Dorm Room Decor Ideas to Make Cramped Spaces Look Better

When it comes to decorating your dorm room, you can certainly follow these ideas as mentioned above, but the most important factors to consider are personality and function.

Dorm Room Decor Ideas to Make Cramped Spaces Look Better

Artificial Plants and TreesDecorating a small bedroom is certainly a challenging task especially when you are studying, sleeping, relaxing and entertaining there. Dorm rooms are usually small in size, and the limited space makes it hard to get adequate storage and to have an inviting and comfortable ambiance. However, there are some simple ways available by which you can make the cramped-looking dorm room look better and that too within the budget.

Decorate with photos and pictures

You can decorate the walls with images and create an appealing way to display them. For instance, you can use a string and make a statistical photo holder with an uneven shape. Fix the pictures with small file clips to give it a unique look. On the other hand, if you want to try something unconventional you can try picture frames. Also, you can also use string or rope to hang your favorite photos on the wall.

Play with the layout

You can place things such as shelves on the wall or play around with the design and make a new floor plan. You can also purchase something which is light in weight and versatile, such as wall ladder, which would add a functional touch to any room.

Upgrade the lighting

Most of the students are not allowed to make any changes with the overhead light. However, there is a simple way available which can help to create a better lit room by adding a desk or floor lamp. A rightly chosen desk lamp can not only light up the area but can also add an exciting touch to space.

Bring in some greenery inside

Being a student, it can be a difficult task to do any chores such as watering the plants, taking care of them, etc. but this does not mean that your dorm room will remain devoid of greens. There is an option available by which you can enjoy green without the need of taking care of them. For example, artificial outdoor plants, fake outdoor flowers, outdoor silk plants, and large artificial trees can be placed in the dorm room as they bring in greenery and at the same time give a warm and cozy feel. As these are artificial plants and flowers, they do not need any care and maintenance and thus are best for students. You can also decorate the flower pots to make them more eye-catching. You can use acrylic paint and tape and use a different color for each pot and pick bold and bright colors so that they can stand out.

Create space by lofting your bed

Usually, the dorm rooms have the facility for loft beds. You should, therefore; take benefit of high ceilings by raising the bed loft style and this will give you a sizable amount of space underneath your bed. However, if you are not able to loft your bed to gain some additional space, you can try using bed risers to lift it. Those extra inches of storage space can make a vast difference when you are living in one room.

Customize the dorm room

You can do this by rearranging the furniture pieces or by covering the wall with removable wallpaper. On the other hand, you can hang mirrors as they are great options to give your room a sense of space and light.

Create an aesthetically appealing memo card

A memo can be handy in a dorm room. You can utilize it to keep an eye on things to do and most especially the exams. This is a kind of wall art and is usually hanged on the top of the table.

Make accessories for you study desk

You can customize your dorm room desk with a small number of accessories such as you can make accessories using incompatible containers of different sizes. To change their look, you can use color and add a few add-ons which you can make out of fabric scraps, embroidery thread, twine, leather and all kinds of other things.

Use multi-functional furniture

As most of the dorm rooms are usually smaller in size, it is important to use furniture pieces that are multi-functional. For instance, ottomans are great options as they usually come with hidden storage and can serve more than one function.

Include a colorful doormat

A small dorm room with a standard sized rug will make space look all the more cramped. Instead of placing a colorful doormat is a better option as this will add style and fun to an area.

Get rid of clutter

Nothing reduces the size of a space more than confusion. Placing your items in the right area will make your room look bigger. You can use trays, baskets, boxes or bins for storing things. Make sure that these storage containers are not only attractive but also functional. To keep the accessories organized and contained, take benefit of vacant spaces by hanging shoe organizers in the closet and hooks over the closet doors. Do not forget to use the space under the bed as well as under the desk.

Improve the look of the bed

At most dorms, extra-long twin mattresses are provided for the standard bed size. You can buy cheaper comfy sheets and comforter as well. In case your bed is also a seating area, you can think of adding a fashionable throw to help safeguard your bedding. Talking about protection, a wholly enclosed mattress pad also is a good idea. You can also add pillows to beautify the space.


When it comes to decorating your dorm room, you can certainly follow these ideas as mentioned above, but the most important factors to consider are personality and function. You have a tiny space, so your design choices need to be neat and at the same time a little welcoming and fun. As your dorm room is your new home, you should make sure your personality reflects through in your choices.