8 Reasons Why Artificial Outdoor Trees Are a Great Landscaping Investment for Malls

Give a tropical theme to your shopping mall. Through artificial outdoor trees, you can make a stunning landscape.

8 Reasons Why Artificial Outdoor Trees Are a Great Landscaping Investment for Malls

TreeThe one thing that shoppers of today don't lack is choice. There are shops galore along every street, and malls are cropping up like mushrooms even in smaller towns. And when you consider the limitless array of goods available online, you may be tempted to throw up your hands and wonder how on earth you'll ever attract customers to your mall!

The one thing you can offer, however, that online stores and individual shops can't, is an ambiance. By making optimal use of your building's premises through artificial landscaping, you can transform your mall into a retreat of your own that visitors will love lingering in. A plethora of artificial outdoor trees are available to suit every need and theme – if you're hesitant about investing in them, read on for some excellent reasons to add artificial landscaping to your redecoration strategy.

No need to be restricted by which species are native to your area

Want to create a tropical landscape even though your mall is located near the mountains? By opting for artificial outdoor trees, you're no longer restricted by the limitations of geography! Put up some high-quality palm trees, add an artificial lake and place some faux outdoor flowers here and there, and you'll have a tropical ambiance that your visitors will love!

You don't have to worry about which flowers are in the season either. Pick your favorite faux flowers and arrange them in artificial hanging baskets to charm your visitors the moment they enter your mall!

No need to worry about dead or infected trees

Imagine one of your mall visitors passing under a tree only to feel a dead leaf dropping on her head. Not much fun, right? When you're using faux outdoor trees, however, all your leaves stay green, spotless and firmly in place.

No need to worry about diseases or pest attacks either – with faux trees, leaf-eating insects and blight will stay well away, and you can enjoy healthy-looking greenery all year round.

No color fading or aging

Leaves tend to fade and flowers tend to wilt when it's sunny – and no one likes looking at wilting plants. Top-quality artificial outdoor plants, however, are made with UV protection to guard against the sun's rays – so you can be sure of bright green leaves and blooming flowers even during the hottest months.

Avoid triggering allergies or infections

Allergies are tricky things – even the most innocent-looking plants can trigger them! So to avoid making your mall visitors sneeze throughout their visit (and possibly never come back again), install some beautiful artificial outdoor flowers that have all the aesthetic appeal without the allergy risk.

Moreover, keeping faux plants could protect any curious pets who try to bite at the leaves! For instance, the oleander plant looks pretty, but its leaves are highly poisonous! By installing fake oleander, therefore, you're keeping your four-legged visitors safe.

A sizeable chunk of costs saved

Any garden requires gardeners, and good gardeners come at a hefty price. And when you're considering a mall landscape, you'll require several top-notch gardeners to look after your plants. Invest in some quality fake outdoor plants, however, and they'll flourish without any gardening. So you get the same greenery at a much lower cost!

On top of that, you'll no longer need to replace any dead or diseased trees! Simply clean your faux plants from time to time with a microfibre wipe and a spray hose, and your initial investment will last your mall a lifetime.

Create living walls to hide cracks or stains

However hard you try, you can't protect your walls from getting damaged. Cracks in the paint will inevitably develop, and there are always mall-goers who seem to think that walls are meant for spitting or spilling drinks on. And if you have a burst pipe somewhere in your plumbing, you can expect pulpy walls the next day.

Enter living walls, the perfect solution for concealing less-than-pristine walls, protecting them from the elements and giving them a stylish makeover! Faux boxwood and other varieties make for attractive patches of green that are a refreshing break from bare concrete walls.

Topiary without the maintenance efforts

Few things make your premises as distinctive as some skillful topiary work. Maintaining a landscape full of bushes in the form of perfect spheres, cones or animal heads, however, can be phenomenally tough. There's a simple solution, though – invest in some high-quality outdoor artificial topiary, and enjoy flawlessly shaped bushes all year round without any pruning or shearing needed.

Create a deluxe ambiance that shoppers keep returning to

Malls are a dime a dozen these days, with the same sets of restaurant chains and clothing stores everywhere. There's no reason, therefore, for a shopper to prefer your mall over any other simply on the basis of shops. By adding artificial landscaping, however, you're giving them a reason to linger and enjoy the greenery.

You can even go further and add park benches and a coffee shop near your faux trees and artificial pool. Many shoppers who would earlier have walked away will now buy a latte and relax on the benches, amidst the foliage. And the longer they stay, the greater the likelihood that they will end up making a purchase.

There's no denying that offline selling is more of a challenge than ever these days. Quite apart from the competition from other malls and stores, online shopping allows shoppers to get everything they want without stepping out of their homes. Expecting high footfall on the basis of shops alone, therefore, can be a risky move for a mall owner. When you invest in artificial outdoor landscaping, though, you're creating an experience that goes far beyond merely shopping – you're creating an ambiance where they can relax, refresh their senses and indulge in their own escape from the world outside. So go ahead and order some top-notch artificial outdoor trees – the investment, we assure you, will be worth it!