How to Make Your Bedrooms More Colorful on a Budget?

Making your bedroom look more colorful isn’t an expensive affair. With small additions like quality fake plants and upgrading the hardware, your bedroom will get a new look, and your wallet won’t get bruised as well.

How to Make Your Bedrooms More Colorful on a Budget?

Artificial PlantsEvery one of us wants to have a bedroom that looks like one of those in a home decor magazine. Or one of those that we see so often on Instagram and Pinterest. But alas for most of us, the budget is a constraint, and it refuses to cooperate with our dreams of a makeover. If you fall into this category as well, don't be disheartened by the idea of creating your dream bedroom is still possible.

It is possible to give your room a touch of style that looks expensive but is cheap. As with most other things in life, attention to detail is all you need and therefore in today's article we will discuss ideas to make your bedroom more colorful on a budget.

Throw the clutter

This is the number one and most important tip to follow if you want to give your bedroom a new look. You will never find a gorgeous looking bedroom that is messy. It is a strict no-no.

A luxurious looking space needs only one thing, space. Throw anything that is not necessary, gorgeous or loved by you. Pay extreme attention to your floor. To give your room a colorful look, make sure you get rid of unread books, stacks of unused equipment and of course folded clothing.

Keep it in a tray

One of the most convenient and effortless ways to make your room look classy and beautiful is to add a pleasing tray to your nightstand or dresser top. We are not asking you to buy an expensive tray; get one from your local convenience store and give it a coat of silver or gold.

Use this tray to hold the otherwise scattered items on your dresser tables such as jewelry, perfume bottles, and small collectibles. Not only will this move make your bedroom look neater it will also give it an instant elegant look.

Add a touch of greenery

A little touch of greenery is must if you want your bedroom to look more colorful. Adding an inexpensive vase with quality fake plants on your dressing table or nightstand will add an instant elegant look. If fake plants aren’t your thing, then go for a more lively one, like Chinese evergreen, dracaena or pothos.

Find the perfect place to set up your plants, like the top of your dresser or table. This move will not only purify the air in your room but also improve the look of your bedroom.


Have you ever seen an expensive bedroom that lacks lighting? No, you will find no such thing on the market. Then it is time for you to ditch the old ceiling light and replace it with something more elegant like a small chandelier or a drum shaped fixture.

While choosing your light, make sure it complements the style and décor of your bedroom. You wouldn’t want something that makes it look ugly. If you are thinking about the price factor, don’t worry because you don’t need to shell out a bomb to get a new lighting fixture for your room. Pick up something elegant yet cheap at your local flea market or try making yourself one.

Get a new blanket

If you are one of those people, who is happy with a cheap, microfleece blanket, then it is time you change that. These cheap blankets might be comfy when you are sitting on the sofa and binge-watching, but they are not the definition of luxury.

Instead of this, choose a throw blanket made from fuzzy wool, silk or faux fur. You don’t need to go crazy with the pattern, a solid color or animal print will do just the job. A thick, luxurious blanket will instantly add style to your bedroom. Therefore you can go and buy one with your eyes closed.

Crown Moldings

It is fantastic how crown moldings can add a fresh, expensive air to your room. If you don’t have these already installed, then its time you get yourself one of these. If you are highly creative by nature, then you can go for the actual ones who need to be cut and pasted according to measurements. If you are not confident with your creative skills, go for the readily available ones that come with self-sticking adhesives. If you choose either of these, you need to paint them and match colors with your walls to complete the overall feel and vibe of your room.

Add some impact

All expensive rooms have an effect on those who enter the room. This can be done with something as meager as adding a vast framed quote on top of your headboard. If you want to opt for something more fancier, then choose an antique quilt or an excellent collectible for your dresser. Whatever may be your final choice, make sure to choose something that will reflect on your style and taste.

Again you don’t need to spend a bomb for this; visit your local art gallery and pick something that will suit your style and taste.

Make the curtains higher

If your bedroom is small and boxy, it will never look beautiful and elegant. However, if you raise the curtain rod by one or two inches so that they hang freely to the floor, this will give the illusion of a better and larger room.

Upgrade the hardware

If you feel that your bedroom furniture is a decade old, then it is probably time to change them. Here you are presented with two options; one buying new ones which are very expensive or upgrading the ones that you already have lying around. The way to do this is pretty easy. For example, by changing the knobs and handles of your current drawers with something expensive and elegant will make them look modern and beautiful.

Making your bedroom look more colorful isn’t an expensive affair. With small additions like quality fake plants and upgrading the hardware, your bedroom will get a new look, and your wallet won’t get bruised as well.