8 Time Tested Bedroom Decor Ideas

Your plan to improve the bedroom décor should cover up everything. The ideas given here are the easiest and the most effective ways of revamping a bedroom.

8 Time Tested Bedroom Decor Ideas

Hanging BasketsEverybody falls for a good night’s sleep after a long tiring day. That is why your bedroom should be a relaxing sanctuary to lie on a crisp bed. Unfortunately, a majority of the people have no idea how bedroom decor help you stay calm. Here are 8 time-tested ways that will make your bedroom an exotic retreat.

1. Play with color

Maybe you are moving into a new house or improving the existing bedroom, and you, and you need to consider the colors first. Remember that each color has a unique psychological effect, and no right or wrong colors are there.

Using neutral colors like white and gray is one of the best bedroom color options. Light shades of gray have an extremely calming effect and are great for the bedrooms. White delivers a soft, fresh, and relaxed feeling. If there are many accents in the bedroom, you can choose white blindly for a perfect match.

Other than this, shades of blue make the bedroom calm and relaxing. Lighter shades of green also make the bedroom cool and soothing.

2. There should be a focal point

Our eyes need a place to land and, therefore, you must provide a focal point in the bedroom. Other than cramming too many ideas into the bedroom, you should consider creating a focal point. Your bed is the superstar that everyone notices entering the room. So, make it an excellent focal point by playing with shape and size.

You can design the bed matching with the architecture of the room and may consider having an unusual headboard. This will help showcase the bed and ultimately elevate the decoration of the room. Adding designer niches and shelves also create excellent focal points.

3. Dress the windows

There is no denying that natural light helps to beautify a bedroom by making it bright. But, allowing natural light in means, the windows should be kept open. It is apparent that you cannot keep the windows open till you wake up. So, consider having designer window shades for enhancing the décor.

You may have colorful curtains, drapes, or window panes to meet the privacy needs. Match the color of these window covers with the color of the walls for creating a nice calming effect. Plenty of window styles are available with varieties of opacity levels. Get one to have natural light without compromising privacy.

4. Lighting is the key

Lighting is very vital in bedroom décor. Using overhead lamps with dimmers is an excellent option for bedroom decoration. Side lamps and corner lamps are also brilliant options for creating a romantic ambiance in the bedroom. Other than zonal light, you may also have indirect lighting using a hidden light source.

5. Remove the clutters

Nothing is more frustrating than entering into a messy bedroom at the end of a hard day. Scattered clothes, cosmetics, and other utilities is a common scene in most of the bedroom. Create homes for all these, so that these do not become an eyesore. If you have the habit of reading books in the bed, consider creating a place to stash the stuff.

Better remove all unique items from the bedroom. Else, arrange to hide all electrical armoire like TV, VCR, etc., so that these do not cause any distraction. Keep a laundry basket so that the dirty clothes are not heaped on the floor. There should also be a toy box in the kid’s bedroom for scooping up the toys.

6. Expand with mirror

Mirrors form a great decorating element in the bedroom. Appropriately planned, a mirror can make the room brighter, enhance views and make the bedroom awesome. In most of the bedrooms, there is a large blank space above the headboard. You can put a sunburst mirror over the bed to enhance the room décor.

Sunburst mirrors are available in varieties of colors and designs. You can get one and hang it over a console for popping up the beauty. Other than this, installing large mirrors delivers an illusion of space making the bedroom feel bigger. You can place mirrors on the adjacent walls to make a nice décor statement.

7. Sink the feet

A bedroom is a place where you want to unwind, relax and ultimately sleep comfortably. When it comes to improving the bedroom decoration, including a carpet is a great idea. This is because a soft plush feeling under the foot makes the bedroom warm and comfortable.

Color is the most important criteria when choosing a carpet. No matter what color you choose that should complement the rest of the texture. Neutral colors go well with everything. Better stick to a neutral color or combination of neutral colors for a beautiful decoration.

8. Style up with artificial landscape plants

Plants and flowers have the power to make your bedroom look exceptional. These make a bedroom colorful, infuse vitality and create a nice ambiance. Feeling a blank space with green plants adds an oomph factor to the bedroom. But, these have severe maintenance demands, and that is why not preferred by who are not green thumbs.

Artificial landscaping elements provide the best alternative décor solution. After many evolutions, these are now made 100% botanically correct. Moreover, made from high-quality plastic material and strong, colorfast pigment, these green artificial plants can withstand extreme weather conditions.

You can get these in a large number of varieties including window boxes, unique applications, hanging baskets, fake topiary plants, etc. These mimic the natural plants so carefully that none can differentiate these from the live plants. Thus, there is no compromise in aesthetics.

Available in customized sizes, these do not require any waiting period and start adorning the bedroom from the day one. Placing these near the window or on the bedside elevates the décor to the next level.


Your plan to improve the bedroom décor should cover up everything. The ideas given here are the easiest and the most effective ways of revamping a bedroom. You can try a couple of these ideas for your bedroom. It will undoubtedly change the look and feel of the bedroom.