How to Add Colors to Your Office on a Budget

When it comes to color the office space, you should not be afraid to think outside the box and get imaginative.

How to Add Colors to Your Office on a Budget

Artificial Indoor PlantsOf late colorful, lively workplaces are becoming the standard as an office, and company designers tune into the importance of colors used in the workplace and the influence that different colors can have. The color tones and the palette was chosen for any work environment has the perspective to have a key influence on everything from workplace wellbeing, employee productivity and significantly, their wide-ranging mood. Most of the companies in the recent times strive to create workplaces that not only imitate their brand, but that represent that brand and their values. Mentioned below are some of the ways that you can adhere to when it comes to adding colors to your office on a budget

Reception areas and waiting rooms

To create a hospitable first impression, use colors which relate with the office’s branding such as corporate colors, logo, and website but feel free to lessen them somewhat if the brand colors of the company are quite bold. Refrain from giving a completely white color to the reception room as this may give the space an uncomfortable, bland and clinic like look. If you want to stick with neutrals, you can use artwork, plants, rugs, tapestries, and colorful chairs to infuse personality and make an unforgettable impression. You can place artificial plants and trees in the reception and waiting room areas such as artificial leaf, green artificial plants, faux-hedges, and artificial garden plants flowers. These plants can give a lively ambiance to space and can make a long lasting impression in the minds of clients and employees.

Training Spaces

Blue or turquoise is a popular color for training rooms, as it is believed to inspire communication and creativity. On the other hand, yellow can also be used as it helps people soak up and preserve information. You can also use cool shades of forest green, navy and charcoal as they are outstanding choices for businesses who want their employees to come across as responsible, serious and smart.

All through the office

Cool colors such as greens, greys, and blues are popular colors for the entire office space as they can pacify, increase concentration, and minimize nervousness. It is a good idea to include warm accents and elements to up the energy levels and drive output of the employees with a pop of pink, orange, yellow or red. Another simple way to attain this is to paint the walls in green or blue and then add bright colored rugs, paintings or desk chairs to attract the eye of any person visiting the place. In case your office space has a small number of low ceilings or windows, think of using pastel colors such as lilac or peach as they can help to brighten the office space.

Conference room or the meeting room

The color of the conference room can significantly affect how energized, and productive people are. Based on in what way you would like the room to be used, you can set out in a few ways with color. If you are decorating the conference room to be an area of focus and efficiency, you can choose the soft green color. On the other hand, if you want your conference room to sparkle creative thinking and innovation, then you can paint it in mellow yellow color. If you want your office employees to feel stable and calm, then paint the conference room in a muted blue color. You can also add color to the meeting room by putting green plants. In addition bring same colored chairs as this imparts a feeling of unity, professionalism, and seriousness to space.

Colored Floors

In case colored walls and furniture pieces are not quite your thing, you can keep them in the neutrals and whites, and reserve the color burst for the floors in its place. You can choose the basic accent rug, or you can also look for carpets with fun colors or even paint the floors in varied colors. When it comes to concrete floors, the color options are many. Starting from chocolate to lively shades of blue, mauve and red you can choose almost anything that you want. You can also combine multiple colors option for concrete floors as they can give a unique look to the office space.

Office lighting

Rightly chosen office lighting can add color to space. It is in fact, one of the most important aspects when it comes to designing the office. An inadequately illuminated office will exhibit dullness and make the office environment unfit for work. On the other hand, a well-lit office will help the employees to be more productive and will help to create an impression in the mind of clients. Ambient light can make a big impact in the office space by imparting a general brightness to the room. Task lighting, on the other hand, is vital for people spending time with comprehensive work such as content editing, soldering, or working with small objects. This type of light is important as it prevents eye strain. The color that you select for your office lighting is always very important. To showcase the seriousness and professionalism of an office, always choose proper colors. The most excellent option is to think about neutral colors. This is because these colors can be endured by all types of individuals.


When it comes to color the office space, you should not be afraid to think outside the box and get imaginative. However, you can always check with the experienced interior designer prior to placing items on panels, walls, as well as on the workstation. Color can add boldness and richness to space and assist make your work environment more pleasant and serene. The best thing about the above-mentioned tips is that you can do most of this on your own but if you would like some help in regards to infusing color or updating your space, get in touch with the professional interior designers.