All Time Favourites – Top PermaLeaf® Artificial Outdoor Plants to Buy

The artificial plants provided by PermaLeaf® are a blend of creativity and minimalism to break the monotony material oriented designs and bring some natural freshness to your setup in an alluring manner.

All Time Favourites – Top PermaLeaf® Artificial Outdoor Plants to Buy

Artificial Outdoor PlantsAs outdoor designing is the first step to making a first impression worthwhile, it is very necessary to choose the right designing element for your landscape which portrays the hidden beautify of your landscape in the best way possible. When it is about outdoor designing elements, nothing beats the artificial foliages which are presented by PermaLeaf®. These are creatively designed to enhance the level of beautification of your landscape, giving them a natural feel. There are different types of artificial plants which are presented by PermaLeaf® to give you a wide spectrum of designing elements. Here are some ways how PermaLeaf® provides your landscape, the ultimate well designing look.

Types of faux plants provided by PermaLeaf®

Artificial plants are the key to decorating an outdoor area with the ultimate level of sophistication. There are different types of plants available just to make sure that you choose the right one for your landscape. The main attractions are:

  • Boxwood topiaries
  • Fake Bonsais
  • Faux hedges
  • Artificial flowers
  • Artificial palm trees

How these fake yet natural looking plants binds nature with your life

Human has this general tendency to work efficiently if surrounded by nature. But when it comes to outdoor designing, natural elements are way too fragile to work with and involves high maintenance. The artificial plants are a way to maintain the natural look of your outdoor area and decorate it in a minimalistic manner. Most of these artificial plants come in different sizes, shapes, and color which allow you to select the right one according to your theme and space. Moreover, the artificial greeneries blend well with the atmosphere and help the surrounding to be calm and composed. It helps to create a bridge between your life and nature, making it easier for you to concentrate on your work.

Materials are environmental friendly

One of the most interesting facts about the artificial plants which are provided by PermaLeaf® is that these are created with substances which are nature oriented and doesn't directly harm the environment. The natural look, the long lasting fabric and other important detailing like fire resistant and UV protection help artificial plants to woo their customers in every way, giving them a better environment to live in.

Saves your time and money

In today's world, anything which takes a lot of time from your packed schedule is tough to handle. Especially when it comes to decoration, most of the decorative elements available in today ‘date involves high maintenance. Artificial plants being very steady don't allow you to waste your time in taking care of it. These are budget friendly and once installed doesn't involve costly repairing. It is surely a great way to invest your money in something which soothes your soul.

Places where you can use artificial plants as decorative elements

Because of the versatility in its genre, fake plants works well with any setup, making it universally acceptable. The different types and their ability to fit in anywhere make it very easy for the designer to design in a structured way. Though there is this misconception about artificial plants being used only for interior decorations, you'll be glad to know that faux plants are one of the largest selling outdoor designing products to work with. These can be easily used at:

  • Hospitals
  • Retail malls
  • Luxury hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Corporate buildings 
  • Banquets 

Some ideas to use artificial plants:

Artificial plants can be used in many ways to maximize the intensity of its look. Some of the innovative ways to decorate the outdoor areas are:

Decorate the outdoor sitting area with potted boxwood: Generally, restaurants and hotels provide an outdoor sitting area which decorates their lawn in a beautiful way but what adds charm to whole set up is some potted boxwood in different color shades.

Decorate the pathways with artificial palm trees: pathways of co-operating offices and hospitals are very dull thus needs a spark to make the visitor's little campus tour worthwhile. Artificial palm trees work great in this case, giving a bit of tropical essence to the whole scene.  

Gardens of hospitals: to break the seriousness of the environment, hospitals use artificial plants decorate their lawns. From beautiful faux hedges to artificial flowers, anything which suits the set up of the surrounding can be used in an appropriate manner, helping the visitors to relax and enjoy the beautiful side of it. 

Logos and animal-shaped hedges: Using artificial plants to imprint a genuine logo or animal is the new trend to make your office look well decorated. The outer area of the corporate buildings can be used in a good way to make sure that it looks nature oriented yet trendy.

When maintenance is hassle free

When it comes to hassle free maintenance, nothing can beat artificial plants. Usually while decorating with natural plants, many things need to be kept in mind regarding the maintenance like proper watering, regular soiling and fertilizing to keep them fresh. But unlike natural plants, artificial plants retain their freshness for a very long time and don't demand high maintenance. There are some simple steps to make sure that the false plants last for a very long time which involves dusting and washing with soap water if needed. Yes, that's how easy it is.

Use artificial plants to ignore clumsiness

One of the main problems to work with natural plants for decoration is that other than being extremely clumsy to handle, these invites insects and unwanted microorganisms which make the surrounding a bit unhygienic.  Artificial plants don't demand watering and soiling or regular trimming and shaping, keeping the surrounding clean and dry, helping the designer to maintain the place aesthetically appealing in a germ-free way.