Here's How You Can Introduce a Vibe of Positivity in Your House

Getting rid of negative vibes around us is an essential step to regain peace, happiness, enthusiasm, and charm as it improves lives of us and others around us as well.

Here's How You Can Introduce a Vibe of Positivity in Your House

Here's How You Can Introduce a Vibe of Positivity in Your HouseWhether we are moving to a new space or just upgrading our current place, it’s a fine idea to consider setting up the space to acknowledge more positive and creative energy. It is our own choice of refurbishing and furnishing with the art pieces and their existence can build a huge impact on the energy within our home. Our house is the most comfortable shelter where we feel protected, trusted, nurtured and energized. An amazing ancient Chinese feng shui practice tells us to recreate our house as that especially gives good vibes to the place. Chi or energy inspires us to live our lives with freedom and makes us feel special every time we enter the place.

1. Art of Smudging: When we feel stuck, frustrated or comatose, it happens due to some lifelessness in our field. Any emotional or spiritual environment inside the house can attract positive energy to direct us in the right way. The craft of smudging dates back to ancient times and consider burning sacred plants to clean and bless the place. The smoke that effects from burning plants like rosemary, juniper or tobacco actually cleans the atmosphere of impurities including bacteria and fungi.

When Cinder burns they result in smoke that clears the environment and attract positive energy. We can smudge our house anytime we want to clean our place.

2. Significant Oil Diffuser: Heated oils have great cleansing properties in the atmosphere and they remove the negative energy including germs. Their blessings are passing down since millions of years to raise the vibrational frequency. 

Peppermint oil gracefully cleans tension and negative influences. Cedarwood fights with immense negative energy and helps in purification of the environment. Popular Sage oil neutralizes bad thoughts and balances a positive and happy home. Rose is famous for vibrational frequency oil. Myrrh is also an ancient essential oil that purifies the air inside the rooms and when it blends with other oils appreciates the potency.

3. Declutter: Clutter makes the room untidy and even have the potential to fill the mind with inner enthusiasm. Removal of unnecessary items cleans the overall environment of the room. It is an easy way of energizing the room with positive vibes. It starts by getting rid of the unnecessary things that generate wrong vibes. We can restructure our cupboards and wardrobe and ditch clothes that we do not wear anymore by actively resisting ourselves from the thoughts of wearing them again. Our release of bonds can make us feel extremely free and can remove uncluttered energy attached to it. While clearing the space we should not stress over it as it can cause more negative influences. 

4. Plants that generate Positive Vibes: Artificial trees design a home or an office and brighten up the garden or a yard. They do not outgrow with seasons and need little or less care and can also create a realistic appearance. Silk trees stay in shape and need no occasional trimming. Artificial plants and trees need no air, water or sunlight to survive. They are movable and can fancy a brand new look or color planter.

Artificial hanging plants help us to get rid of negative vibes around us and regain our peace and comfort. A faux Jasmine enhances positive energy and strengthens a bonding. Its pleasant aroma can give comfort to a disturbed mind. Money plants generate good luck and cut anxiety and stress. Colorful artificial orchids commute oxygen at night and are suitable to keep inside the bedroom to have a sound sleep. These long-lasting flowers come in various shapes and sizes and their lovable fragrance works as a mood-booster. Holy Basil is a trustworthy environment refresher that enriches the place with positive vibrations and has strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Chrysanthemum represents honesty and chastity and has mind-blowing healing powers. It promotes good health and symbolizes a lasting life. English Ivy is an amazing air purifying houseplant that regenerates a safe and positive air and reduces unwanted toxins.

Fake outdoor plants have a great advantage when compared to real plants. They allow all the benefits of live plants but without making any compromises. 

5. Soft Art, Material, and Music: A modern piece of art enhances our spirituality. It makes us feel connected to the place and resonate a perfect visual treat. A simple and soft music in the background of the room makes a typical day an amazing collection of moments. Songs and tunes have therapeutic qualities and can enhance our confidence by keeping up our healthy relationships with others.

Being creative is an art itself and its practice can spark a change in our lifestyle and way of thoughts. Doodling is one of the great childhood crafts that add bliss to our same old daily routine.

6. Adding Colour to Memories: Every coat of paint recreates a different energy to the plot. Yellow gives radiance, Green shows growth and flexibility, Red beautifies prosperity and Orange spurs warmth and cheer. When we display our favorite colors they add meaning to our lives.

We can also nurture pets because a healthy animal family adds spring to the life. 

The frames that relate to bad and straining memories need donation if it is no more serving us. Most designers suggest that we should stay with something that keeps us healthy and happy and sparks joy when we touch them. These decorations help us keep those beautiful belongings that generate absolute love and happiness. 

7. Healing Crystals: Designers use crystals to heal and increase the energy of the place. The word ‘crystal’ relates to ice and they are famous for their use of jade in medicine. Smoky quartz, Bloodstone or Citrine reduce negative energy and generate enthusiasm and is good for the mental wellbeing. Aventurine creates new opportunities and Celestite enhances happiness reducing pain. Amethyst promotes healing and expands the Auric field around us.