10 Tips To Set Up A Meditation Space In Your House

If you’re looking for home decor update with minimal effort, then all you need to do is bring silk flower arrangements and you’re all set.

10 Tips To Set Up A Meditation Space In Your House

Palm LeavesMeditation comprises of such activities that suffice the need of your mind for peace and positivity. You could get that outside, in the lap of nature at some far-away place, but that idea has become redundant now, and we are trying to recover the sanctity of a small space for this purpose. So here are some ideas. 

Clean and clutter-free

Always keep your room clean and clutter-free because that will help preserve the sanctity of the place you are going to use for the specific purpose of getting a peace of mind in this hustle-bustle lifestyle. Be careful of unknowingly filling the space with extra items such as furniture like chairs, extra pillows on chairs and sofas, much wall-adornments, etc. Keep the arrangement simple by restricting accessories to only those few objects that give you a sense of tranquillity and serenity. Things you are going to use such as floor cushions, a comfortable and gentle-looking rug or mat, must find their place in your meditation room.


Focus on only decorative objects such as the things that you like to see on the walls and floor or the furniture. Our approach should remain minimal so as to prevent myriad distractions to creep in. To be specific about decorative objects, it can be said that it varies according to the taste of people. Art lovers can have certain simplistic paintings or sculptures on the wall or on the showcase, color lovers can have one or more than one wall painted in their favorite color or bring in a few attractive color objects to adore focal points of the room. While ultra-modern people love a taste of technicality in décor, classic people find it easy to go with vintage décor themes.

Meditative music

Music is an essential ingredient of meditation. Although a few people opt for a music-less meditation session, it is preferred by most due to its mood-boosting and calming nature that accelerates the effects of your effort. Those who live in a busy neighborhood with everyday sounds of sirens, horns, loud music, vehicle noise, trains, know the effectiveness of soothing music in a meditation class.

While choosing music, go for instrumental music that is calming in nature. It need not be classical, but it must fulfill the purpose of the work at hand. A sound such as natural sounds of the ocean, jungle calm with birds chirping or single equipment music like flute and violin music etc. can make an impact. And also make sure the track is long enough to cover the entire session. Talking about the music system, there is no need for a sophisticated set-up as everything is ok to be simple in this room. Whatever system you have, fix it such that you will get a surrounding effect which is amazing in effect.


It is a part of décor. Personalizing the precious space can be immense in impact and reach out to the untouched part of your memories while you dwell in peace for a limited time of your day contemplating your next move. Options are multiple here. A personal touch can be any element like sound, art, smell, some object, anything that calms your personality. Clear glass vases, crystal chandeliers, natural paintings, statues of Buddha, beads or shells handicrafts are such things to consider. While decorating with these, you have to remember not to overcrowd the place and place the items perfectly so that you can focus on meditation in a clear environment.

Fresh air

Make sure you have ample fresh air inside your meditation room. The feeling of freshness brought in by fresh air is mesmerizing, especially in a place where you have only a few occasion to enjoy such calmness or your place is situated within a crowded juncture. Take care of the ventilation arrangement. If you have a window to the outside, keep it open for sufficient time and in case of multiple windows, try to open them in sync to maintain a healthy flow of air. If your room does not have any windows, try bringing in a standing fan or air purifier. But whatever you get, choose the quiet pieces of the machine.

Natural touch

Organically, nature provides the quietest peace and most beautiful serenity. While it is ideal to meditate in a natural place, that luxury is hard to find in nowadays urbanized infrastructure. So we choose to bring in natural elements that will infuse harmony with balance in our own personal space. Fresh flowers in vase, seashells and sand in a clear glass jar, ornamentation plants in specific places can be of true help. Silk tulips, palm leaves, ficus tree or other silk flower arrangements come in the plant's option. Another thrilling choice is to add one water fountain to your meditation room décor. The soothing sound of the waterfall will define the difference between the bustle of running the city and the tranquil state of mind.


As a basic constituent of a peaceful environment, lights play a vital role in transforming your so-called meditation room into a serene destination. Natural light takes pride in being the best for such time. The windows of your meditation room must have clear glass doors and a simple and comfortable curtain, which will allow the lights to pass and also to give you some privacy when the curtains are closed. Getting some transparent curtains is also a good idea. Except for the availability of natural light, you can have artificial lights arrangements that suffice the need of the hour. Maintain the warmth of the lights by opting for secondary lighting arrangements such as mood lighting and candles. Although white light is best, you can use yellow and reddish yellow light depending on the suitability.


From burning candles to incense, every such aromatic thing becomes the harbinger of peace of mind. Apart from those abstract sense of benefits, it also gives other tangible benefits. Sweet smell helps you breathe comfortably and eliminate the stress on the respiratory system, boost the immune system, reduce muscle pain. You can use scented oil or incense sticks or go for aromatic packs for direct use.

Be less technical

Keep your machinery out of your room. Mobiles, laptops and other electronics should stay out except the music player. Less complicated infrastructure will help you achieve the relaxation that you desire.

Choose your best place

Last but not least, chose the feel-good space for this set-up. This is the vital aspect people often overlook. Take consideration of lighting, air ventilation, and noise cancellation while choosing this part of your living quarters. Keep the household limited to and around that space limited.

Meditation is all about connecting the mind with the body and concentrating on the innermost positivity. To do that you have to create an atmosphere of positivity around you and in our view, being simple is always the best.