A Perfect Blend of Safe and Stylish Faux Landscaping - PermaLeaf®'s Products

PermaLeaf® offers a breathtaking collection of premium quality and durable outdoor landscaping elements. These are sure to make your commercial space majestic and irresistible to generate more revenues.

A Perfect Blend of Safe and Stylish Faux Landscaping - PermaLeaf®'s Products

PlantsBright and colorful exteriors make a professional space amazingly beautiful. Among all methods of rejuvenating commercial outdoors, using green elements is the most sought after landscaping process in the recent times; because only greeneries have the power of transforming an urban concrete jungle to a lush green mesmerizing place. There is no denying that people have an affinity towards nature, and they get immediately connected to live trees and plants and feel more comfortable and relaxed when natural elements engulf them. This lets us opt for live plants and other products of nature for revamping any commercial space.

No matter what is the type of the commercial house, it needs to entice people every day for survival and growth of the business. Landscaping makes any commercial outdoor sparkling and creates a good buzz to draw crowds. Although the logic of landscaping with live plants seems to be sound, there is more to it in reality. Maintaining live plants needs regular caring, which calls for a dedicated workforce and extra cost. In the present competitive business scenario, none can afford to absorb such extra cost. PermaLeaf® offers solutions to all landscaping projects, big or small, with fake landscaping products. These alternative solutions are safe and deliver a stylish exterior.

Plethora of products for varied needs

Commercial settings vary in nature and sizes, and their exterior decoration requirements are also different. PermaLeaf® produces the broad range of fake landscaping items for different commercial outdoors, from small to large.

  • Outdoor Landscape
  • Outdoor Artificial Flowers
  • Boxwood Topiaries
  • Artificial Outdoor Plants
  • Artificial Outdoor Landscape
  • Artificial Landscaping
  • Faux Foliage
  • Window Boxes
  • Unique Applications
  • Rooftop and Balconies
  • Privacy Screens
  • Plant Containers
  • Living Walls
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Cell Towers and Feature Trees

These realistic silk plants are sure to make the commercial outdoors harmonious and charming. You can install those anywhere in the outdoor or may opt for the complete solution for revamping your commercial place.

These can adorn all commercial outdoors

Talking about delightful outdoor environments, the first thing that comes to our mind is the amusement parks, theme parks, and water parks. These places have vast outdoor spaces and can be decorated with artificial trees, plants, and topiaries for adding more aesthetics. Moreover, the fake privacy screens can ensure absolute privacy to the distinguished visitors. Window boxes can be placed on the upper-level windows of massive commercial houses, government offices, municipal buildings, luxury hotels for creating an eye-catching vertical garden effect. And the list does not end with this. Surrounding a commercial place like hospital complex with fake plants and other mercantile buildings delivers a refreshing and welcoming appearance. Even the exotic resorts, shopping malls, and casinos can be embellished with the fake botanical products for making those impressive.

PermaLeaf® products are unbelievably realistic

The exterior, especially the entrance, of any commercial setting is exceptionally vital for its existence, and the exterior landscaping is never complete without varieties of foliage. PermaLeaf® has a wide range of artificial plants and other fake botanical products. These are manufactured to mimic their live cousins in size, shape, color, and texture and are so durable that people will not be able to distinguish those from the real ones without feeling by hand. Thus, you get a magical green environment that displays your quality and class. Other than alluring the prospecting customers to step into your place, this energizes the employees for providing excellent services.

PermaLeaf® products do not deteriorate over time

The enormous advantage of using PermaLeaf® artificial landscaping elements is that these are weatherproof, and can tolerate extreme climatic conditions making these safe for commercial outdoors. PermaLeaf® replicated botanical products are made from premium quality plastic materials, and that is why these are never affected by rain and snow. Even if you have a windy outdoor, the PermaLeaf® products have a stable structure and can stand erect in such condition. Moreover, specific UV resistant chemicals are also impregnated into the fake foliage through injection molding process. Thus, the PermaLeaf® landscaping products never lose their lush green color when exposed to sunlight in tropical outdoors.

Styling commercial outdoors with PermaLeaf® products

Not a single size fits all, and this is a hard reality when it comes to landscaping commercial outdoors. Every commercial space has its own story to tell, and the standard forms can not narrate that. To resolve this issue, PermaLeaf® has a series of the unique application of fake foliage including form topiaries and personalized products. PermaLeaf® can build up the logo of your business with form topiaries to display your brand. The sculptural plant containers make excellent focal points in the commercial outdoors highlighting key areas and let the fake plants do the talking for impressing the customers, clients, and guests.

PermaLeaf® products are designers delight

Right installation of fake landscaping products is vital for upgrading any commercial exterior. While landscaping with artificial trees and plants, these have to be blended with other accessories and the overall setting for obtaining the best visual experience. Coming in standard pots, the PermaLeaf® mimic trees, plants, topiaries, etc. can be placed anywhere in the outdoors. Moreover, these do not require any handling equipment for installation. These are also light in weight and, therefore, can be shifted from one spot to another quite quickly making landscaping a simple task. You may also avail PermaLeaf® professional services for turnkey landscaping.

You can also enjoy these added benefits

  • No maintenance requirement
  • Durable material, no replacement is required
  • No seasonal worries; shines equally all around the year
  • Do not shed leaves and, therefore, creates no mess
  • Do not attract pests and bugs keeping the commercial space free from insect attack
  • Can be kept in store for future requirements
  • Provides less expensive landscaping solution
  • One time investment