Explore Mesmerizing Exterior Landscape Themes Using PermaLeaf® Faux Plants

Create exotic, beautiful and realistic themes in your outdoor landscapes with the installation of these gorgeous and breathtaking artificial landscaping products.

Explore Mesmerizing Exterior Landscape Themes Using PermaLeaf® Faux Plants

Artificial Landscaping Products for OutdoorAre you looking to create a themed landscape for your porch, hotel entrance or even your office building's parking lot? Then what you need is the breathtaking range of faux plants and trees offered by PermaLeaf®. These green artificial plants and other landscaping products can help you create the kind of surroundings you have always dreamt of. From a beautiful summery vibe to a mountain feel, there are several varieties of plants and trees available here to enable you to install any theme that you may desire.

Add A Bright Vibrant Spring Like Theme To Your Surroundings

Who doesn't love a beautiful spring day? With the flowers blooming and the lush green leaves of the beautiful plants and trees, a spring day can brighten up almost anyone's dull mood. Now imagine being able to create a permanent spring theme in your surroundings? Wouldn't that be wonderful? That's now possible with the help of these breathtaking and realistic looking faux flowering plants and outdoor artificial flowers. From bright yellow and vibrant sunflowers to pretty daisies, gorgeous roses, wild lilac flowers, tulips and various other kinds of exotic and mesmerizing flowers, you can add color, life, and a spring-like feel to your outdoor landscape. So, it doesn't matter if you live in desert-like conditions or even in the chilly weather of Alaska, you will have a permanent burst of spring in your landscape with the installation of these artificial flowers and flowering plants.

Add A Tropical, Beach Like And Summery Vibe To Your Landscape

Do you live in a city where it rains almost nine months a year? Do you crave to be in a bright summery and tropical place with beautiful beaches and lush green palm trees and other tropical outdoor foliage plants? PermaLeaf® has to offer a wide range of gorgeous tropical plants and fake outdoor trees to give you the feel of summer in a wet, dull and gloomy atmosphere. From beautiful palm trees to boxwoods, artificial bushes to green and captivating shrubs, there is a wide range of lifelike and realistic looking faux plants for you to choose from. You can create a beautiful sub-tropical or tropical landscape in your outdoor space with the installation of these green outdoor plants.

Hanging Baskets For That Mystical And Captivating Vibe

Hanging baskets with creepers always have a mystical Amazon like a charm to them. The beautiful and captivating hanging baskets offered by PermaLeaf® can make heads turn. Now you can give your landscape and outdoor areas that beautiful forest like vibe with the installation of these amazing hanging baskets. While some of the baskets have pretty little flowers hidden amongst the lush green leaves, some baskets are filled with cascading creepers. The hanging baskets are available in a variety of different sizes. From massive sized hanging baskets that can be installed in public gardens and other commercial spaces, to small sized hanging baskets that can be installed on your porch, backyard or building parking lot, there is something available here for every need and requirement.

Give Your Balconies And Rooftops A Green Feel

If you have a large terrace area or rooftop sitting area, installing the faux plants can give the surroundings a beautiful charm. A balcony without plants, trees, and flowers can look very dull, drab and boring. From tall palm trees to beautiful flower bouquets, from beautiful plants containers filled with lush green foliage to hanging baskets, you can change the face of your terrace or rooftop with the installation of these artificial plants. You can even go one step ahead and add beautiful seating arrangements with small tables in your balcony and install small sized plants as centerpieces on these tables. The best part about the artificial landscaping products is that you need not worry about them fading or losing their color when installed in outdoor spaces that are constantly exposed to the sun. The raw materials of these plants are injected with special UV chemicals that ensure the finished product doesn't fade or lose its color when exposed to the harsh rays of the sun.

Living Walls For Your Commercial Or Residential Space

Are you utterly bored of being boxed inside concrete walls in your residential or commercial space? Now you no longer need to feel like you're living in a concrete jungle even though you are. With the installation of the living walls, you can add color, life, and texture to your surroundings. These beautiful metal walls have gorgeous flowering plants and creepers cascading out of them. From juniper wall mats to various types of grasses, ivies and flowering plants, there's a wide selection of landscaping products for you to choose from for your living wall. The living walls can be installed in outdoor spaces such as building entrances, mall entrances, museum, and art gallery entrances and various other such commercial and residential spaces.

Now You Can Install A Themed Landscape Irrespective Of The Weather Conditions You Live In

It doesn't decay whether you live in the Sahara desert, chilly weather of Alaska or the rainy climate of Seattle. The artificial landscaping products offered by PermaLeaf® are completely climate tolerant and weatherproof. They allow you to create a themed landscape in outdoor spaces irrespective of the weather conditions. These plants and trees can withstand torrential rainfall, heavy snowfall, excessive heat, and sunlight but will still not deteriorate, spoil or fade.

Now you no longer need to contemplate whether or not to install an artificial themed landscape in your outdoor spaces. With the available products from PermaLeaf®, you can install a worry-free landscape in any outdoor area. So, place your order for the faux plants, trees, and flowers and become a landscape artist. We guarantee that these artificial landscaping products will be one of the best long-term décor investments you will ever make.