How to Make Your Corporate Spaces Outdoor Landscape the Talk of the Town!

PermaLeaf® has a plethora of artificial landscaping products made from UV resistant foliage for delivering beautiful outdoor. Get those included in your corporate landscape for creating a good buzz.

How to Make Your Corporate Spaces Outdoor Landscape the Talk of the Town!

Corporate LandscapeNo matter if it is a massive corporate house, or government office complex, shopping mall, amusement park, theme park, water park, luxury hotel & restaurant lounge, poolside of a holiday resort or even a private hospital, an outdoor landscape is of immense importance for sustenance and growth of the business. Every commercial place has its own story to tell, and outdoor landscape of the commercial spaces convey the theme of the business. It is the first place that your customers come in contact with, and therefore, needs to be one-of-a-kind to arouse the interest of the passersby.

Present landscaping theme is all about going green. Studies indicate that green can impress anyone psychologically to have a cozy and comfy feeling and also impart a positive attitude. This is what all modern businesses are trying to make their customers, and for this, there is a green rush all over. Going green is alright; but, how to do that? Live plants though look nice; using those for outdoor landscaping has many pitfalls. And, here the fake outdoor plants can be your ‘Man Friday.' The imitation greenery has developed so much that you can never spot their difference from the real plants visually. But, only dumping a commercial landscape with outdoor silk plants will not make your commercial space talk of the town. Here are some ideas how you can do that.

Avail expert guidance

PermaLeaf® has myriads of artificial outdoor trees and other fake botanical products. Such a vast variety is sure to confuse most of the owners. You may find it difficult to find the right choice color, type, and style of landscaping elements that are the best for your commercial outdoor. PermaLeaf® experts can help you in a drive through an amazing landscape. They visit the place for inspection and design consultation. Based on this, a draft plan is formed for visualization by the customer and subsequently finalized. If necessary, they provide the customized product. Other than choosing the right product, installation of the same is also very vital, and to let you have stunning commercial outdoor, PermaLeaf® assists customers in installation of artificial outdoor plants

Reinvent with outdoor plants & flowers

Artificial outdoor plants can make your commercial place resonating with vibrant energies. Whether it is a new or established business, PermaLeaf® has many varieties to suit the need. This will not involve huge amount or up-keeping hassles, but they will make the corporate outdoor attractive. Combining outdoor flowers with outdoor plants can flame up a dull and dark commercial area. PermaLeaf® flowers are available in many colors, varieties, and sizes. Including faux flowers in the commercial outdoor will fill the place with their magical aura and build up an eye-catching landscape.

Change landscape following seasonal change

Using PermaLeaf® artificial flowering plants, you have the freedom to play with many varieties and colors. It does not mean that you have the same replicated botanical items in the fake garden all around the year. If you do this, your commercial space will lose grace, and the customers will be bored with seeing the same thing whenever they visit your place. When you change the artificial boxwood plants outdoors and flowers according to the season, this will make the place more attractive.

You can be endlessly creative with topiary

Topiary holds the key to magnify any commercial landscape. PermaLeaf® topiaries are available as balls, cones, and spirals and they create a focal point in the commercial outdoors. No matter where those are installed, none can miss the bold appearance of the outdoor artificial boxwood topiaries. These can be organized to define space. Another beautiful way of using topiaries is to shape them to write the name of the brand and display company logo. Available in varieties of realistic foliage, these can create an elegant and sophisticated environment.

Create exclusive enclosures with privacy screen

For commercial complexes like luxury hotels, resorts, theme parks, sauna bath, etc., some your guests would need an exclusive area for them. Dividing space with walls means creating another thing that is sore to the eyes. PermaLeaf® privacy screens can make your commercial outdoors like poolside, lounge, etc. beautiful while defining space. These are made using a variety of plants and foliage to make amazing space and for controlling peeps. Be creative with boxwood privacy screen for delighting your guests adding a nice lush green texture to the commercial setting.

Focus on the windows

Whether it is a massive corporate house, or government office, luxury hotel, restaurant, shopping mall, etc., outer windows are the most prominent places and, therefore, should not be ignored while doing outdoor landscaping.  When you decorate the windows with PermaLeaf® window boxes, they create a vertical garden and greatly improve the looks. Other than gracing the windows, these also create beautiful visual narratives.

Add depth and dimension with plant containers

You should not forget to use plant containers in landscaping the commercial outdoors. While plants make a place beautiful, the unique plant containers can add depth and texture to space. When combined with the artificial boxwoods outdoors collection, these impart a bold getup to the outdoor.

Create a rooftop garden

Nothing adds more charm and elegance to a commercial place like building a rooftop garden. Decorate this with artificial trees, plants, and other landscaping products to make your corporate house distinctly different from others. You will have additional outdoor space where the clients will be able to unwind themselves and relax while doing business negotiations. As PermaLeaf® products can withstand all weather conditions, this place will remain green for many years and serve as a focal point.

Mask the eyesores

There may be electric poles, utility boxes and cell towers in your outdoor. Of course, these are essential things but, they damage the overall outdoor view. Using artificial hanging baskets and fake foliage you can cover these up for blending into the surrounding.