5 Irresistible Reasons That Make PermaLeaf®'s Artificial Landscaping Products Landscaping Classics

PermaLeaf® is one of the leading companies in artificial landscaping. Their quest for budget-friendly, efficient yet highly life-like products, and durability has made it a top choice for all artificial landscaping prospects.

5 Irresistible Reasons That Make PermaLeaf®'s Artificial Landscaping Products Landscaping Classics

PlantsThinking of getting artificial landscaping done to bring the outdoor area encompassing your house to life? Do you want elegance, charm but also durability and results worth every buck spent? Then PermaLeaf® is the choice for you! For over 30 years PermaLeaf® has been continuously chasing excellence while catering to the needs of numerous organizations around the world improve their outdoor environments with their top artificial landscaping products and service. And not to mention the numerous varieties and choices PermaLeaf® presents its customers with. It provides various products, from artificial boxwood topiaries to smart artificial landscaping items, including artificial smart walls, artificial feature trees, and complete landscaping, PermaLeaf® has got it all. But it's not just these qualities that have made PermaLeaf® stand above its peers; it is so much more than that. Here are five irresistible reasons that make PermaLeaf®'s artificial landscaping products landscaping classics.

Together With You From Step 1

There comes a time when you are just fed up with the demands and expenses of maintaining your natural landscape. And when you decide to go for artificial landscaping with PermaLeaf®, they have got you covered from the very step. Whether you have a clear-cut plan of what you want to do with your landscape or not, PermaLeaf® helps you achieve your dream décor. Having worked for over 30 years now and catering to many needs including custom design projects as well as theme-based interior and exterior landscapes of various types, PermaLeaf® ensures all this experience goes into planning the best artificial landscape for your property that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional at the same time. When you first approach PermaLeaf®, your property is digitally rendered with the help of the various in-house graphic designers and landscape architects who would have beforehand inspected and studied the property. Then, you will be presented with numerous options on how you can proceed. You are given suggestions regarding the various artificial plants, artificial trees and décor designs that will help your landscape come alive in ways you couldn't have imagined before. Just pick the ones that you like the most and proceed to get the artificial landscape of your dreams.

Wide Variety To Satisfy All Your Needs

PermaLeaf® has a wide range of varieties in two of the ways that matter the most, product-wise and application-wise. First, it has numerous products of all kinds- from little artificial plants to faux trees. Whichever shape, color or size you need, PermaLeaf® will be sure to provide you with the same. And if they don't have it, they will have it custom made for you. Second, PermaLeaf® has something for everyone. Whether it's a smart screen or simple furnishing for the walls and windows, PermaLeaf® has it all. PermaLeaf® prides itself on being able to bring together supreme quality, affordability, and functionality. That is why PermaLeaf® is constantly striving to create lasting artificial landscapes within a very effective budget.

Products Capable Of Withstanding Any Weather

With the help of its 40,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility, PermaLeaf® has created artificial plants and trees that can withstand all sorts of weather conditions. In PermaLeaf®'s facility, every product is subjected to UV rays equivalent to those found in Florida and Arizona to test it against extreme heat. And is later subjected to extreme snow, high winds and rigorous water conditions and checked for color loss. Once all these tests are passed, then and only then are the products sold to the customers. All these tests are done to make certain that the artificial plants are resistant to fading with the passage of time and appear healthy without physical damage at all times.

Low Maintenance Yet Highly Efficient

PermaLeaf®'s artificial landscaping products top most advantage is that they are absolutely 100% no maintenance. PermaLeaf®'s artificial landscaping products are manufactured by ensuring top quality and efficiency. All the products are practical and at the same time add beauty and charm to your outdoors. They help achieve the impossible by helping you showcase exotic plants and trees that would have been otherwise very expensive and taxing to grow in your surroundings. PermaLeaf® eliminates all the expenses of upkeep, pruning, and cleaning that natural landscapes incur. Once invested in PermaLeaf®'s artificial landscaping products, just sit back and watch as your investment pay off in the many years to come.

As Good As The Natural Thing

PermaLeaf® has made sure that it has all the solutions for your search for life-like faux plants and trees. PermaLeaf® itself manufactures commercial grade artificial landscapes on its state-of-the-art-facility by ensuring that the faux plants and trees can withstand even the most terrible and strongest of winds. PermaLeaf® has achieved this by making sure that plants and trees are single foliage and have eliminated multiple connections wherever possible. Leaf connections have been extremely worked on by using heavy gauge steel wire as recessed channel locks, and the leaves have heavy duty arrow tips as well. These attributes help in giving the faux plants and trees a clean and strong look. PermaLeaf® also ensures that the color pigments used in its artificial landscaping products are of the highest quality to ensure better imitation of foliage and charming, colorful flowers. PermaLeaf®'s products are made sure to be fade resistant by subjecting them to color loss tests as per ASTM G155. Colour Retention is one of the guiding and basic parameter for all PermaLeaf®'s products. To ensure color retention in very hot surroundings, UV stabilizing pigments are used. These UV stabilizing pigments was carefully put together under highly trained and experienced chemists. All these factors and characters help make the faux plants and trees from PermaLeaf® as good as the natural thing.