7 Tips to Make Any Hotel Room Look Spacious and Classy

An excellent idea to make a hotel space, spacious enough is by using the actual area. Many new designs like nature and forest inspired walls murals are available to decor hotel room.

7 Tips to Make Any Hotel Room Look Spacious and Classy

7 Tips To Make Any Hotel Room Look Spacious And ClassyIts great fun to make even a small space look spacious, elegant and smart. Together with the looks and style factor, it also gives you an added feel of airiness which is of course, important.

So, let's see how you can do wonders with the small hotel space you have for yourselves.

#1 The first thing, keep it uncluttered

Minimal furniture is much better than going overboard with stuff for the room. This not only makes the room look spacious but also gives it a neat and clean look.

Just imagine, you have a huge room, but you fill it up with umpteen number of articles. We bet it's going to look tacky. The same applies to hotel rooms. There is no need to flaunt all the artifacts in a single room. Try arranging them at other places and corners.

The minimalistic approach always does the trick, and as the saying goes, less is more!

So, the idea is to keep it spacious and airy with pleasant surroundings.

#2 The Colour and lights of the room make all the difference

Have you realized how a small room can also look great and big enough if painted in light pastel shades? Yes, it's true!

If you use light shades and hues, an area can look much bigger. It creates the illusion of space.

To the contrary, even though the room is big enough and you paint in red or scarlet (with dark colors), you will feel the wall is so close to you, that it is nearly touching you!
Light colored window boxes are also great! So, make good use of them.

The effect of colors is fantastic. It's also recommended to get hotel rooms painted white or in rich pastels which looks excellent with living walls and greenery around!

Also, make use of light colors as they don't absorb much light, which makes the room look bigger and more refreshing. Dark colors, on the flip side, absorb light, giving the room a much darker, warmer and smaller look.

#3 The Mirror-Effect

One of the best, time- tested ways, is to create the mirror-effect.

By positioning and placing mirrors at the right places, you can create the illusion of some more space and area. When you look at the mirror, it gives you a mirror image, you get the feeling, that the length of the room is much bigger and spacious (backways). This makes a room look a lot bigger.

Mirrors are, of course, used as a necessity. But these days, false ceilings are made up of mirrors. There are also many mirror ceiling tiles available. These not only looks luxurious but very modern and chic.

The idea is to make the room look more prominent than usual. So, make use of ample supplements. Suspended ceiling lights also come in various designs which can be used to enhance the look of the space.

#4 Experimenting with windows

All windows at one place, together, give you the effect of a larger and bigger room. The windows can be arranged in a hotel space in such a manner that they are stuck together, taking a smaller area but giving the effect of a bigger one.

Windows can also be used for sufficient lighting and for giving the room an airy feel when opened. Windows also have a great appeal on the viewer. It gives the feeling of openness and freedom, a sense of independence from the claustrophobic world! You can create a surreal effect and great view inside by using outdoor artificial plants and trees, which give the room green and airy feel.

#5 Use Light colored Upholstery and Linen

Believe it or not, not just the color of the walls and lights, the color of the upholstery also makes a difference.

The curtains can be of light colors in neutrals and white. White is an excellent color for indoors, and can never go wrong. Not only does it signify purity, but it also creates the effect of space and airiness.

Here as well, you can make use of all-weather friendly artificial plants in elegant plant containers which can complement the color around and add to the appeal.

White and green look great together. So, along with artificial plants in corners, use a lot of whites and cremes. Neutral shades can also be used. But avoid dark colors which make the room look small and congested.

#6 Use the Actual Space

Also, an excellent idea to make a hotel space, spacious enough is by using the actual area, ‘intelligently.'

It requires you to maximize the storage space by using furniture like floor-to-ceiling cabinet units which can be used to display and keep stuff. It also makes the room look fashionable and well-designed.

This is also an exciting way of using the extra space to include drawers, chests, a display area for books and antiquities, which can be used for stacking things.

It also gives the effect of a useful-liveable area (a place for real and not just for ostentation).

Using the actual space and area makes so much of a difference. All you need to do is not to fill the room with unnecessary stuff and everything in hand.

Use your exclusive taste, be selective and use good quality, fashionable stuff, that will not only add glamour and style to your space but will make it look rich and luxurious.

#7 Last but not least, Experiment as much as you can!

Try using custom-made furniture. For example, built-in drawers, wall-mounted tables, and chairs are good options to make use of a lot of space available.

Be bold. Don't restrict yourself to only traditional styles.

These days as the rooms have become much smaller compared to earlier times; it is advisable to use unobtrusive and small items.

These days, many new designs like nature and forest inspired walls murals are available. These not only look attractive and are great decorative pieces, but also delude and deceive the onlooker's eye to make your space look significantly more prominent.

Feature walls and commercial landscape designs are also a great idea. Sometimes selected piece of decorative items can also do the trick. The idea is to make the room inviting.

Just Experiment!

There is no stopping you to be clever and intelligent.

Be creative with your given space.

So, we see there are endless options to give an enhanced new look to a small area. Not just hotel rooms, any given space can be illuminated and be provided, a grandeur appeal.