Experiment with Unique Outdoor Landscapes using PermaLeaf® Products

The PermaLeaf® range of products is ideal for unique and jaw-dropping landscaping structures at commercial locations. They are essential for any stunning transformation at any location.

Experiment with Unique Outdoor Landscapes using PermaLeaf® Products

Outdoor LandscapeDid you ever imagine stunning features like living walls or an entire tropical landscape just outside your commercial space? Well, if not, it's time to start getting used to some splendid unusual views outside your commercial space. The main reason for such striking views is the modern and advanced landscaping ideas which led to brilliant décor to give some amazing landscapes you have never seen before.

The big idea

Well, the big idea of landscaping is pretty simple, and it emphasizes on creating the best look out of the simplest things and gives some of the best jaw-dropping landscapes. For example, having a refreshing tropical landscape outside your office won't be possible normally. So, it's created using the best quality materials to give more alluring beauty in landscapes. It can convert any dull concrete jungle into a lively environment filled with exciting landscape features. The amazing product is known as faux greenery, and it will cover some of the unique transformations.

Detailed look into faux greenery

Faux greenery or silk greenery includes the silk versions of almost every plant, tree, foliage, etc. used in landscaping and you can greet your visitors with all those plants and trees which don't grow naturally at the location. Though artificial, the look and amazing features make them better than real plants and trees in landscaping, and that's why it's used all over in commercial landscapes widely.

It can create some of the amazing landscaping features you never thought before, and as it's suitable for outdoor use, they are unaffected by the harsh natural conditions like bad weather (rain, storm or snow) and direct exposure to sunlight (UV ray).

Places you can transform using faux greenery

Faux greenery is widely used in these locations:

  • Resorts and hotels.
  • Government offices public buildings.
  • Hospitals.
  • Restaurants and casinos.
  • Amusement parks.

These are among the top locations that get a huge turnout on a daily basis. Apart from these locations, you can look for an amazing transformation in your commercial space. It will not only beautify the place, creating a good impact on the minds of the visitors but also increase the visitors.

Why people prefer it?

There are loads of reasons why it's rated as the top landscaping décor at commercial places and used so widely. Firstly, it creates some unique landscape features like green lively walls, tropical landscape anywhere, ornamental topiary in the shape and size you want, etc. which are impossible otherwise. Being designed with PermaLeaf® technology, you need not worry about them fading away or losing the brightness of being exposed to harsh weather conditions as they are made from premium quality material and colors.

Being artificial, it has a series of advantages like it doesn't need watering like normal plants and trees and can give the amazing freshness round the clock with maintenance. It also keeps the location free of unwanted pests and insects which would be impossible with real plants. They also make a lifetime landscaping décor as they are non-perishable. These factors make them ideal for commercial locations.

Jaw dropping landscaping features

Here are some jaw-dropping features you may add to your landscape

  • Fully green lively walls with the faux wall mats of the desired foliage to add the liveliness and energy to any concrete forest.
  • Hanging baskets with your favorite ferns and other silk plants to make the environment more friendly and relaxing. It helps reduce the typical stress and workaholic nature of any corporate office.
  • Customized rooftops and balconies with the desired faux colorful flowers and greenery to greet your special guests. You'll be amazed at the transformation.
  • Faux large trees because cell towers and other boring poles aren't the only large things in your landscape. It's ideal for an impact in the landscape.
  • Silk topiaries of the exact shape and size to advertise your company logo or name or any other structure in the most amazing way possible.

These may look impossible, but you can have these features right outside your landscape. It will not only create a lively atmosphere but also greet the visitors in the most creative way possible. Let's take a glance at some of the locations you may look to transform into some unbelievably alluring scenery. 

A grand entrance

Is the space leading your commercial zone dull and lifeless? You can have a stunning conversion to alluring greenery almost effortlessly. The walls can get rid of any imperfections or dull surfaces with your favorite faux mats and embrace the liveliness. You can add some colorful faux flowering plants at the place creating an adorable garden. One or two large trees or special landscaping items like hanging baskets can be host to delicate green ferns and plants, and it will create a superb transformation.

Glittering balconies

Your balconies may look less important, but it has got lots to do with the look of the building. You will be surprised to look at the impact it has on the overall appearance and the impression of the visitors. A wide range of small faux plants, garlands, sprays, ferns will give the dazzle and glow of an ideal landscape.

Dreamy rooftops

In case you need a space for a formal get together, the rooftop is the ideal location and decorating with the alluring faux greenery will create dreamy rooftops ideal for hosting parties or get together.

Flaunting off in style

You can also flaunt off using your landscape. Customizable faux topiaries help create any logo, writing or any other structure that will help tell your story to the visitors. It will not only create adorable landscape but also helps to have a good impression.

The PermaLeaf® technology

The faux landscaping materials are ideal for any outdoor landscapes and therefore, are designed using special durable colors and long lasting material which won't fade away on exposure to rough weather or UV rays from the sun. You can let your creativity run open and design the landscape you want.