangings and make use of fun messages to make the place look good which will be of the minimum cost.