How to Start a Basic Office Creche Easily?

Working parents always prefer jobs that offer them more facilities besides the financial package. The employers are, therefore, seriously thinking to have on-site crèche to retain the employees. Here are some basic ideas on how to start an office crèche.

How to Start a Basic Office Creche Easily?

Artificial Outdoor PlantsThe number of working parents is climbing up every year. Quite a large part of the working parents leaves jobs every year just for the sake of their children.  The employers are, therefore, seriously thinking to have on-site crèche to retain the employees.  Here are some basic ideas on how to start an office crèche.

1. Organizing the crèche

The working moms return home with guilt feeling every day. An office crèche can provide them the necessary relief. Before you open the office crèche facility, you should consider the followings.

  •     Space requirement
  •     Licensing
  •     Staffing & training
  •     Health & safety issues
  •     Development programs
  •     Equipment & facilities
  •     Financial involvement


2. There should be sufficient floor space

Comfort and safety are the two basic requirements of any daycare center. You have to make sure that enough floor space is available for every kid. Moreover, provisions should be prepared for a free zone in the middle where the children can play together. The daycare center must also have arrangements so that the children can rest or have a little nap there.

Comfortable sitting arrangements with desks are essential so that the children can make craft items.  Creating an outdoor playing area for the kids elevates the ambiance of the daycare center.

3. Comply with the licensing formalities

Children are unpredictable. You can never know what they will be up to the next moment. This makes taking care of the children a problematic undertaking.  This is why the states and the local authorities have strict rules and regulations for daycare facilities.

You should, therefore, research the licensing rules for opening a crèche for the employees well before starting the project. Generally, such licenses are issued for a specific period and renewal is essential after the expiry of the term. Better contact the local licensing agency for the details.

4. Hiring the right people

The difference between a successful and unsuccessful daycare center depends on if you have the right staff. Running a crèche means you are dealing with human elements. Whoever you appoint, he or she must love children. They should also be compassionate and have the patience to handle the kids.

The caregivers must understand the child psychology very well. Knowledge of various child development program and safety is also essential. Ensure that your staff members also have training in caregiving, especially on first aid for handling emergencies.

5. Develop the right curriculum

Ensuring all-round development of the children is the prime responsibility of any crèche. The office crèche must have programs that help to develop a child mentally, emotionally and physically.

There should be provisions to play games so that the children can grow physically. Teaching rhymes, songs and acquainting them with numbers and alphabets help to develop memory and learning abilities. Puzzles also help the kids to learn shapes and colors. Encourage them in group activities for building social skills.

6. Take care of health and safety issues

Health and safety issues are a major concern for every office crèche. It is better if the parents bring meals for their children.  Otherwise, the crèche should provide meals for the children. It should be tasty, nutritious and balanced for ensuring child growth.

Safety and security of the children is a critical requirement, and there is no place for compromising. All equipment used in the office crèche must ensure child safety. Additionally, everything should have sufficient protection so that kids do not have any injury.

Use only non-toxic paint and clean & sanitized accessories for ensuring complete.  Children suffering from diseases are not to be allowed in the crèche until they recover fully.

7. Include the right equipment and facilities

It is quite probable that the office crèche will have to handle children of different ages. Arrange books, toys, games, etc. for children of different ages. Hang visual patterns to make them curious, and they will start exploring the surroundings.  Other than age-appropriate gaming elements, there should also be changing tables and diapers for handling babies.

Build a specially designed bathroom for the children. This will let them have easy access, and they will gain confidence.

8. Expose them to nature

Exposing the children to nature is essential for growth and development. That is why an office crèche should have an outdoor playing ground. When the kids come in close contact with nature, they enjoy the stimulating experience. But, the fake outdoor plants are a better option when compared to their live cousins.

The live plants have many caring demands. That is why these are hard to maintain.  The artificial landscaping elements have no such requirements. Once installed, they deliver the same aesthetic beauty without any compromise.

You can use fake bushes and trees, boxwood topiaries, and green walls to construct the artificial garden. These non-natural green elements are made from high-quality foliage and are infused with UV protecting chemicals. These can withstand all weather conditions and never fade or wilt.

The great advantage of using the green artificial plants is that these are non-toxic. These do not support mold growth and are safe. These do not attract any insects. The kids have no fear of insect bites.

9. To be or not to be

Now that you know the steps to start a basic office crèche, you can easily open an on-site crèche. But, before beginning the daycare center, you should weigh all the pros and cons. Generally, office crèches are ideal for offices with a large number of employees.

Opening an office crèche may not be possible if your office is small with less number of employees. In such cases partnering with an established daycare center near the office will be commercially viable. Better to tie up with multiple daycare centers so that employees have extensive choices.


Working parents always prefer jobs that offer them more facilities besides the financial package.  Starting an office crèche is beneficial to the organization in many ways. It attracts a wide variety of employees and improves the employee morale. It also helps increase employee retention and decrease absenteeism.