Faux Plants with Unmatched Quality and Design - The PermaLeaf® Advantage

With their superior quality, PermaLeaf® artificial plants have brought revolutionary changes in outdoor landscaping. Install those in your commercial space to make it irresistibly charming.

Faux Plants with Unmatched Quality and Design - The PermaLeaf® Advantage

PlantsEverybody likes to have beautiful outdoor adorned with tree and plants. These have been the foremost landscaping consideration for different types of commercial spaces. When you embellish your outdoor with greenery, it becomes aesthetically pleasant. This is vital for every corporate space. Having a lush green outdoor landscape, you are sure to create a nice buzz about your business and be flooded with more people resulting business growth.

Maintaining a landscape created with live plants takes much time and effort and becomes a hell of a job for large corporate complexes. This is why fake outdoor plants and trees have replaced the natural elements. Many varieties of artificial trees and plants are available. Place them anywhere, and they will blend with surrounding to deliver you a magical environment. Among the artificial landscape plants available in the market, PermaLeaf® products are well-known for its unmatched quality and a wide array of collection. Here are some of the PermaLeaf® features for knowing why they are distinctly different from others.

Lifelike outdoor artificial foliage

PermaLeaf® has a stint spanning for more than three decades and has a creative team for continuously developing their artificial landscaping products. Every item is made at their facility with utmost care. This is why these are the most realistic and botanically correct imitation greenery available in the market. Made from commercial grade foliage, steel wire and being set with heavy-duty locks, the silk flowers outdoors collection is very strong and sturdy and can withstand heavy wind. They also use high-grade color pigments to make the foliage indistinguishable from the natural plants.

Made to withstand all weather conditions

Nothing can match the outdoor landscape of a commercial setting for impressing the people. When done right, this delivers warmth and makes people interested in the business. Making a landscape charming and attractive for keeping the people hooked throughout the year is tough. To make this happen your outdoor landscape should glow equally all around the year. This is only possible with true all-weather faux outdoor plants. The artificial outdoor plants UV protected made by PermaLeaf® use weather-able plastic and are fade resistant. These also pass standard tests for color loss. As such, these can stand up in any weather. While the other manufacturers only make claims, PermaLeaf® supply test data in support of their claim.

PermaLeaf® provides unique services

No matter if you are landscaping a new commercial setting or reorganizing an old setting and looking for some out-of-a-kind concept, PermaLeaf® team of experts can assist you. Their graphic designers and landscaping experts will visit your setting for creating a stylish outdoor landscape. PermaLeaf® artificial trees and plants can be installed easily following DIY methods. On request from the customer, PermaLeaf® also provides installation service besides helping in landscape design. They can depute professional installers so that the large artificial outdoor plants match the surroundings of the professional outdoor.

You can choose from a unique product line

PermaLeaf® makes artificial landscaping elements for all commercial outdoors. Using these products you have the option to choose from a product line that has the following major attractions.

Outdoor Landscape: Your commercial outdoor tells about your business theme and the quality you maintain. No matter, if you like to have a desert landscape or a tropical theme, PermaLeaf® experts can create all, matching your budget.

Outdoor Artificial flowers: With their blooms and fresh appearance outdoor faux flowers can add depth and drama to any commercial outdoor. Available in myriads of types and vibrant colors, they can create a stunning backdrop to the lawns, patios, and portico.

Boxwood Topiaries: These are available in various shapes like balls, cones, and spirals with a wide variety of realistic foliage. If needed, these can also be shaped for creating business logos. Whether you want to incorporate a contemporary or traditional ambiance in your commercial outdoor, these can meet your every need.

Artificial Outdoor Plants: These deliver an appealing charm in the outdoor space. They are available in a variety of styles, types, and shapes, to meet the demands of the varied commercial outdoors.  The fake outdoor plants are cost-effective and excellent to transmit the energy behind.

Artificial Foliage: These are excellent to impart a lush green effect to the commercial exteriors. You can use anything from large to a bonsai tree, fern to Ivy, replicated grass to fake bushes for landscaping, etc. for making the space warm and welcoming.

Window Boxes: These can deliver you an amazing commercial outdoor. Available in different varieties, these can create a stunning visual narrative with oozing blooms.  Using these you can also revamp a mundane setting to a glam one.

Privacy Screens: Available with realistic foliage these are excellent to define space creatively, and at the same time ensuring privacy. These have great visual appeal and most suitable for pool areas, hotel lawns, luxury resorts, etc.

Living Walls: These are excellent for breaking the monotony of a dull commercial place. Adding lush green foliage on the walls makes the place vibrant and energetic. PermaLeaf® living walls can match modern and traditional styles.

Hanging baskets: These are great to create an opulent outdoor. Available in many types like fake azaleas, bougainvilleas, ferns, etc. these deliver a friendly but formal look.

Cell Towers and Feature Trees: While cell towers and electric poles are matters of necessity, these can destroy any commercial landscape. PermaLeaf® has solutions for this. They have specially made foliage for cell towers and feature trees to make the outdoor pleasant.

PermaLeaf® advantages

Personalized product and service is the greatest advantage of PermaLeaf®. Made from silk polyester and other prime quality materials these fake botanical products have a long life and do not need any maintenance except cleaning. These do not attract any insect, nor cause any allergy; safe for the kids.