Belgian Style Decor Essentials for Your Home

Wooden décor with rusty and old accessories would add to the charm and with the right plants and furniture you are all set for the Belgian décor of your dreams.

Belgian Style Decor Essentials for Your Home

Belgian Style Decor Essentials For Your HomeWhat comes to mind when you think Belgian style; worn out wooden décor with a rustic charm and a perfect balance of modern and traditional style. Most designers like to think of a Belgian décor as a pretty simple style that provides a lot of room for changes in accessories and furniture with the changing seasons, a very accommodating style. Getting it right though can be a bit tricky as you need the right mix of mod and traditional to make it work.

Living in it!

Belgian style means a big no to strong colors. You can opt for any of the neutrals, and choose accents to go with it. Preferably for the living room, you can opt for reclaimed ceiling beams with iron light fixtures hanging from them. This would go extremely well with reclaimed stone flooring. Leather chairs with a soft palette or rustic wooden ones would look amazing when faced towards the fireplace. The fireplace is a must-have for a Belgian style living room. This sort of a décor requires a green touch; get green artificial plants like an indoor fern for the corner with a brass planter pot. Metallic accents with rust iron accessories are an excellent choice for most of the house in the living room.

Let it burn!

We have already acknowledged that the fireplace is an important part of the Belgian décor but to have an in-built one is a blessing. If you don’t happen to have one, get an electric fireplace. These have an added advantage as they have a modern look that would set the balance right with the rest of the décor in the room. They look very chic and are great if you’re not too keen on the upkeep for a real fireplace, just ensure that the size is in proportion to the room and don’t look to over-whelming.

What’s for breakfast? Belgian Waffles!

Enjoy a Belgian breakfast every now with the perfect styled décor to go with it. For the dining room, you can add textures of raw wood for the ceiling. You can also add time-worn types of furniture like the table and chairs. You can decide to add iron chairs to the worn-out table and have a great rustic set; with this pair up iron hanging light fixtures from the ceiling hanging over the table. If you have an extra wall, you can go for a mirror décor with crusty and old mirrors with black iron frames. Add a few bits of outdoor artificial plants, and this would be perfectly alright unless they are too big for space. Outdoor choices have more options than indoor ones and come in bigger sizes and would make the dining room look fuller and add the rustic green charm that it would lack without it.

Can you have more greens on the inside?

Adding plants that are not too delicate or flowery is perfectly alright when you are planning for a Belgian décor. The sort of plants you need to go for is leafy ones that have a dark green look to them. Go for a fern, focus or even a bushy one is fine. While you are looking for plants ensure that you are capable of tending to them regularly, if not opt for artificial plants. They look very much like their real counterparts and can be customized to your preference for size. The best part is they need no maintenance at all. These plants are chemically treated so they won’t wear out and the colors would remain intact for almost a lifetime. These plants are also fire-retardant which makes them safe for use around the fire.

A Belgian Style Kitchen

Just because you have a Belgian style décor doesn’t mean you can’t have top-notch kitchen accessories. Get your mod kitchen to look alright with the rest of the rustic charm in the house with just a few bits of improvisation. Get lined grey-green cabinets for the kitchen and countertops with a gold finish. This would give you an edge over the rest of the décor. Get yourself a few Chinese chairs don’t forget the iron light fixtures to replace the overhead lights. For more options, you can choose to have artificial plants for kitchen cabinets to add more oomph to space. It would add a bit of delicate green touch to the room while not losing the masculine side of it

Lights: the second important element to fire

A Belgian décor requires the rustic charm all the way through. Blubs are great for this, but if that is not something you want for the entire house you can have big light fixtures for the whole home and iron lamps are also a great choice. This is a great way to incorporate rustic accessories to the décor while having a utility accessory at the same time. It would also be a great idea to have centerpiece lighting for the tables in the house. You can have one for your study too, although we would suggest having lampshades as a backup for when you need more lights. You can have footlight on the staircase if you need them it's better you have a talk with the electrician for the best choice of lighting you can have with the selection of décor you have.

Master the Bedroom

A Belgian style bedroom has to have a big wooden headboard. Get your headboard set to have a fuller look to the king or queen size bed to go with it. For the bed, you must have uniformly patterned pillowcases. Add a foot chest to the other end of the bed. The sideboards in the room can have a metallic finish with a wooden texture.

Summary: Choose your way through the comfiest and warm Belgian décor to add more masculinity to your house interiors. Wooden décor with rusty and old accessories would add to the charm and with the right plants and furniture you are all set for the Belgian décor of your dreams.