Balancing Energy Efficiency and Decor Like a Pro

The efficiency of a building is reasonably determined by its design and aesthetic elements. Invest in energy efficient products like faux green and adhere to the points mentioned above for promoting energy conservation at your property.

Balancing Energy Efficiency and Decor Like a Pro

PlantsWith all the climate change going around in the world, it is high time that people should do something about it. In a study, it was observed out that out of all the greenhouse gases produced in the United States, sixteen percent of it comes from residential dwellings. As they say, ‘Charity begins at home,' one can start making a change by building energy efficient homes.

Building an energy efficient home will not only help you in lending a hand towards climate change rather it will also help in monetary terms. Less energy consumption means bills with shorter figures. It will also ensure that your house has a higher resale value in the future. Building an energy efficient home provides one with better living conditions and higher comfort levels and makes your life much better. Now the next question that may jump into your thought is that how can you make your home energy efficient? You are just in the right place to get the answer to this question. Here is a list of things which you can follow to make sure that your home becomes energy efficient.

The process of designing

Energy efficient homes start with the correct designs. Architects should sit with builders and discuss how they can make the energy efficient. Following are some of the fields in which architects and builders can work together for making your home energy efficient.

  • Climate: The climate of the place should always be considered while designing the home. Air tightness, daylighting opportunities, moisture control strategies, insulation levels are some of the things that should be looked into. In areas of extreme cold climatic conditions, special attention should be paid to insulation and similarly in areas of warm climates the house should be designed to remain cool.
  • Ceilings: Using only one type of ceiling in the home makes it more energy efficient. Change in ceiling heights will need a wall separating the high ceiling from the roof. This will result in uneven insulation.
  • Size of the house: Big does not always mean better. Small spaces can also be designed for optimum use. The smaller house also means less energy consumption, which will make the home energy efficient.
  • The shape of the house: Using simpler designs rather that complex designs result in easier air sealing and insulation, which makes the home much more energy efficient.

Using high-performance windows and doors

Windows and doors are the third most effective way to make a home energy efficient. With the correct size of doors and windows in the right places, the home may not need any artificial insulation or cooling system. Here are some suggestions on how to choose the right doors and windows to make your home more energy efficient.

  • Size: The frames have more transfer of heat going on than the glass. Therefore, you should look for windows that have a small frame profile. Also, it is better to have less large windows than many small windows. As larger windows have a higher frame to glass ratio, it will be suitable for your home.
  • Energy efficient doors: Insulate fiberglass doors are the most cost and energy efficient doors available on the market right now. Make sure that the doors have air seals and tight gaskets. Also, it is better to go for R-value glass and glass which have less glazing.

Choosing to light wisely

Lighting is a major area in which you can work to make your home more energy efficient. Before going for energy efficient artificial lights, make sure that your home gets more natural lights. This is the first step to save on lighting. For the second, identify those places in your home which needs lighting like bathroom areas, kitchen counters, etc.

Make sure that the windows are placed strategically to allow the optimum daylight to enter. It is better to go for strategic lighting rather than lighting up the whole room. Also, the kind of lights that you also use matters. Using LED lights over CFL will make sure that your electricity bill contains fewer zeroes.

Let the Sun help you

If your house is in a cold region, you can use the sunlight to heat up your house so that you do not need to install an artificial heating system. Similarly, blocking the sunlight will make sure that your house remains cool.

Reduce the cooling cost of green landscaping

When it comes to enhancing the energy efficiency level of your property and maintaining the decor appeal at the same time, introduce some greenery to the surrounding. For instance, indoor plants and trees can cool down your home surrounding and reduce the stress of energy consumption costs from your mind. It completely depends on how you leverage the greenery for making your building extremely energy efficient. Although the natural green landscape can cater to your energy saving requirements, their routine maintenance will determine the amount of cool breeze it will offer to the surrounding.

Go for energy efficient appliances

Almost sixty percent energy is used for appliances in a home. Therefore, by going for energy efficient appliances, one can truly make their homes energy efficient. One way to ensure this is by choosing the right size appliances. If you have a small family, then there is no need to go for a big freeze, dishwasher or big microwave. Estimate how much you are going to use each appliance and then buy them accordingly.

Optimize the energy efficiency with faux green

In case you are looking for decreasing the cooling cost of your property and reduce the maintenance cost of natural greenery incorporated in the surrounding, make use of faux landscaping elements. From outdoor planters, fake trees to indoor artificial plants and silk flowers, there are all kinds of artificial landscaping products available for meeting your specific decor requirements. In fact, with fake greenery, you can not only get rid of their maintenance but can also establish a green and energy efficient surrounding.