Boxwood Hedges - all set to be the face of your buildings?

The latest article on PermaLeaf® outdoor artificial plants blog talks about benefits of installing boxwood hedges in outdoor landscaping with its features, and ideas of using it.

Boxwood Hedges - all set to be the face of your buildings?

boxwood hedgesOutdoor landscaping is quite a thoughtful process which involves a lot of innovation. Refreshing greenery is an exquisite idea for the outdoor landscape in the public buildings and offices.  But there is a serious problem with the maintenance of having some green plants outside the office as it needs regular watering, pruning, cleaning, etc. by expert personnel. It can be eliminated entirely with the artificial boxwood hedges. Though artificial, they are so lively and real like, and they can have a better effect than the actual plants in landscaping. The biggest advantage of being artificial is that they need zero maintenance, and they will survive forever after being installed in the location. You can also use the artificial hedges for multiple times; that means they can be altered and used to set up any particular theme or any different setting in the landscape very quickly.  

The features of the innovative artificial boxwood hedge

  • Range - the faux hedges come in a wide variety, and you will have a lot of choices for your building outdoors. There are a lot of commercial types of plants to suit your requirement. 
  • All weather products - after installation, you need not worry about the maintenance of the fake hedge in harsh weather conditions as they are durable, and the rejuvenating green color won’t fade away on outdoor exposure. 
  • Zero maintenance - the fake hedges are efficient and need zero maintenance and won’t litter the place with dead leaves. They don’t have natural growth like the living plants, so, you need not worry about increasing size. 
  • Elegant designs - the faux boxwood hedges look mesmerizing and have a unique appearance different from the rest. They are ideal for the face of the buildings or offices to have a great impression on the ones entering the building. 
  • Cost effective - a faux hedge is quite economical for the landscaping as they are quite cheap and within the budget. Their durability and the ability to last for a long time once installed is a significant advantage from the costing viewpoint. 
  • Utilities - the fake hedges are not mere landscaping items as they can be used to give a rejuvenating makeover or can be used to create a themed landscape on any particular occasions like any business meetings or any special visits to treat the visitor differently. Multiple usabilities is a significant advantage as they are lightweight and easy to move.

Outdoor landscaping using the artificial hedge

The outdoor garden requires exposure to all weather conditions like sun, wind, rains, etc. and the artificial hedges are ideal for that. The original structures and the refreshing greenery are best for attracting the attention and giving a unique appearance as well. They are brilliant for landscaping outside the public buildings and suitable for the offices as it will create a formal yet unique makeover. You can also consider the faux hedge for the landscaping at the places which are visited by a lot of people regularly like the hotels or multiplexes as it will have a refreshing effect on everyone. Though artificial, they will have a similar soothing effect if places at the outdoors of the hospitals. The spark of greenery is required everywhere.

This is a modern trend which is different and better from the traditional outdoor landscaping ideas as it requires zero maintenance and is durable also. You can get full value for your money, and the artificial boxwood hedges are easy to set up in the location.

Placing the faux boxwood hedge at the outdoors

As they are unique in appearance, there is no particular rule about putting the plastic boxwood at the outdoor. You can place them anywhere at the entrance, the walkways, lawn, beside the gate where they can be viewed easily by the visitors. You can also place the artificial boxwood hedge beside any waterfall or statue also. The stunning look will be trendy, and the front view of the building can be enhanced considerably.  The front of the building can be refurbished completely with a themed setting with the help of the faux hedges as it can give a tropical setup. 

The artificial boxwood hedges can be set up on the balconies or the windows also to give a beautiful view from the front side. Being light weight and available in variable sizes, they can fit any landscape and any place. There is no need to worry about the safety of the artificial boxwood hedges as the plastic leaves are quite tightly held from the structure, and even the strongest winds will also not lead to any loss of leaf. You can give it to your creativity and imagination with the placing of the artificial boxwood hedges as you may get any better ideas in that process which will give the best view. 

The elegant look of the artificial boxwood hedges

The artificial hedges come in a wide range of items with the boxwood balls and structures which can be placed easily on any pot or suitable base. However, there are other landscaping items as well like the faux boxwood tiles which can be used on the walls of the front side or the building. You can have an artificial hedge wall or artificial hedge fence to welcome the visitors who will be amazed at such a mesmerizing view. The boxwood wall can give a different flavor to the landscaping set up. 

The quality of the artificial boxwood hedges

The artificial boxwood hedges and the faux boxwood panels come with PermaLeaf® technology which ensures that the color of the plastic leaves do not fade over time even on the exposure to the UV radiations at the outdoors. The leaves are of a superior quality material, and the color pigments are also of the best quality which does not degrade their quality over time. You can take a look at the full range of landscaping products and choose to give a unique and elegant view to your building with the artificial boxwood hedges.