Here's How You Infuse Life in Unused Hotel Hallway Space

By putting artificial indoor plants and trees into hallways and corridors of your hotel can make your hotel eye catching. Using some creative flair to decorate them can elevate the charm of your space.

Here's How You Infuse Life in Unused Hotel Hallway Space

Done5When it comes to hotel décor, the hallways or corridors are the least thought of, just because it's one of the most unused space, as well as, an insignificant part of the hotel. However, you can add some verve and glam to your hallway too and make them look livelier and more welcoming.

Let us have a quick look at some fantastic décor ideas to infuse life in your hotel hallways:

Put up console tables and chairs:

Putting up console tables in your hotel's hallway is a great idea, as these do not take up much space and also gives a sleek and stylish look. Choose colors which would contrast and complement the color of your hallway walls.

To enhance the visual appeal, you can also place some lovely artificial flowers in some beautifully crafted vases, small antiques, and artifacts, a stack of various types of books and magazines, fragrant candles, pictures of nature, wildlife, portraits, etc., or anything of your choice! Chairs and sofas also can be left by the side to enable the guests to relax once in a while during their strolls and rounds.

Tip: Choose the items carefully so that none of them looks out of place.

Go for vibrant wallpapers:

Say goodbye to the dull and monotonous hallway walls! Wrap them up with some amazingly vibrant and colorful wallpapers. The choice of colors may depend on your general theme, i.e., something bright and shining or a soberer and classier one.

You may go for various shades and patterns that blend with the floor, ceiling and the overall look of your space. You can also put up some miniature décor pieces on the walls to add a stylish flair or hang some artificial hanging flower baskets to add a natural twist!

Tip: While selecting the wallpapers to care must be taken about the quality and texture of the material, lest, it may not give you a fabulous look you are aiming for.

Illuminate the space:

It is important to remember that your hallway must not have any dark corners, as your guests walk through with their luggage and other stuff. Do not cover the windows in your corridors with curtains or blinds. You can go for various light fixtures like ceiling lights, floor lights, lamps or even candles! Installing some gorgeous silk plants and trees entwined with fairy lights will significantly enhance the aesthetics of your hallway!

Tip: Contrast is the key; make sure space is not too dim or too bright.

Get artistic:

Adorning your hallway walls with some mesmerizing artworks will make your guests pause and look for a while! You may go for anything like modern or old paintings, rustic antiques, murals and so much more. These will add depth, character, and drama to your space.

Tip: Don't overdo it. Too much artwork on the walls would not look pleasing because of the limited space in the hallways.

Bring in some lushness:

Most people are bound to feel claustrophobic while passing through the hallway. Decorating the space with some beautiful plants and flowers would be a perfect idea to make the ambiance lively and airy. However, maintaining the same could be quite a task. What you can do instead is install some beautiful fake plants and flowers that look amazingly real and needs almost zero maintenance!

Tip: While choosing faux trees, plants or flowers, make sure you go for high-quality ones, as it will be a one-time investment and turn out to be advantageous in the long run.

Choose the right flooring:

While choosing the flooring for your hallway, you must keep a few things in mind. The material you choose must be durable, fire resistant, sound absorbent and off course easy to maintain. You may go for natural hardwood, carpet tiles, luxury vinyl tiles, and several other options. For softer flooring options you can dress the floor with rich, cushy, colorful carpets that would complement and gel with the color of the walls and the overall décor of the space.

Tip: Material selection is the key as the wrong type may even harm the acoustic quality along with the aesthetics.

Decorate the fifth wall:

As you know, ceilings are the fifth wall of your space! However, these are overlooked most of the time when it comes to décor. It is painted in regular light colors and left as it is without any artworks. Using some creative flair to decorate them can elevate the charm of your space. You may go for silver or golden leaf design, lattice design, wallpapers or even decorative ceiling tiles.

Plaster of Paris flower designs of various types and shades provided at the base of decorative fans and lights would give the ceiling a magical look. Ceiling corners, one of insignificant part comes alive and give it a distinguished look when the right design and shades are chosen.

Tip: Plaster of Paris artworks should complement the light fixtures and fans, as well as that of the ceiling corner.

Blend the traditional and the modern:

Be it artifacts, paintings, murals or sculptures, the conventional as well as the contemporary have its place among the art lovers. Adorning these timeless pieces on the walls or console tables would be a great viewing pleasure for your guests.

Tip: Getting the perfect balance between modern and traditional designs would give a stylish and contemporary look.

So, these were some amazingly unique décor ideas that you could choose for your hotel hallway. Of course, you may not incorporate all of them; just select a few that will go with your theme and style. In addition to these ideas, you may also use your creative flair and imagination to make it more like your signature style!