Bring Your House's Corner Spaces to Life with These Tips

Try the above ideas to add life to the empty corners. These will let you use the most of the floor space in your house.

Bring Your House's Corner Spaces to Life with These Tips

Artificial PlantsWe all have corners in our houses and do not know what to do with those. In most of the cases, these are left cluttered and messy. But the right angles are not difficult to manage. Here are some fresh ideas to enliven those without going over the budget.

Build a library

Maybe you have an unused corner space in the house. This can be a great place to build a cozy home library. You may apply this idea everywhere from your bedroom to the living room. Just consider which place is less noisy. Include a custom bookcase in the corner and add a comfy chair to complete.

Embrace with a sofa

Embracing a corner with furniture is a great way to spruce it up. Design a curved or sectional sofa to fill the corner space. Since this a single piece, this will make the room look larger and uncluttered. You will also have an additional seating arrangement. This works well in all rooms.

Create a reading nook

Nothing is more comforting than sitting in the corner with a book in hand. It gives you a hugging feeling as you curl up in a cozy chair. You can also make it unassuming by including a hanging rattan chair. Also, adorn the corner with a classy reading lamp. This will liven up and integrate it with the rest of the room.

Turn it into your home office.

Maybe you have to work from home as well. You can squeeze in a home office in your master bedroom or living room corner. Including a wall mounted folding table lets you have a nice workstation. Alternatively, you may opt for a floating desk and a chair. Arrange proper lighting and make power connections for working.

Build a window seat

A window seat is a vital element in the room. It lets you have an excellent overview of the outside landscape. Quite often the corner space is wasted. Make it chic and classy by adding a window seat. You can get a pre-fabricated model or can build it using hardwood panels. This is simple and can accommodate two. Double up the place with hidden storage underneath. This will provide more storage space.

Make it a sanctuary for the kids.

Turning a corner in the kid’s room into a sanctuary is a great decor idea. Adorn it with curtains and soft cushions to make it cozy. The kids will love to play there. You can also organize the corner with stuffed animals and toys.

Fake into a play zone

Kids’ room corners can be easily faked into a play zone. You can paint the outline of a room in the corner and arrange a hanging shelve there. Thus, toys and playthings can be stored without wasting the floor space.

Adorn with an oversized lamp

The decoration is mostly about finding proportions between different elements. However, including asymmetric things sometimes also help. An oversized lamp can be a fabulous addition to any room. Fill the corner of your room with an oversized light. This will make a nice décor statement and bring life to the corner.

Add floating shelves

Floating shelves can liven up an empty corner in a brilliant way. Painting the shelves in the same color as the wall helps to blend those well. You can also paint these in contrasting color for making a bold statement. Design the shelves in unassuming ways to impart an incredible look. These will use up the corner and deliver extra storage.

Install a fireplace

Whether it is burning or not, a fireplace creates a warm environment in the room. This can add elegance and comfort to a room corner. If you have a new corner, you can install a fireplace there. This will spruce up the room without wasting much floor space.

Include antiques

Antiques can add visual interest and create an excellent focal point in the room. Include large antique objects in the corner. This could be anything from an old pot or a cabinet to a statue. Place these against the wall to add character and charm.

Highlight with a coffee bar

Maybe there is not enough space in the kitchen to fuel your caffeine obsession. Building a small corner table and including a bar stool can transform a corner to a coffee bar. A hanging shelf on the wall can store the mugs and makes completes the bar. This will be a great place to enjoy lattes.

Plan for a gallery

Extending a gallery in the corner lifts the room. Display your artwork collections on the shelves. This will use up the corner and make a beautiful style statement.

Bring in artificial plants.

Leafy green artificial plants can bring in a positive vibe while filling an empty corner. You can use these anywhere from the living room, bedroom, or kitchen to the kid’s room even. These offer almost limitless customization possibilities. Fill corners with faux plants of different height produces a great contrast.

These are available in plenty of varieties like boxwood topiaries, artificial foliage, hanging baskets, etc. You may choose any of the artificial landscaping elements that fit your décor theme. These need no air, sunlight, and water. So you can place them anywhere you like. Moreover, they do not grow with time and stay in shape keeping you relieved from trimming hassles.

The artificial landscape plants are made stunningly realistic and, therefore, do not compromise aesthetics. Since these are impregnated with UV blocking substance, they never wilt or fade. So, these can be used in the patios and porches as well.

Like oversized objects, the massive artificial trees offer unique décor solution for the corners. Since these do not grow mold and attract insects, they offer a safe environment.


The urban apartments are small and suffer from space crunches. For this reason, one can hardly have the luxury of leaving a corner blank. Try the above ideas to add life to the empty corners. These will let you use most of the floor space in your house.