10 Time Tested Strategies for Managing Procrastination Now

The biggest challenge about overcoming procrastination is coming out of your comfort zone. We normally like to be in our comfort zone than doing something out of it.

10 Time Tested Strategies for Managing Procrastination Now

10 Time Tested Strategies For Managing Procrastination NowProcrastination is the most common cause of unfinished work. It is the most frequent reason that all of us get stuck and we do not even know it. It is a huge hindrance in tapping your real potential. Procrastination is more about battling with our emotions than about deadlines or unfinished tasks. We all procrastinate from time to time. They are very common things like cleaning the clutter in your dining room, organizing your clothes properly in your wardrobe, etc.

There are a few ways you can get yourself out of the procrastination zone:

The simple step, to begin with, is to eliminate the temptation to do something else. For e.g.- looking at your mobile, switching on the television till the work is completely done.

  • Do the most difficult task first - The harder the task is the better to do it immediately and get done with it. In this way, you will develop dynamism to complete the remaining work, and you will do it with more zest. Plus if you do your most difficult tasks first the remaining job will not be so burdensome for you. Also, it will be a great motivation booster that you have finally achieved what seemed insurmountable to you and have finally completed it.
  • Self-confidence - Having a positive approach of ‘I can do it’ is half the work done. Self-doubt is the biggest evil and can mar your confidence badly, which will eventually lead you to put off your work later. In this case, sometimes we are our enemies. We tend to develop this thinking that we cannot do it rather than positively influencing our minds. Moreover, sometimes people around us spare no effort in putting down our confidence. So the real trick is developing your confidence by convincing yourself and be your inspiration.
  • Shun out the negativity - Negativity is sometimes within us, in our mind, and in our thoughts. Sometimes people around us spare no effort in letting us down by saying negative things. Also, a messy surrounding creates negative vibes which can provide a dull atmosphere around you. However, there are very simple changes which you need to make in creating feel good vibes. For e.g.- Everyone likes cute office stationery. So keeping attractive desk organizers which serve the purpose of clearing away unnecessary clutter on your table will generate a positive space around you.
  • Set a time for your important tasks-They say you should get the most important work done in the morning since it is the best time of the day. However, this theory differs from person to person. If you are not a morning person chances are you will do the work halfheartedly or worse try to do it later. Some people like to work late into the night, so for them, that is the best time to get things done. Identify which is the best time for you to do your most important work.
  • Meditate - The biggest battle we deal is with ourselves, in our minds. Calming down one’s mind and soul before doing any work is important as it helps us focus and concentrate. A simple meditation exercise will help you achieve this. Sometimes we procrastinate just because we lose your focus on the work we want to do. Meditation helps us achieve your focus back. You need not have to do something different to help you meditate. Just sitting on your work desk by keeping your eyes closed will help you gain for the lost energy.
  • The 5-minute strategy - Plan how are you going to do the task.A haphazard approach to work can make things go awry, and you may lose interest in the work altogether. Spend at least 5 minutes in strategizing about how you are going to start your work. It will be a go-getter of sorts and have things planned beforehand will be easy for you. The secret to getting things done is work smart. Plan it out intelligently and increase your productivity.
  • Nature therapy – The color ‘green’ is known for relaxing and spreading positivity and calmness. You can keep artificial indoor palm trees and have some attractive floral arrangements in your office. Flowers and plants, in general, are responsible for uplifting our mood, and a run of the mill office décor can be boring. Placing attractive ferns in colorful pots makes the room look beautiful and aesthetic. It adds an instant beauty to your otherwise dull space. The most common known is the bonsai tree. It can be displayed on your office table, your shelf or in any space in which it can stand out and which will help create a Zen-like ambiance.  Adding a touch of green will boost productivity and provide wellness benefits.
  • Exercising - In our busy and hectic office schedules, we often forget that we should also take care of our body. Exercising will give your brain a boost, and you will be more energetic to do the given task. The workouts may not be something very rigorous. If you feel you are losing focus on your work talk a small walk for 10 minutes around your office. Laziness is one of the reasons why people procrastinate. You can do simple stretching which will help relax your muscles.
  • Change your place of work - Bored of sitting in your office cabin? Switching your workplace might inspire you to work more enthusiastically. Sitting in the office cafeteria or any other place which makes you feel refreshed and happy can help you to get things done.
  • Act it out-In the end everything boils down to just one thing; you have to get your act together. Only talking and thinking will not help it in anyway. Get a grip on the work and get going, because if you do not take action, nothing is going to happen.