All You Need to Know to Get Your Christmas Decor Spot On

Make your ambiance look mesmerizing with decorative faux foliage and clusters. With your innovative and creative mind, your store can touch your visitor’s heart this Christmas.

All You Need to Know to Get Your Christmas Decor Spot On

Faux Outdoor FlowersChristmas Day is a grandiose event, celebrated worldwide with pomp and gaiety. Festive fervor motivates people to purchase new things for family and friends. Corporate organizations use this opportunity to foster better ties with customers. So, departmental stores can earn huge rewards on the special event. Retail and departmental stores offer many discount options to motivate visitors to purchase premium products.

Malls can look like major Christmas destinations with the interplay of decorative accents. With some creative tips, you can make your store steal the show this Christmas.

1. Floral decorations

There is a deep association between flowers and the spirit of Christmas. Some of the main flowers which symbolize the joy and essence of Christmas are Pointsettia, Christmas cactus, Holly, Christmas Rose, Ivy Mistletoe, etc.

2. Creating a festive fervor with faux foliage

You can bring in energy vibes in your store with faux flowers. While natural flowers need regular care, fake flowers are highly durable. Being resistant to fire, they safeguard your valuable property from fire hazards. Silk foliage is soft and available in a range of bright colors and shades.

Look for miscellaneous items like artificial orchids, silk roses, faux hydrangea, cherry blossoms, and silk tulips. You can try out many exquisite and exotic silk flowers and floral combinations. You can scroll for exciting color combinations such as violet with red blossoms or yellow with petal green. Try out a bouquet of artificial roses with hydrangea.

Artificial flower arrangements enhance the look of the commercial area. At the same time, they help in achieving realistic landscape like appearance. You can choose from among distinct and delightful color fusions. People can order customized designs of fake flowers to match the store ambiance in the best way.

You can choose from among many stunning collections and options. There are blooms which can instantly refresh a space. In addition to enhancing the decorum of your store, they boost in-store employees to feel invigorated. They also motivate visitors to purchase valuable or priceless gift items.

3. Placing of decorative foliage according to space and store layout

Retail stores can look splendid when decorated with florals, marking the onset of Christmas. Space allocation of foliage must be most optimum. These could be used at reception counters during Christmas Day. Transform the entry point into a welcoming spot with creative inputs. The sight of beautiful and bright colors motivates customers as they step inside the store. Some silk flower centerpieces are cute and fully engage a customer’s attention.

Foliage is used in clusters at prominent places inside stores. The placement of silk flowers at strong points in a store helps to create eye-catching accents. With such colorful additives, you can brighten up your space. You can get different floral combinations like roses with alstroemerias, roses with Caily Lily, etc. You can also get Ranunculus with a snowball. Artificial flowers can transform the landscape, making it look verdant.

4. Create magic on your walls

Share your heartiest Christmas wishes through your walls. Get your walls painted with exciting color shades. Articulate the walls with silk ferns. You can add new Christmas Day wallpapers to the walls of your store.

5. Christmas cake and specials in the culinary section

Add Christmas special food to the culinary section. Decorate the ambiance with glittering images of Santa Claus and Christmas tree. Without cake, Christmas cannot be imagined. So have new cake designs and flavors to mark the special event.

6. Select decorative flowers after checking their desirable properties

You can get many varieties of artificial flowers like roses, peonies, hydrangea, orchids, etc. Crafted out of quality materials like silk, these look breathtakingly real. Before choosing beautiful fake flowers for Christmas décor, ensure they meet safety criteria. Select florals which have inbuilt fire-retardant capabilities. You must never compromise on quality and authenticity.

There are many silk flowers which are great décor assets, aesthetically and functionally. Silk flowers of high quality are resilient to weather changes. They fade little and have very low maintenance requirements. Also, some of these are also environment-friendly and designed to perfection.

7. Decorative ceilings

Get your ceilings painted in bright colors or else install decorative panels for Christmas Day. You can order customized panel designs for your ceilings like Santa with reindeer. Colorful images add a lot of depth to the ceiling and provide it a new definition. Dark and bright colored wall panels create an impression of the ceiling at a high altitude.

8. Introduce a new style of products

Winters are a good time to travel with family. So, retail stores can launch travel related products like travel bags, and winter wears, etc.

Christmas Day is time to get more creative. So introduce more items in the kid’s section like colors, sketchbooks, stencils, canvas, etc. Introduce new and innovative food items like new chocolate designs or chocolate flavors. Introduce new musical instruments like a synthesizer, mini-guitar, keyboard, flute, etc. For sports lovers, you must fetch new items like footballs, Pom Pom balls, racquets, carrom boards, etc.

9. Fashion garments

On special events like Christmas Day, people are naturally interested in purchasing new apparel including winter wears or windcheaters. Garment stores can introduce new clothing collection including beautiful gowns, skirts, hats, and shirts to catch the excitement.

10. Christmas music

Modern-day stores play music for entertaining visitors and making the visit memorable. Christmas Day specials like jingle bells must be played, helping the visitors enjoy every moment of their time spent. Music can turn shopping into a special experience. Some malls also hire artists for performing songs to generate a wave of excitement.

11. Create a new theme for Christmas

You can create a nice theme for Christmas. With artificial roses and hydrangea, you can create a woodland setting. You can place artificial topiary of beautiful designs to set the festive theme in your store. For prominent points, you can select intricately designed topiary like Christmas stars, jingle bells, Christmas trees, angels and cakes. Introduce a collection of beautiful Merry Christmas cards and gifts. Some malls even hire a person to play the role of Santa Claus.


Christmas Day decor helps to stimulate a wave of excitement in people. So articulate your store with new and interesting Christmas Day special products. Add glitters and flowers to share your joy. Make your ambiance look mesmerizing with decorative faux foliage and clusters. With your innovative and creative mind, your store can touch your visitor’s heart this Christmas.