How to Give a Summary Makeover to Your Home - 10 Tips

how about making your home just a little bit more summery this year using some inexpensive ideas? To make your home more inviting during the summer and cooler too, it's a nice idea to bring in flowers and greenery.

How to Give a Summary Makeover to Your Home - 10 Tips

Artificial Flowers OutdoorEvery now and then, our tastes change, and we want a new look for our homes. What we thought was perfect just a few months ago doesn't seem quite right now. However, decorating one's home can be expensive, but you can do it on a budget if you just put your mind to it and toss up budget-friendly ideas that you can carry out without breaking the bank. After all, it's nice to be creative, bring out your personality through your designing style and love your home some more.

So, how about making your home just a little bit more summery this year using some inexpensive ideas? To make your home more inviting during the summer and cooler too, it's a nice idea to bring in flowers and greenery. Not only will it make your home look fresh and summer-resistant, but lively too.

And they add that extra bit of warmth that you so want to have all over your home. Of course, the flipside is that real plants are sometimes expensive to buy and to take care of and often working people don't have the time to maintain them.

To give your home a summery makeover, you might do some of the following:

  • Repaint your ceilings white or ivory
  • Rearrange your furniture or buy a piece or two
  • Give the illusion of more space by adding a mirror
  • Make your cushion covers brighter and more contrasting
  • Place a potted plant in place of a dysfunctional fireplace

On the other hand, you might want to experiment with faux plants. These days, artificial plants are being made to look more and more lifelike so that even the most nitpicky of homeowners cannot refuse to have them indoors.

If this convinces you to go in for artificial flower arrangements, here are 10 tips to help you along:

1. Have potted fake trees on both sides of your entranceway: Potted trees have their charm--whether real or not. They add a certain charm to your entrance and can be used if you lack the space to grow real trees. If you prefer, they could also be placed on the back patio for significant effect. Whether large or small, they can be maintained easily right around the year. To draw maximum attention to them, pot these plants in decorative and brightly painted pots so that they win the admiration of your family and friends.

2. Decorate your front door with a wreath of seasonal artificial flowers: Doing this with real flowers can be expensive, so turn to artificial flowers which are beautiful, easy on the eye and long-lasting. Their colors are so natural that you'd never know except by touching them that they aren't real. You can go seasonal if you wish, if only for variety.

3. Hang planters in your home where real ones wouldn't last out: If your home lacks sufficient light and placement is a problem, place artificial plants just about anywhere--on the floor, on shelves, dull corners and in bathrooms. These work well if you choose silk flowers and plants.

4. Liven up your living space with silk flower arrangements: Flower arrangements have the capacity of making your living space not just welcoming and warm, but also luxurious and rich. Silk flower arrangements can give your room a sophisticated look, besides being low maintenance. You can stand a tall vase in a corner and fill it with artificial pink cherry blossoms for an entirely different effect.

5. Throw open your doors to glorious sunshine: You can have your garden or backyard landscaped by incorporating some artificial flowers. Experts in this field will give you a lifelike effect with their products. You can even ask for an artificial boxwood hedge as part of the landscaping design. This will provide you with the desired privacy that you seek from your prying neighbors. Besides, it also works well when you're entertaining in your garden in the summer.

Besides, this kind of hedge doesn't demand too much maintenance, looks good right through the year, is easy to install and doesn't ask that you have green fingers. So, if you don't have the time to invest in a garden but want one nevertheless, an artificial box hedge is right for you.

6. Need a lawn? Try artificial grass: For just the minimal expense, you can get a beautiful garden of artificial plants and flowers. Ask for a lawn too by using artificial grass and enjoy its benefits such as never having to mow it, water it or worry that it's wilting. Besides, it's soft to the touch and non-abrasive and suits all weather conditions. It has a cushioning effect, so it's best for kids playing on the lawn as they won't fall and get bruised.

7. If you're off on vacation, invest in artificial flowers: If you're off on vacation, and don't have anyone to take care of your plants, it would be best to invest in fake flowers. Place a vase on your mantelpiece and put in some beautiful fake but colorful flowers or foliage.

8. Give your home a sophisticated look: Have a mix of artificial and real flowers in your vase to give your home a grand look. You can easily get this look without the trouble of watering real plants. So, why not?

9. Choose vintage vases: Vintage vases work well to give a real look to your artificial flowers, particularly when you use them as a centerpiece.

10. Fill up bare corners with potted trees: You can add texture and color to a bare corner by placing a potted tree there. Add a piece of furniture to complete the picture, such as a chair, side table or bookshelf.

Having artificial plants around you isn't just cost-effective but also makes a pretty picture. And if you consider that they fit in well with your decor, you can't help but have more of them. Decorating with artificial plants presents endless opportunities. All it needs is open, and a creative mind and your home will be just right for the summer.