Basic Office Decor Improvement Ideas You Can Start Using Today

The employees are required to spend long hours in the office these days. As a responsible employer, you should upgrade the office to help them work comfortably. To upgrade, your office here is an option.

Basic Office Decor Improvement Ideas You Can Start Using Today

 Artificial Boxwood Topiary“Office decoration does not mean making it pretty only. It is about increasing the quality of life”.

There is no denying that the environment influences our mood. Revamping the office is essential to make it inspiring to the employees and impressive to the visitors. Majority of the people have a wrong notion that office improvement involves spending a fortune. Here are some easy ideas to do that.

1. Have a great front

Your front is the first meeting point with the visitors. So, it has to be attractive and impressive. Adorning the front door with green elements makes the place warm and welcoming. If you have pathways, decorate that with greeneries for a beautiful view.

2. Do away with the reception desk

The millennial office décor theme is to remove the reception desk from the office. Instead, guide the visitors to their destinations through attractive signage. This will save much space and deliver a lean, modern look.

3. Display the mission and vision statement

Put your thoughts into visuals to let your employees know the objective of the organization. Display these at every strategic place in the office. When the visitors see these, they will also know who and what you are. This will change the look and feel of the office.

4. Make it free from clutter

People spend a significant part of their working time looking for things. You do not require everything every day. So, why not store them neatly in a cabinet? Make compact storage to keep the items you do not need regularly. Also, remove the extra furniture from the office floor for an improved look.

5. Opt for open office plan

Ditch the cubicles, as these cause isolation and hamper free communication between the employees. Better, opt for a public office plan with activity-based sitting arrangements. This will foster a sense of sharing responsibilities and community feeling. Separate different working zones by table-high dividers.

6. Harvest maximum sunlight

Good lighting is the most important criteria of a well-designed office. You may have unique sitting arrangements, but the office space will never shine without the right lighting. Since no artificial light can challenge the natural light, harvest as much sunlight as you can. This will also make the office energy efficient.

7. Consider task lighting

Overhead harsh fluorescent lights are not comfortable. You should replace these with designer floor lamps for excellent task lighting. This will create a soothing experience and also increase the concentration of the employees. You can create a beautiful ambiance by matching these lights with the rest of the office space.

8. Rearrange the desks

The modern offices require most of the employees glued to the chair and staring at the screen. Rearrange the sitting plan so that your employees face the window, as far as possible. This will let them have a view of the outside landscape and increase their productivity.

9. Have flexible sitting arrangements

The present millennial employees do most of their jobs on their laptops. So, you can quickly take them off from the office desk. Have comfortable sitting arrangements at every corner of the office.  When people are allowed to work sitting in the places they like much, they will be more productive.

10. Include digital watch

People tend to ask time as the time for leaving approaches. Replace all traditional analog clocks with large digital watches. Place those at the center of the office space. This will let them keep track of time, and also improve the overall environment.

11. Install air fresheners

Other than improving aesthetics, having a great smell also improves the office ambiance.  Studies reveal that people become more productive in environments smelling lemon, jasmine, and lavender. The air fresheners are designed to spread a mist of the essential oils. You can invest in those for elevating the office ambiance.

12. Create a breakout zone

Have a separate room or a designated floor space where people can relax breaking away from work. You can design the place the way you like. You may include some gaming activities as well.  This acts as a beautiful place where people can informally exchange ideas.

13. Amplify with a mirror

If your office is small, you can use mirrors to expand space. You can create a magical ambiance by placing a mirror behind a light source. Hanging a mirror opposite to the window also creates a great view. Mirrors can also act as a beautiful statement piece in the office.

14. Organize wires and cables

Entangled cables and cables make an office look terrible. Try to hide all these form the view of the people. If that is not entirely possible, these can be neatly organized by using designer clips. This will upscale the office desk.

15. Add greens to the office

Adding greens to the office space is the easiest and the most cost-effective way to improve the décor. These can be used anywhere starting from the outdoor to the indoor. People have some psychological bondage with green elements and become more productive in their presence.

But live plants are tough to maintain if you are not a green thumb. The faux landscaping elements provide the best alternative. These artificial landscape plants are meticulously made to resemble the live plants without any compromise.

The fake outdoor trees are made to withstand all weather conditions. These are made using strong, colorfast pigments, and UV blocking materials are also infused into them. Thus, they never bleed or fade.

To bring your employees close to nature, you can design the breakout space with artificial plant wall. This will create a nice ambiance.  You may also take help of the artificial boxwood for defining zones and creating intra-zone pathways. Delivering an insect-free and mold-free environment the fake greens are safe.


The employees are required to spend long hours in the office these days. As a responsible employer, you should upgrade the office to help them work comfortably. Try these basic ideas to make a cool modern office. It will look smart with a motivated workforce and increased customer base.