Delight Your Visitors with Classy Artificial Outdoor Plants, Every Day

Change the entrance of any luxurious property, and give it a new identity with this artificial landscaping botanical products. Browse through PermaLeaf® collection or ask for the catalog to place your order.

Delight Your Visitors with Classy Artificial Outdoor Plants, Every Day

Delight your visitors with classy artificial outdoor plantsEvery beautiful thing needs accessorizing, whether it is a human being or a fine structure. That is why, it can become challenging for landscape designers and architects while designing the exterior of a mall, a luxury resort, a corporate office or some bungalow of a business tycoon. As they have to use the perfect landscaping items for creating a good impression on its visitors.  The most attractive and safe option is incorporating nature in the exterior landscapes, through plants and trees, because they can connect with the visitors immediately. 

Placing various species of plants and trees, topiaries, tiles and also hedges can bring in a special look in the outdoor landscapes of any luxurious property. However, having more manpower appointed in these properties for taking care of these live plants owing to maintenance can be a problem. Hence, installing faux outdoor plants in the form of boxwood hedges and other trees in the patios, porches or around the gazebos of your five-star hotel can be the best solution. No visitor can make out through its appearance as these are complete replicas of the original plants.

Why is it necessary to replace live plants or trees with foliated faux decor items?

While planning the designing of the exteriors landscapes of huge hospitals, resorts or shopping malls, the landscape architects or designers look for some unique decor items which requires less maintenance and thus becomes cost effective, so as to please their clients. The artificial outdoor plants score over their live counterparts due to the above reason. The other reasons are listed below:

  • The live or real plants always need trimming, cutting and shaping for retaining their look, while the faux botanical products placed in the exterior landscapes does not require any of these.
  • The real plants always require special weather conditions in every season, for its survival. The artificial plant foliages are extremely durable and can withstand any given conditions.
  • The live plants require you to water it everyday and also requires sunlight for its health, while the replica of the original plants do not need any special care.
  • Pesticides and fertilizers will be required for the live plants, and bacteria formation and insect attraction may also happen with them. The faux beauties do not have these problems attached.
  • The real plants can die or decay with the lack of care, but the artificial plant will keep looking the same, that is as fresh as ever.

For executing your perfect outdoor landscaping ideas, where can you find these faux boxwood hedges or tiles?

The company which has been in this business for more than 30 years, and is considered the best in the industry for manufacturing artificial plants and other replica botanical beauties is undoubtedly PermaLeaf®.  They create the best quality replica of the original foliage in many varieties, like topiaries in different shapes, faux boxwood tiles, hedges, boxwood mats and other outdoor attractive fake outdoor plants.

The company comprises of extremely professional and efficient team, who can help you out with any of your indoor or outdoor landscaping designing needs, with faux botanical foliages. The team has the best graphic designers, landscape architects, and botanists to serve you with any landscaping needs. 

By visiting their official website, you will have to contact them for helping out with your design needs. Their team of professionals can even handle the installation of these faux botanical products, all you have to is, to discuss your design plan with the experts.

How can these faux botanical beauties from PermaLeaf® benefit you?

You can surprise everyone and create an appealing atmosphere in the luxurious properties of your outdoor exteriors with these magical replicas of the original botanical products from PermaLeaf®. The several features and benefits are listed below:

  • During its manufacturing process, these faux foliages are brushed with chemicals, so as to avoid any color fading.
  • The surface of these artificial botanical beauties is impregnated with special fire retardant chemicals so that they remain safe from any fire break-out.
  • These faux plants and shrubs require almost zero maintenance, only dusting their surface is enough. This quality makes them very much cost effective,
  • Only now- toxic chemicals are used on the surface of these fake plants and trees. That is why, cafes or other restaurants by the pool can use these faux foliages without any worry. 

The range of products available from PermaLeaf®

The designing of the exterior properties of any exotic resort, corporate business houses or any luxurious house can be done with the products available in the vast collection of PermaLeaf®. Made from 100% high-quality silk, you will be spoilt with choice from the variety they offer.

The product range and variety available are trees of different variant, creepers, flowery plants, artificial hedge privacy screens, boxwood mats and tiles, window boxes, hanging baskets, plant containers and even living walls. All the products are crafted to perfection and are extremely light weight. The experts from company can even install them at your convenience. 

Why should you order the products from PermaLeaf®?

Trusted by leading outdoor landscape architects and designers, PermaLeaf® is a brand which is extremely popular amongst all. For creating an instant liking in the exterior beautification from the visitors point of view, it is really a daunting task to create an appealing exterior landscape. All the products available in PermaLeaf® collection will help you get there and impress every visitor.

These lifeless botanical foliage beauties can sure cover up any surface which might look misplaced in your outdoor landscape with its collection of faux hedge screenings. They are UV resistant and safe in every aspect. Hence, you should place your order now!