How to Renovate a Garden Space at a Budget?

Whatever be your reason, if you plan it properly and give in some dedicated time, a garden renovation can be a very fulfilling and satisfying work that you undertake around the house.

How to Renovate a Garden Space at a Budget?

Artificial Outdoor LandscapingFor many of us, renovation is a challenging task. Renovation means change, and change is always challenging to manage. The first thing is to internalize the change. Accept that a change is needed and then act on whatever is necessary to make that change. Renovating a house or a garden can be no different.

Renovation may mean different things to each of us. To some, it is about the budgets, while some of us crave for anything that is new in the market. That drives us to go for a renovation.

For a garden space, renovation can be done at many levels. All of them can be at a budget. Let’s look at the levels and how we can execute a change on a budget.

Partial renovation

Depending on the garden space available, a partial renovation also needs to be appropriately planned.

Here is what you can do:

Simply change the positions of the plants. This is easily possible if most of the plants in your garden are potted and just need to be lifted and placed in their new location. However, soil or garden planted shrubs and hedges can also be relocated. Make sure you have the proper equipment and the gear to safely and carefully remove each of the plants and replant them. Advanced knowledge about gardening and lots of time are a must for this planned renovation.

Go for a seasonal change of plants

Depending on the season, opt for plants that give flowers and fruits in those months. Having such a garden will be the envy of your neighbors. Medium to advanced level knowledge of geography and the habitat of the region you live in is necessary to identify the right plants for the right season. We also recommend you document all your experiments all around the year. That way, you can easily refer to your archives and chronicles or even share them in your social groups as needed.

Go for artificial plants

Some gardens get high praise for having an intelligent mix of natural and fake plants. Palms that are at the entrance can make a grand entrance gate to your garden. Having artificial palm trees will ensure you make a grand entrance that is safe, clean and easy to maintain. All you have to do is wash it once a month. Let that water run into the garden to the rest of the plants.

Put in a temporary pond

A pond in the garden can be an excellent idea for a change. Have a big sized tub and cover it with artificial ferns, grass or plants to hide it in the camouflage. Keep it filled with fresh water and see the birds drop by for a quick dip, and if you have access to the lotus pod or a water lily, you can plant those in the tub as well.

These minor changes can always give your garden a great new look and keep you busy too. Of course, these are budget options in which you can reuse throw away stuff or discarded material and use it as the base for the various plants in your garden.

A full renovation

If you have a larger house and a front and a back garden, you can be the cause of envy for your neighbors. If your garden is spic and span and well maintained, then you are assured of envious looks as people pass by.

But even then, you may need to go for a full renovation. Maybe you don’t like something about it, or the position of the sit-out does not give you a good view of the mountains in the distance.

Here is what you can do:

Get an expert to examine your existing garden

Before going for a full renovation, make sure you call in landscape designers and expert gardeners. They will most definitely have ideas on the placement of things and about the way, you should go about with this project of yours. Some even have local networks and contacts to get you a good deal in the equipment, material and any other items that you might need.

Find a foster home for your plants

Changing the entire layout essentially means you need to find a place to keep your existing plants on a temporary basis till your garden is ready to welcome them again. It is most recommended as keeping them in one corner and covering them with a sheet while the other parts are worked on, may cause them serious harm. If you love your plants like your family members, find them a foster home for a few weeks. Someone who will take care of them with as much love as you do must be where you send them. Arrange for appropriate transport.

Scout the market for material and ask for discounts

Go to the market yourself; find out the kind of garden tiles and stones that are available there. Look at the pricing and make sure they match your house architecture. It is not shameful to ask for any material returned by any other house owners who had extra material after they finished their garden renovation. After all, since you are working on a budget, the vendors may offer you the returned stuff at a discounted price. This is not always possible, but there is no harm in asking.

Plan the lawn well

Plan the lawn area properly. Lay it out on a map of your garden and ask the experts who are working to renovate your garden to study and understand it correctly. Also, ask them to leave about a foot around the seating area. This part is best covered with artificial grass of the same size and texture. This ensures the seating area gets less dirty and muddy since the grass immediately around it is artificial.

Make the seating arrangement in the garden as per your favorite spot. After all, that’s why you went in for the renovation in the first place.

Whatever be your reason, if you plan it properly and give in some dedicated time, a garden renovation can be a very fulfilling and satisfying work that you undertake around the house.