Contemporary Outdoor Landscaping Like Never Before - With PermaLeaf® Faux Plants

A terrific mix of technology and natural beauty, faux plants and trees have become essentials landscaping products of recent times. They offer any outdoor setting unique and attractive charm that entices the visitor with their appearances.

Contemporary Outdoor Landscaping Like Never Before - With PermaLeaf® Faux Plants

Silk PlantPlants and trees create a positive and peaceful ambiance for any commercial or residential building. An eye-pleasing landscape is accomplished when there is a perfect balance between impeccable natural beauty and other decor elements like lights, fountains, wall paintings, etc. Implementing real plants and trees may sound a taxing and costly affair, but with faux plants and trees at your disposal, you can create a majestic outdoor setting at minimal cost and maintenance efforts.  Artificial landscaping products are capable of materializing your vision into reality through the wide variety of faux plants and trees available at

Mesmerize the visitors with a never-fading beauty of outdoor artificial flowers!

There is nothing bigger than walking into a business or residential space that is adorned with the beauty of exotic flower variety. The best part about artificial outdoor flowers is that they are available in wide variety, so you can pick any variety to fit the decor of your space. The vibrant colors and real-like flower texture will fill the visitors with positive vibes and freshness. Faux flowers add brightness to otherwise dull or boring setting. Be it house balcony, terrace, parking area, garden area, entrance gates of any commercial building, the fake outdoor flowers will blend into your landscape seamlessly, rendering it soft yet classy outlook.

Characterising the outdoor setting with faux plants!

The endless variety of faux flowers can help you create a landscape that is aesthetically pleasing and functional too. The companies are indulging in faux flora to represent the character in a unique and attractive way. They make use of artificial landscaping products for creating logos, letter, signage, and other meaningful shapes to represent company's theme. For big spaces, the fake plants, trees, hedges, and flowers are being used to set up private sitting areas, designer walls, and colorful backdrops. The more you explore the world of artificial flora the more you can experiment to create majestic outdoor settings.

Colourful blossoms for larger than life spaces!

Artificial plants are best suited for large commercial and residential buildings as they are highly durable and low maintenance landscaping products. One can use them to create photography corners or in and around resting areas of big malls. The lustrous colors and lifelike looks of faux flowers will deceive the onlookers for being real. Their beauty will attract the visitors and evoke the same feeling of freshness and joy like the real ones do. Compliment your balcony or terrace areas with the hanging basket of artificial outdoor flowers or you can also use them to fill empty spaces. For instance, you can use big decorative vases of fake outdoor flowers around swimming pool, alongside the fountain, etc. to brighten up the surrounding areas. Be it hospitals, big government buildings, water parks, theme parks etc., the charm of artificial flowers will enhance the grandeur of any space effortlessly.

Terrace garden for office or home is incomplete without faux plants!

We desire to have one space in home or offices that help us relax and unwind after a hectic day. Terrace gardens are often created to do the same, but only lights, furniture, and music won't help, to create an ambiance of pure bliss bring the spellbinding beauty of artificial plants and flowers. Some most loved variety of faux flowers includes fake Bougainvillea, Geraniums, Azalea bushes and Gardenia bushes. Almost all real flowering plants have their faux alternatives, so don't limit yourself or your imagination because you name it and they have it at

Benefits and beyond!

We insist on choosing fake outdoor plants for any commercial or residential building for these various benefits they offer:

  • Zero maintenance: Faux plants and trees are maintenance free landscaping products. They do not require care like real plants. Efforts like regular watering, soiling, pest-control, etc. aren't needed for the survival of artificial plants.
  • Great for outdoor setting: Real plants often wither in extreme exposure, heavy rains, harsh cold or low lights whereas fake plants remain intact in their appearance and texture in any condition. The fact that they are made from the high-quality material which is UV resistant keeps them shiny forever. UV artificial plants are apt for the outdoor setting.
  • Safe: As outdoor artificial plants are fire-resistant, insects and pets resistant, they are safe to keep anywhere on the premises.
  • Flexible: The best part about artificial plants and trees is that they can be tailor-made to fit your landscape requirements. They do not grow over time and will retain any shape or form rendered to them.
  • Cost-effective: As faux plants are maintenance free, they prove to be cost-effective especially for large spaces like big restaurants, casinos, theme parks, water parks, malls, etc. Once bought they will keep your landscape shiny and colorful for years to come.
  • Wide variety:  You can pick any exotic variety of silk plants and trees as almost all real plants are available in their faux alternative. The wide variety of faux plants is easily available online.
  • Highly functional: Apart from beautifying your landscape, artificial plants, and trees, hedges and flowers functional benefits too. They can be used to cover wall flaws, to create focal points, to create designer walls or as backdrops for parties, conferences, stage decoration, etc.

All these benefits make artificial plants and trees unique landscaping products that can transform your current outdoor setting into a masterpiece of floral beauty. Their never fading charm can brighten up a dull corner and add magnificence to any landscape. Create welcoming entrances, balconies, terrace gardens, galleries and by adding a splash of colors through outdoor artificial flowers. When you have the wide variety of timeless beauty at your disposal, all you need is to be creative to make a royal outdoor setting.