How to Significantly Improve Your Office's Outdoor Landscape?

This article discusses some awesome ideas to improve any office's landscape along with the focus on using faux botanical beauties for the purpose. PermaLeaf® is one of the leading manufacturers of landscaping products with over 30 years of experience.

How to Significantly Improve Your Office's Outdoor Landscape?

Office LandscapingA well maintained office garden or lawn always helps in boosting the customer's potential confidence in the company and also serves the purpose of uplifting the moods of visitors and onlookers.

Do artificial landscaping products serve the purpose?

A lot of people think that faux plants and trees would look tacky and not serve the purpose of beautifying outdoor landscapes. While this fact cannot be completely ignored because of the experience of people with silk plants through decades but with the improvement of technology in the past few years the quality of fake plants and trees has improved a lot to make them look realistic and lifelike. Moreover, PermaLeaf® products are UV safe, and the vibrant colors of these outdoor topiary plants will last for years as they are made with fade resistant foliage. These products are made to withstand harsh outdoor climatic conditions.

Benefits of using PermaLeaf® products

These fake bushes and trees are made with premium quality foliage and color pigments that will last so long that it would be worth every penny spend on them. These products are absolutely maintenance free and require only the installation time to convert any dull office's outdoor landscape into a mesmerizing one. Moreover, natural plants and trees require a lot of care to grow and shape them perfectly for a particular space, whereas in case of fake bushes and trees, they can be easily incorporated into any setup and made to fit even in small outdoor spaces like rooftops and balconies.

Some awesome ideas to improve any office's landscape

Incorporate faux botanical beauties

PermaLeaf® artificial plants and trees are a great way to add some greenery to any office's outdoor space. An experienced team of designers at PermaLeaf® helps in choosing the appropriate landscaping option fit for a location of any size. The team also helps clients to visualize how the landscape will look after adding all the components by rendering architectural layout of every detail of the design digitally. Sample plans and materials are also shown to the clients to avoid any conflict in designs and quality of products.

Make the most out of small spaces

Plant containers are a great way to add contemporary elements to the outdoor landscapes. Versatile products like window boxes, privacy screens, plant containers, hanging baskets, etc. can add a lot of charm to any landscape without taking up much space. These are perfect if the outdoor space of the office is much smaller or for decorating balconies and rooftops. They use up the available space efficiently and also helps in covering up any unpleasant view from the visitors. There is a huge collection of different baseboards, materials, baskets, fake flowers for outside, screens, etc. that gives the clients a lot of freedom and options to customize the look for their office's outdoor landscape.

Design the landscape with professional help

PermaLeaf® products eliminate the hassle of hiring landscape artists and spending extra bucks to design the view of the outdoor space of offices. A team of professionals can help design every aspect of the landscape, no matter how large or small it is, from the very scratch with the help of conceptual drawings and digital images. The clients are also encouraged to come up with their ideas, and the products can be specifically designed according to their preference.

The splendor of artificial hedges

Faux Hedges is a great way to add greenery to the landscapes. They can efficiently cover a large area with all greens, and their perfect geometric shapes are ideal for corporate buildings. One of the awesome ways to jazz up the outdoors of any office with artificial boxwood hedges that is becoming very popular these days is to make logos and design company names, using fake hedges, which are detectable only from the top view of the landscape. Since there are no chances of these faux botanical beauties to grow over time or fall apart in tough climatic conditions, they are ideal for the purpose, as the company name or logo must look the same through all seasons for years.

Hide the unpleasant views with large fake trees

For offices located in the city, it gets tough to hide the concrete jungle outside, and thus fake large plants are the perfect solution for such cases. The can hide cell towers, transformers, light poles and other such things in the outdoor landscape of any office very easily, making the surroundings look more green, fresh and uplifting. Fake bamboo reeds are great for hiding transformers and broad setups whereas sleek artificial coconut tree, pine trees, etc. work well for hiding small poles and towers. Thus large fake trees can be incorporated very strategically to make the outdoor space of offices look greener.

Decorate beautifully with rocks and pavements

Integrating pavements and rocks are also good ideas to add some personality and a feel of the organization to the surroundings. This element works for only larger outdoor spaces like office gardens, lawns, etc. and can be used cleverly to build a pathway for strolling around and separating various parts of the space from each other with a soft blend, without creating distinguishable separate boundaries between them.

Enchanting summer houses

Building summer houses in a garden area of the office is a great way to attract attention and also serves the purpose of hosting parties and other occasions around them. Benches and lightings can also be incorporated to maximize the visual appeal and boost the beauty of the landscape. Decorating summer houses with vines not just blends them with the surroundings but also adds a mesmerizing timeless home décor like a charm in the whole setup.

These products are absolutely maintenance free and what makes them perfect is the fact that they seem indistinguishable from the real plants and trees. Due to their complete botanical viability, these quality fake plants will surely blend into any outdoor setting, even if there are natural plants and trees around. Get these amazingly popular outdoor faux topiaries to beautifully transform the external landscape of offices without any hassle.