How to Set Up an Awesome Home Bar on a Budget?

Other than being cheap, a home bar has many advantages. You can have drinks and music to your likings here. A home bar also lets you avoid unwanted companies, and you can always create a nice ambiance by including faux landscaping elements into the bar.

How to Set Up an Awesome Home Bar on a Budget?

PlantsWhile every guy longs to hang out with friends, a night out in the town is always expensive. That is why people opt for a home bar. It helps to relax and unwind at the end of a hectic day. This also lets your guests have an idea about your choices and preferences. Creating a serviceable home bar is not easy because you have to consider many factors and it becomes extremely difficult when you are on a tight budget.

But there is nothing to panic. Setting a home bar may be tough, but it is not impossible. Here are some ways to do that. Have a sip and go through the ideas to get inspired.

Adhere to the usual bar anatomy

Usually, the bar height is 42 inches with an overhang of at least 8 inches. If you wish to have more knee room, then overhang has to be increased. The bar top should be sixteen to twenty inches wide. Although not necessary, you may have a drink rail for pouring drinks. It is better to keep 30 inches space between two stools for accommodating the big guys, and the foot rail should be 7 to 9 inches.

Make a wine store under the staircase

When you have a home bar, you would like to display your extensive wine collection. The space under the staircase is an ideal place for making a wine store. You can build a tailor-made shelf with glass door. This will be a unique wine cellar. Better place a fridge there for cooling the beer bottles.

Have win bottle wicks

The drawback of having a home bar is that you can do little with the existing lighting of the house. Transform some empty wine bottles into candles and have them placed on the bar for creating a romantic ambiance.

Consider having a penny bar

The wooden bar counters are boring. You can make the bar counter unique by installing pennies on the top. This does not cost much but when set on the wooden top makes a wonderful penny bar.

Use bottle cap backsplash

Majority of the beer-loving people like to preserve the bottle caps as a memento. The problem of keeping bottle caps is that it adds to the clutters.  Covering the wall behind the bar counter with bottle caps will make a dramatic backsplash.

Create a pub shed

If you have, by chance, a shed in the backyard, you can easily turn it into a beautiful home bar. If you have an old bookshelf, convert it into your liquor cabinet, place bar counter and chairs. Better make an ‘L' shaped counter for extra accommodation. You can also decorate the walls with the wine corks or any other sentimental piece.  It will be a great hangout area in the warmer months.

Make the home bar a part of nature

All booze has organic sources and, therefore, plants rightly fit into a home bar. Moreover, when you create a home bar, you would like it to have an amazing environment. And the green elements, lets you do have a relaxing atmosphere as people have an affinity towards the plant life. But using the live plants may not be easy because of the associated maintenance issues. Further, they have a lifecycle and die one-day needing replacement.

Faux plants and trees are the best alternatives

You can include decorative plants, artificial orchids, artificial hanging plants, and fake hanging plants, etc. for bringing a piece of nature in your home bar. These are made lifelike, and, as such, aesthetics will not hamper. The great thing about the fake landscaping products is that they are safe products and can withstand all weather conditions. These never outgrow the space, not grow out of shape. The fake plants do not attract any insect and, therefore, will deliver an insect-free home bar.

Repurpose the old piano

Utilizing an old piano into a bar is a great budget home bar idea. Remove all the keys & panels, strings & harp and cover up all the flaws. Construct wine racks using wood planks. Have some comfortable sitting arrangement around. This will be a great budget home bar for those who are inspired by music.

Consider converting an old TV

Maybe you have an old and obsolete TV in the basement or the garage. This can also be converted into a nice home bar. Construct glass racks in the cabinet for storing wine bottles and glasses. The top of the TV can be used as a unique bar counter for pouring drinks. When adorned with sofas, this will turn into an amazing home bar.

Improve lighting with beer cans

There will be some empty beer cans scattered around in the house. These can be converted into beautiful bar lights. Make a hole in the bottom of a beer can for inserting the wire and wide open the top for accommodating LED lamps. Since you can choose and pick the empty beer cans, these deliver wonderful track lighting and elevate the décor. You can also use a chandelier made out of empty beer bottles for boosting up the mood.

Have a small bar with games

If you wish to make a bar for the two of you only, a portable bar forms a unique option. This is very easy to make. If you have a small cabinet, turn it into a wine cellar. Also, fix castors to the cabinet so that it can be moved to anywhere. Connecting a chess board with the bar will make it more enjoyable.

Make a booze drawer

When you want to keep everything out of sight, a booze drawer is the best option.  You can keep it locked.  This is perfect for couples with kids.