How to Set Up a Functional Daycare Facility for Your Employees Kids

Baby daycare centers need to have a playful learning environment for learning to explore the world. Including artificial trees and plants in the crèche helps them to achieve this.

How to Set Up a Functional Daycare Facility for Your Employees Kids

LeftDifferent companies have different views. Some watch their employees like hawks. They mandate on formal silence and do not allow receiving calls during the working hours. On another aspect of the spectrum, some companies have a human face and care for their employees rather than maintaining military discipline. Such companies stand by the employees in times of crisis, and those are found to be delivering the best results. It is no secret that at a certain level the employees always care more about job satisfaction and friendly working ambiance than the pay alone.

The most common and widespread employee's problem is the caring baby issue for the working moms. In fact, every year, the corporate sectors are losing a large number of skilled women employees for the cause of motherhood. A significant part of the women employees had to forgo their career when it clashes with the baby caring issues. Such scenario made the corporate sector wise and, of late, a high number of companies are opting to have onsite baby daycare centers for retaining this skilled workforce.

Babies of the working parents have to spend a substantial amount of time at the daycare centers between infancy and school going age. This makes building an onsite daycare facility almost a norm of the companies. But opening a functional daycare facility at the workplace is not easy as it looks. For this, you have to do a lot more than hiring babysitters. The following lines will give you some basic idea on the subject.

Obtain the license to operate

All daycare centers must have the license to operate. This is issued for a fixed period and has to be renewed after expiry of the time limit. To obtain this, you must research the license required in your area, for starting an onsite daycare center for the employees and apply for that. You have to maintain the stipulated ratio of caretaker and the children for this.

Evaluate the space

Make sure that there is sufficient place for the children. The daycare center must have a safe zone in the middle where children can play together. There should be free space with mat where the kids may rest or have a nap. Chairs and tables should also be included so that the children can make craft items.

Safety is the priority

Security can never be compromised. The doors, outlets, sharp corners and windows should be adequately covered to protect the children from injuries. Everything in the daycare center must be child-safe, absolutely clean and sanitized. All cords and cables are to be masked beyond the reach of the infants. Only non-toxic paints are to be used.

Trained staff is to be employed.

Caretakers employed must have proper training and certification so that they can provide necessary child care and can also manage any emergent situation. Background checks of the employees must be done, before hiring, to ensure that they will not put the children into dangerous situations.

Have age appropriate elements

The daycare center must have age-appropriate books, toys, games and educational items. These should also be child-safe. The babies live in a world of sensory adventure. The daycare should include appealing ceiling hangings and visual patterns to inspire them to explore the world.

Arrange healthy food

All foods, drinks, and snacks supplied must be healthy and nutritious. The crèche must provide cups, plates, spoons, napkins, etc. depending on the age of the babies. In case food is not supplied, the parents must be asked to pack meals for the babies.

There should be specially designed bathroom

All bathroom equipment should be age-appropriate. If there are babies, changing tables, diapers and other necessities must be arranged. The bathroom should also be readily accessible to the children.

Let them know nature

A daycare center must always focus to educate the children. There should be a playground with trees and plants so that the children have exposures to the environment and understand the necessity to preserve life. Including live trees and plants will also create a stimulating experience for the children.

Better use faux plants

The artificial trees and plants are better options for inclusion in the daycare centers. These outwit their live cousins on many counts. Unlike the live plants, the faux trees and plants are soil independent and, therefore, you can simulate a natural vibe indoor with fake grass and flowers. Moreover, these have no maintenance demand. Only cleaning is enough to keep them glowing. These can be installed quickly and being portable can be replaced without any trouble. Using these you can make the babies familiar with a wide variety of trees and plants which is not possible with live plants. These never attract insects, pests and bugs and so, the children will have a safe playing area. Being made from high-quality materials, the replicated plants are now made lifelike and will deliver a pseudo-natural environment in the daycare center that will adorn the daycare center equally in all seasons.

Other requirements

There should be a telephone, and the children must be easily accessible by the parents so that they can visit the children, or take them home quickly.

You can find a partner, alternatively

In case, it is not possible to open a daycare center on your own; you may tie-up with the daycare companies for setting onsite crèche facility for the employees. For large corporate houses with a large number of employees setting an exclusive onsite daycare facility is ideal. If this is not possible for space crunch or non-availability of sufficient numbers of parents willing to use the facility, tie-ups can be made with the daycare centers close to the office. Otherwise, multiple tie-ups can also be made with various daycare centers so that the employees get an extensive range of choices to choose from.