How PermaLeaf® Products Help Designers Transform Office Exteriors

Create beautiful and mesmerizing business exterior with our artificial plants. These faux plants are durable and looking incredibly realistic.

How PermaLeaf® Products Help Designers Transform Office Exteriors

Artificial Plant for OutdoorTransform your office exteriors with these gorgeous and breathtaking artificial plants. Create an impact on the mind of your clients and leave them mesmerized.

Having a well-designed office exterior is essential. The entrance of the office and its surroundings must leave a good image in the mind of visitors, guests, and clients. A shabby office exterior will speak for itself and may put off new customers and create a bad impression of the organization. As a designer, you probably want to decorate the office exteriors of your clients as well as you would the interiors. PermaLeaf® products are a hot favorite amongst designers across the globe, and these amazing artificial plants play a major role in transforming the office exteriors. Here's how PermaLeaf® products help designers. 

Helps The Designer Enhance The Beauty Of Surroundings

The PermaLeaf® plants and trees play a major role in beautifying the surroundings that they are placed in. These artificial plants are manufactured with the best quality raw materials, and the finished products are realistic and lifelike. Installing these realistic looking artificial plants in the office exterior can brighten up and liven up the entrance. The lush green leaves of the faux plants leave a calming and inspiring effect on the mind of visitors, guests and staff members. Walking into an office with beautiful exteriors can motivate people to work harder and better rather than walking into an office with shabby exteriors. Designers can beautify the office exteriors at a minimal cost with the help of these faux plants. He need not make his client spend large sums of money on extravagant showpieces and expensive statues to decorate the office exterior. Thus, both clients, as well as the designers, are happy with this beautiful yet minimalistic way of office exterior decoration. 

The Designer Need Not Worry About The Product Deteriorating Over Time 

Another reason that the PermaLeaf® products are exceptionally useful to designers is that they need not worry about the products fading or losing color or even spoiling over a period. These products are not only made of the best raw materials, but the raw materials are treated with certain chemicals that prevent the artificial plants from getting damaged in extreme weather conditions. The PermaLeaf® plants are UV protected and do no get damaged or fade with exposure to excessive sunlight. Unlike other available faux plants in the market, the UV stabilizers in the PermaLeaf® products ensure that the leaves continue to look lush green and vibrant even after the plant has been placed outdoors for days and months on end. Further, the plants don't spoil when exposed to rain or snowfall. So, these artificial plants are extremely beneficial for designers as they are very long lasting and sturdy and the clients of the designers are always impressed and satisfied with the products. 

Various Places That Designers Can Install The PermaLeaf® Artificial Plants

The PermaLeaf® artificial plants can be installed in a variety of outdoor spaces. Here's a list of where these beautiful plants are commonly installed by designers:

  • Malls
  • Parking lots of hotels
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Office entrances
  • Theme parks
  • Water parks 
  • Government buildings 
  • Residential building entrances and lobbies 
  • Restaurant exteriors 
  • Theatres 
  • Boutique entrances 
  • Rooftops and balconies 

Besides the above-mentioned list, the faux plants can be installed in a variety of other spaces. These plants make excellent outdoor decorative pieces. They can be installed in any location where the designer wishes to add vibrancy and life. 

Various Available Products For Designers To Choose From

The PermaLeaf® plants come in several different kinds of varieties to choose from. Designers and customers have options of choosing outdoor trees, boxwood topiaries, colorful and vibrant flowers and flowering plants, palm trees, bonsai trees, ferns, ivy plants and various other options. Depending on the purpose of use, designers can choose from the wide range of products that PermaLeaf® has to offer. For instance, if a designer is doing up the office exteriors, he may want to use boxwood topiaries, artificial foliage, baskets of faux flowers, bonsai plants, living walls, privacy screens and ferns. On the other hand, if the designer is looking to do an outdoor landscape in a garden or theme park, he or she may want to consider the palm trees, hanging baskets and other such products. 

Easy Installation Process Is A Real Boon For Designers 

The beauty of the PermaLeaf® products is that they are extremely easy to install. Once the designer has decided what products he wishes to order for his clients, he can have a discussion with the experts on the PermaLeaf® team on how to place them. The experts will give the designer the necessary advice and can even provide a team of professionals who can install the plants accurately and appropriately on behalf of the designer. If the designer prefers to install the plants with his team, it is very much doable. The plants are so simple and easy to install that the designer and his team need not depend on the professional team provided by PermaLeaf® for installation. Anyone with basic information and knowledge on landscaping can get the installation done themselves. 

Long Shelf Life And Reusable 

Wedding decorators and designers can use these gorgeous and breathtaking artificial plants for wedding decorations and also decorate other social events. These faux plants have an extremely long shelf life and can be stored away for months on end when not in use. The designer need not worry about the plants getting spoilt when they are put away. Further, these plants can be re-used as per the requirements of the designer. Another reason that these plants are very beneficial for the designer is because of their affordable priced, and the designer can buy them in large quantities and store them for future events and parties without having to worry about unbearable expenditures and unaffordable investments. Thus as a designer, you will find it an absolute delight to use these gorgeous plants in your projects and events.