10 Timeless Home Decor Trends

If you want your home decor to be the talk of the town, then follow and implement these 10 timeless decor trends, also follow your instinct and set an example.

10 Timeless Home Decor Trends

10 Timeless home decor trendsHave you bought a sprawling apartment in one the most sought after locations in town? Getting the home decor done for the apartment can be a little tricky, as the home decor ideas and decor items found nowadays actually makes everybody’s head to spin. You become spoilt for choice, and a dilemma hits you hard as should you follow the latest home trends while doing up the house or should you stick to the timeless home decor trends and ideas. 

What should be the color of the walls, what upholstery should be used, which furniture items need to be added and what unique decor items can be placed?? These questions will be filled in your mind and the perfect rescue would take a call, as for whether to choose the latest fad or choose timeless decor. Hence, it is best to do a little research yourself before turning the apartment into your dream home.

Latest interior design trends vs. timeless home decor trends

Everybody wants to invest on something which will never lose its appeal or become outdated. Whether it is a dress, some accessory or even the decor of your house. Quite obviously you would always want your house interiors to have a chic and modern look, but it is not right to follow any ongoing trend blindly. As every fashion fads rise quickly and even diminish quickly. However, classically is timeless, and it never goes out of fashion. 

If you splurge on abstract decorative trees for placing in your living room, it will lose its appeal after few years, but classic floral arrangements can never look boring irrespective of where they are placed. Hence, when somebody is hard earned money is invested, a lot has to be considered so that it does not go wasted. It is wise to do up your house by following some classic, timeless home decor trends. 

What are the timeless home decor trends?

Whether you are yourself decorating your house, or have hired a smart interior designer, the most important point which should be kept in mind will be, to choose the look which will hold its appeal all the time, not cause any monotony and at the same time should also have a modern feel attached to it.

With the help of these 10 ideas and ways, you can achieve the ultimate look and create a balance with timelessness and modernity in your interior landscapes.

1. Less should always be considered more, that is the minimal and modern use of design sense.

It is always sensible to discard extras, be it furniture, decor items, various accessories or use of excessive colors on your walls. If you stop overcrowding every part of your interior landscape, then there will be more space to look and even more space for you to breathe. 

2. Put emphasis on the color scheme.

There might be some particular color in vogue, but if you paint your walls according to that, it will be foolish. As that trend might just fissile tomorrow, then what would you do? Hence, it is best to not totally discard that trend, instead of balance by using cushion covers of that color, place artificial flowers with a colorful vase base in that trendy color. This way you can create the perfect balance.

3. Choose the furniture wisely, choose comfort over everything.

While picking up the furniture, to be placed at every part of the house, you should opt for furniture which will provide you with utmost comfort. Placing a trendy stool on your kitchen counter might look good, but if that sitting arrangement does not provide you enough comfort while you have your food, then there’s no point. Place comfortable good looking chairs instead, for timeless appeal.

4. Furnishing items which would have functionality should be used.

Furniture items should be covered with a perfect choice of fabrics, which will have a timeless appeal. The curtains and other items meant for upholstery should be picked up wisely, those which can be simple and remain functional year after year will support timelessness. 

5. You should not consider the quantity of decor items instead focus on its quality.

Investment should be made on buying expensive items with the signature appeal; budgeting should never be your agenda while splurging on those. They will prove to be sure winners and will remain in everybody’s memory. Hence, do not overcrowd the landscapes with unnecessary cheap decor items just because you have space.

6. Place strong stable and tenacious items.

Invest on items which are good looking, at the same time can stand the test of time. Buying several decor items with no durability is against cost effectiveness. The perfect example would be to opt for indoor artificial tree or plants and even faux floral arrangements, which will keep looking fresh year after year and will incur zero maintenance.

7. Choose neutral shades

It is never boring to select neutral shades like gray for your furniture, floorings, the walls or any cabinets. The neutral shades never go out of fashion and are considered timeless. It is not possible to change the floors or furniture pieces very frequently, so they should be bought in neutral shades.

8. Keep the lighting feature totally natural

No matter what kind of curtains for window features you choose, always let the natural sunlight enter, as it will make your interior landscape get a natural glow.

9. You can paint your walls in warm shades

Warm shades of colors are always trendy. The warm shades on your walls will act as a perfect background, as they will give your furniture, appliances, and other decor items to pop and stand out.

10. Invest on furniture which will provide you with smart storage solution.

Shelves, wardrobes, which will help you in making storage space for your keeping your stuff in order will always stay as a timeless interior decor item.