Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets – Explained

Make your kitchen look outstanding and trendy with new and innovative ideas. Add your creativity to such ideas and bring out a new output.

Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets – Explained

Best Outdoor Artificial FlowersAlmost all our kitchens have a space between the ceiling and top of the cabinets. Such awkward places gain a neat appearance by planning for a pleasant decor idea. Instead of wasting space or accumulating dust, new creative ideas can be followed. Decorating above kitchen cabinets is interesting and challenging too. Let’s glimpse through a few ideas that help you decorate your kitchen interiors.

1. Use as storage space

The more space above the cabinet and ceiling is for storage purpose. Unused items are placed in baskets or set in the empty area. It is vital to maintaining closed baskets so that the things are dust free.

2. Green look

To fill your space, you can opt for artificial plants for kitchen cabinets. These plants offer an extraordinary look to your kitchen. They provide refreshing feel as you enter the kitchen. These fake plants are durable, efficient, and safe. These plants can be purchased online. Your kitchen would look neat and trendy by placing such green artificial plants.

3. Adding a shelf

The extra space is attached to a shelf for more storage is an elegant way. This place is meant to store wine bottles and crockery items. Also canning jars of vintage blue, etc. are saved to add a chic look. As you decorate your interiors, remember to arrange same colored items. The storage you make can also be placed in the form of display items for a great look.

4. Hanging items

Another way to decor the above kitchen cabinet is by hanging certain items. Your kitchen is made to look artistic in many ways. You can hang mirrors, vintage items, family pictures and more. This makes your kitchen look unique too. You can also think of hanging art of your taste and represent your interest.

5. Placing baskets

Unique décor that makes your kitchen cabinet stand out of the rest is by putting natural weave baskets. Such baskets of variable size are placed at regular intervals above kitchen cabinet to grab attention. When few but large items are placed above kitchen cabinet, it looks neat and tidy.

6. Adding letters

The kitchen cabinets above space can be decorated with letters. Alphabets can be used to make vibrant and cool messages that fit above the cabinet space. Visit your local craft store for such unique letters and form messages in the area. Bring out messages with the letters that are inspiring to read. You can also add your creativity by painting those letters or adding colored papers to them.

7. Flower décor

Bring in a garden effect by placing artificial garden plant flowers or USA silk flowers above your kitchen cabinets. Remember to pick similar colored flowers. For a fresh look, mixed colored flowers can also opt. Colorful flowers bring in a good mood as you see them.

8. Add a brick wall

To add an industrial and cooling effect a brick wall pattern can be added above the cabinet area. This pattern also makes your kitchen look sleek and trendy. Instead of a true brick pattern, you can also add wallpaper.

9. Adding cabinets

Instead of overthinking above décor ideas, the space above the cabinets can be fixed with offices. By this way, you gain extra storage space and can make your kitchen look neat with closed offices.

10. Glass cabinets

Make an elegant presentation in your kitchen by installing glass cabinets. These cabinets can are for displaying purpose to highlight your display item by adding a glowing light to the cabinet. Plates, vases, others items can be placed and represented with an illuminated effect.

11. Color theme

You may have decided to put a few items in the space above the cabinet. Remember to add pops of color. You can add bright colors such as red, green, blue to the things that are placed in the cabinetry. The vases or bowls can be green, the stools set next to the cabinet can be green, and the countertop can have a bowl of green apples. All these add a chic look to your kitchen environment. This plays excellent when your kitchen is entirely white.

12. Add all items

Accessories that are tall is placed to the kitchen cabinet above. They can be arranged according to height order, colors, etc. This makes the look neat and also the space above the cabinet look filled neatly.

13. Wallpaper installation

To offer a new look to your kitchen, the area above your kitchen cabinet can be installed with wallpapers. Wall appears of various patterns are available, and the right pattern for your kitchen can be opted to offer a unique look.

14. Decorative collection

There are many decorative objects collection available. Get started and buy such decorative items. They can be of similar contrast colors or mixed colored items. When such items are placed above the cabinet, it provides a rich and attention-grabbing look.

15. Wall art

Instead of filling the space, you can paint the wall above the cabinet with good colors. You can also think and draw pictures on the wall and give a new look to the kitchen. With painting, many creative things can be done.

Apart from all these ideas, going green and placing green plants and flowers can be an ethnic and natural look. Instead of putting natural plants, artificial plants, trees, flowers, and leaves are available. They need less maintenance and do not require sunlight being indoors. The installation and cost are also simple. Hence people belonging to the present trend can opt for such items as they are easy to maintain.


There are many online sources that offer you plenty of decorative items, especially for the kitchen. They also offer you many tips and tricks to décor the area above the kitchen cabinet. Run through such tips, gather the points as mentioned above and plan for your kitchen décor. Make your kitchen look outstanding and trendy with new and innovative ideas. Add your creativity to such ideas and bring out a new output.