How to Balance Style and Substance in Offices?

It should also be inspiring to deliver better performance for surviving the competition. You may try the office décor methods given here. These are sure to make your office beautiful and functional as well.

How to Balance Style and Substance in Offices?

Boxwood TopiaryIn the recent past, interior decoration has transformed from a priority to a competitive advantage. Although decoration was initially done to enhance aesthetics, it acquired a severe meaning with time. Other than making the office visually appealing, everyone is thinking of ways to perform the work well. This article aims to give you some idea of striking a balance between style and functionalities.

Blend traditional office with open plan elements

Traditional offices used to have separate seating arrangements for the sake of privacy. Unfortunately, this made people isolated and caused a substantial amount of stress. To avoid this, a large number of modern offices opted for an open office plan.

This ensured free communication. Although people felt the absence of a separate corner, when focusing more is essential. A seamless blending of perimeter offices with open plan elements can solve the problem successfully.

When separate workstations with dividers are designed, it results in neighboring pockets. In this fluid office design, people of the same zone can work in tandem. Members of one pocket also have ample opportunities to share things with others.

Create multipurpose workplaces

Creating multipurpose workplaces is a great way to blend style with substance. There is no fixed sitting arrangement. People can sit anywhere they like, and work from any place they feel comfortable.

This is best done by using modular furniture. These let you transform a part hall into a conference room and vice versa within practically no time.

Desks and chairs with wheels are brilliant accessories for multipurpose workspaces. These can be moved to the corner where connectivity is available. You can also use the empty floor for Yoga.

Introduce slides in the office

Modern employees are required to stay in the office for long hours. Most of their working hours, they are forced to sit with their eyes glued to the computer screen. This creates boredom, and the employees suffer from fatigue.

To provide some relaxation, you can introduce slides in addition to stairs and lifts. This will let them have a fun ride while going down. No doubt, this will de-stress and increase efficiency besides uniquely styling the office.

Outdoor seating results in a colorful escape

If you have a lawn, or a patio, or a balcony, making outdoor seating arrangements makes the office stylish. When the weather is warm, the employees can have their food or work from there. Since people have an inherent affinity to green, this makes them relaxed and positive. Aside from the aesthetic considerations, such an arrangement makes the office more functional and productive.

Have community zones in the office

Modern office trends give much importance to more interaction among the employees. Building community zones in the office goes a long way in employee interaction. The employees can relax here over a cup of coffee and share common problems. Including some gaming option in the community zone also pays a high dividend.

While such zones make the office attractive to the employees, it also helps informal brainstorming. Thus, it solves many critical problems that would have taken a long time otherwise.

Make the office as comfortable as home

Since the modern employees work for long hours every day, providing home-like comfort is the present trend. Those days are gone when offices were loaded with traditional desks and chairs. Now, these are replaced by comfortable sofas, couches and bean chairs.

The employees can sit on these most comfortably and their productivity increase. Coming in attractive shapes and designs, these make the office aesthetically pleasing.

Get ergonomic office furniture

Other than improving the visual interest of the office, functionalities are also considered for office decoration. Now everyone is after functional designs that help to perform the work well. Ergonomic furniture is excellent in this aspect.

These are designed around the need of the employees. Using ergonomic furniture helps the employees to stay healthy. These also let them do the jobs easily and comfortably. Available in varieties of attractive designs and shapes, these make the office fashionable.

Improve with color and light

Colors have a significant influence on people and can also set or destroy the mood. Right colors help people to be more creative and productive. Blue stands for calmness and productivity, yellow for optimism and creativity and green increase efficiency. Choosing the right colors based on the activity, blends style and substance in the office.

Natural light makes a place bright and helps to lift up the spirit. By harvesting more natural light, you can save on energy bills. Alternatively, you can also use artificial light to make the office functional.

Mask the cables and cords

Cables and cords are essential things in any office and cannot be eliminated. But, these are great eyesores. Hide these as far as possible and organize the rest with designer clips.

Enhance the appeal with outdoor plants and trees

No matter what is the size of your office, you can style it with fake green elements. As these have no caring demand, they are better than the live plants. These are manufactured from premium quality foliage and strong, colorfast pigment. Since these replicate the natural plants in all respects, there is no compromise in aesthetics.

When you use large artificial trees for office decoration, they induce a positive vibe in the office. These are available in a plethora of varieties and in customized sizes to meet different décor needs. Using the artificial garden wall for community halls helps to elevate the office ambiance.

Being infused with UV blocking chemicals, these do not fade or get discolored. They do not attract any insect or grow molds. So, you get a safe and healthy office environment. When artificial boxwood is used for embellishing the office, it motivates people to deliver their best.

Their installation is also very easy. You can include fake topiary plants for beautification and defining zones in the office.


Styling an office is essential for impressing visitors. It should also be inspiring to deliver better performance for surviving the competition. You may try the office décor methods given here. These are sure to make your office beautiful and functional as well.