12 Decor Hacks To Make Your Restaurant Seem More Luxurious

Low lighting is perfect for a romantic and relaxing ambiance. Snapdragon flowers are perennial and make your restaurant look good

12 Decor Hacks To Make Your Restaurant Seem More Luxurious

Decor Hacks To Make Your Restaurant Seem More LuxuriousIt is not always the high price that signifies luxury. But you need to present your customers with something out of the box to make them feel special. They got to feel rich in your restaurant, even if they are essentially just mediocre earning.

These décor hacks will make your restaurant an elegant look making customers extravagant.

The wall be a typewriter

One way of adding some fun to your wall is by having a blackboard where the chalk-written menu is displayed. You can also have graphics and diagrams on them that talks about the restaurant theme.

"We cater class on a plate," such tag lines will give a very real impression to your customers. You can also choose to have the writing done in different colors.

Appreciate the art around

Few places may have an abundance of artists, and few may have them in lesser counts. But every area has its share of art and culture.

Get in touch with some local artists who are looking for a place of recognition. Get their talent on your wall, and it will be a win-win situation for both parties.

Having uniform frames for each of the painting will accent not only the paintings but they will seem to be a part of a carefully chosen collection.

Colors that are worthy of a picture

There is no shortage of color schemes in the market. It is always good to have very toned down colors for luxurious restaurants. This is what adds gravity to the décor

White, beige or damp grey will allow you to have lots of other accessories in your restaurant. One good idea would be to have one wall of different colors while the others are the same.

What lights do you prefer?

A big restaurant does not need to rely only on one kind of lighting. According to the mood, the levels of lighting can change — one for dining another for the bar.

Low lighting is perfect for a romantic and relaxing ambiance that will make your guests comfortable enough to put up for long hours.

You can also have alternative lighting according to the time of day. If during breakfast time you have more natural lighting then dinner is all about ambient light.

Embrace the era of smart lighting!

A perfect set of tables and chairs

If you are even having a thought of fine dining then choosing your furniture is a place where you need to give ample amount of time. You need to have tables and seating for a variety of sizes.

There need to be longer sofas for family and large gatherings. You may have a look at anchored seating for this side.

Similarly, two or three seaters should also be there just for a couple or a small group of businessmen. Simple portable tables and chairs will give you the benefit of adjusting the room accordingly.

Choose your fabric wisely

Fabric talks a lot about the overall décor.

Glass curtain design is all you need for the windows and doors. During the day they allow enough sunlight to come in. In the evenings they give a closed feel of warmth and comfort.

Add some classic velvet or embroidered cushions to your sofas to give it a lift in design and coziness.

A showoff wine cellar

Luxury without good wine? Not at all! Display all your quality collection of aged wine in a cellar. You can separate them according to their types.

Sometimes having just one version of vintage wine for each of the categories also helps in building your statement of indulgence. You will have lines of orders coming right away only by the look of it.

A wooden cellar is a hit for any décor, especially a lavish one.

Let people get closer over your restaurant

Apart from having separate tables and chairs in your restaurant, you can have an open sitting space near the bar counter. There can be a lot of magic over a glass of classic wine.

High seats or even rotating ones are perfect for this side. Let your customers get a chance to know each other.

Having wooden chairs is a good idea because here you do not have to add any additional cushions or comforter.

The warmth of the fire

A fireplace is a perfect addition to your restaurant. Not every house can afford to have one, but your customers can provide to enjoy one in your restaurant.

Modern-day fireplaces are smoke-free and have deficient maintenance. The classic china brick fireplace will fit in with any wall color you choose.

Accessorize your central place

Adding tiny details to your décor will have a significant emphasis on making your restaurant a "must visit." Bring in some coat stands, hat stands, and umbrella baskets.

You can have fancy sets of crockeries complementing those mouthwatering dishes. Fold the napkins like a pro.

The top and the bottom

Box ceilings can change the look of your restaurants. You can also try some lop-sided geometrical shapes for the ceiling and add lights in between.

Or how about having a wooden ceiling against the popular wooden flooring notion?

But now your flooring also needs equal attention. Plain flooring is best for classic restaurants because everything else in the surrounding is already breathtaking. For a little drama, carpet flooring will give a home-like feeling.

The final touch

It is now time to giving a perfect finishing touch to your restaurants with some beautiful plants and flowers. Do not bother with the time consumed in taking care of them. Use some not so real plants.

Snapdragon flowers are perennial.They look genuine indeed. Also, these snapdragon flowers come in so many colors that you can pick and choose to fit your décor.

So if you wish to gain the tag of being fancy and upscale spend a little extra to have special people just standing by the door to open the coat and hang them correctly.

Small gestures matter a lot!