9 Innovative Décor Ideas For Your Banquet Halls

Decorating a banquet hall has come a long way from being a simple affair to that of an enriching event. Choosing the right décor can elevate the event's purpose, reflect your sense of style.

9 Innovative Décor Ideas For Your Banquet Halls

Banquet Hall DecorBanquet halls are a perfect venue for celebrating the joyous moment in your life. Be it the flower power, awe-inspiring lighting arrangements or the surreal flowers, the right kind of décor will add to your moment of joy. The event that you host must turn into heaven for relaxation, enjoyment, and interaction with your guests. You can establish this perfect setting by opting for the right kind of décor at the venue.

Umbrella prop for colorful halls

Gone are the days when umbrellas were used only for the monsoon. You can now use them to add some extra color to the banquet hall. They are available in several intrinsic patterns and have become a vast rage today. These umbrellas can be accommodated in any setting, outdoor or indoor, with hanging flower pots with artificial flowers creating a whimsical tropical theme for your event.

They can even be customized with different patterns and colors for intense makeovers. Create an amusing look by hanging them upside down, use them to create attractive centerpieces or incorporate these ultra-cool umbrellas into food and catering.

Artificial flowers to create a floral backdrop

Banquet Hall Decor

Flowers are one of the best means to add some style and grandeur to the event. Be it an entire wall of flowers or attractively arranged flower banquets, and floral décor is a way to add some life to your event and make it look classy. The entrance to banquet hall can be made great by choosing outdoor artificial flowers hanging baskets.

Artificial flowers have soaring popularity owing to their nearly zero maintenance and attractiveness. They add instant charm to your décor and can be placed anywhere in the banquet hall. You can create magical displays by combining these faux flowers with attractive vases.

Create a magical experience with lighting

Lighting is crucial for setting up the mood and brighten your event. A proper lighting arrangement will enhance and highlight the décor arrangements done. Use artificial hanging baskets with lights to add some glitter to your event. Contemporary lighting designs are available for you to create a perfect backdrop.

Admittedly, light strings are a great way to make your backdrops look crisp and clear. Your evening parties can be made more stylish by fusing different lighting elements like lanterns, globe lights, etc with other décor elements.

Contemporary chandeliers

Chandeliers are a recent addition to the banquet hall décor. They add a touch of creativity and mostly used at center stage where the actual event takes place. The center stage is most likely to be decorated with several genuine or fake flowers that look real. Choosing the right chandelier can help you in presenting these decorations in an impressive manner.

Chandeliers are a great way to make your banquet hall look grander and add plenty of appeal and glamour to the event. It offers great lighting and resilient presentation to give your guest a unique and majestic experience.

Furniture draping

Integral with the banquet hall décor is the concept of designing stylish furniture. Draping the tables and chairs will make them look elegant, and there are numerous ways with which you can do it. Depending on your taste or the theme for your event, you can choose from complex draping patterns to a simple ribbon being tied behind the chair.
The drape material and the color palette are also of prime importance since they decide the ambiance look and the mood of your event. You can even use chair covers for transforming standard furniture into an exquisite piece. From pearl reels, hood floral, and ruffle knots, there are a variety of options for you to choose from.

Entrance decoration

The entrance area can vary from one banquet hall to another. Irrespective of its type, ensure that it is well decorated with bouquets, flower garlands, grand arches or any other element that you see fit to the occasion. Decorating the entrance with fairy lights and bulbs is another excellent option.

Surround these lights with pillar candles and flower vases to create an elegant walkway. Create a magical entrance by using cherry blossom trees. These are one of the unique ways to cascade offbeat themes into your event. You can even choose to add some shine and shimmer with metallic tassels. Add some dazzling fringe curtains to create a beautiful walkway.

Floor carpets

Most often, good floor design is one of the most neglected aspects of banquet hall décor. You will have to highlight certain key areas like aisle, stage, staircase, etc. with appropriate carpet designs.

Selecting the right color can manipulate the shape and size of the hall and also provides brilliant effects with light. You can make the hall look more spacious and hide certain awkward elements from your guests. Carpets add a sense of warmth to your event and facilitate profuse energy flow.

Welcome signboard

You are celebrating your success, and you will certainly need a signboard that welcomes your guests. You can make this venture creative by including graphical ideas and other décor accessories. Most banquet halls provide a welcome signboard by default.

However, you can customize a signboard by aligning it to any theme of your choice. Welcome your guests into a soaring space that is crowned with dazzling chandeliers, beautifully decorated entryway and an equally mesmerizing experience of attending your event.


Ideally, centerpieces are placed on the guest table and must look promising. They are available in varying sizes and shapes. If you are looking for simpler ones, then, you can choose floral centerpieces that are reasonably attractive and handy. However, unique centerpiece calls for several elements to consider.

Such situations demand that you choose the centerpiece in accordance with the table size and the overall area of your banquet hall. Its color must also be consistent with the theme or other elements at your venue. Your choice of centerpiece must also balance the overall ambiance and provide elegance to your banquet hall.

To conclude, decorating a banquet hall has come a long way from being a simple affair to that of an enriching event. Choosing the right décor can elevate the event's purpose, reflect your sense of style and also make your guests understand that their presence is valued and appreciated.