Inexpensive, Unique, and Durable - That's PermaLeaf®'s Faux Plants for You

PermaLeaf® has fantastic landscaping items that are inexpensive and long-lasting. These awesome landscaping elements can make your commercial outdoors mesmerizing with their enchanting beauty.

Inexpensive, Unique, and Durable - That's PermaLeaf®'s Faux Plants for You

Faux PlantsOne has to blow his mind out with impressive landscaping of a commercial complex. With the present trend of going green for revamping the commercial outdoors, landscape architects are using artificial trees, plants, etc. over the live plants for producing a lush green landscape that will last long. While there were times when people used to combine fake plants with their live versions, now fully fake landscaping is followed for the commercial settings like massive corporate houses, multiplexes, municipal buildings, shopping malls, all types of parks, luxury hotels & restaurants, exotic resorts and even hospitals and healthcare facilities.

There are many things to consider for choosing fake landscaping items for revamping the commercial outdoors. Whatever green one may select, that should display the business theme, quality, and class. Moreover, it should be impressive and attractive for gaining customers and clients for ultimate growth of the business. Aside from these factors, the artificial greenery chosen must have durability warranty and be cost effective. PermaLeaf® manufactures a plethora of faux landscaping options, and also customize the replicated horticultural items when it is necessary for complementing certain exterior landscaping theme. There are large numbers of manufacturers who produce mimic trees and plants, but PermaLeaf® does more than that by providing the right landscaping solution.

PermaLeaf® products are a treat to the eyes

PermaLeaf® has many artificial outdoor landscaping products including trees, plants, flowers, boxwood topiaries, large varieties of foliage, privacy screens, window boxes, living walls and hanging baskets in their arsenal. All of these are made lifelike, and when those are planted with imagination, they are sure to be a treat to the eyes. Being pseudo-natural, these immediately connect with the people around and are great for impressing the visitors and energizing the employees. Moreover, being all weather options, the faux plants continue to adorn the commercial outdoors around the year with their mesmerizing charm.

The magic of PermaLeaf® products

Mesmerizing outdoor is a must-have for all commercial settings. The exterior is the first point of contact with your prospecting clients and customers and, therefore, it has to be a cut above the best for attracting crowds. No matter what type of business you are in, the first impression goes a long way for continuing business relation. Moreover, a sophisticated landscape is also sure to create a good buzz about the business that helps the business to grow. PermaLeaf® artificial landscaping products are made botanically correct for delivering a super duper near-natural landscape. With many available options, these replicated trees and plants can create a magical environment for revamping the commercial setting.

PermaLeaf® provides unique landscaping solutions

With more than three decades of experience, PermaLeaf® is not confined to producing artificial trees, plants, topiaries only. They offer a complete outdoor landscaping solution, which is not available with others. PermaLeaf® has landscape designing provisions for the customers. Whether you wish to upgrade an existing commercial setting or starting from scratches, PermaLeaf® can create a plan for such projects. Their team of graphic designers and landscape architects visit the place and discuss with the customer for making draft design for finalization.

You may have many dreams, and uniqueness of PermaLeaf® lies in bringing that to reality. The landscapes are created complementing the style, functionality, and budget of the organization. PermaLeaf® also builds up complete rooftop, terrace and balcony landscaping for transforming concrete jungles into inspiring places. Their professional landscape designers make sure that every void in the commercial setting is utilized for taking the business space to the next level. Commercial spaces are likely to have polls, cell towers and other utility boxes that create a visual nuisance. To provide a solution to this, PermaLeaf® Uses large replicated trees and other fake products, to bring symmetry to the outdoor. These also hide the eyesores and add a wow factor to your outdoor landscape.

PermaLeaf® products have long shelf life

PermaLeaf® breathtaking artificial landscaping products are made from the best quality commercial grade materials for making those durable. They do not attract bugs, and there is no chance of mold growth. Other than permanent landscaping of the commercial outdoors, these are suitable for decorating lawns and open spaces for social festivities. Even for such seasonal uses, there is no problem with PermaLeaf® faux plants, as these robust accessories can be stored for years together, for future landscaping requirements.

Requires minimum maintenance

Another great advantage of landscaping commercial outdoors with PermaLeaf® products is that these require little or no maintenance. While the live plants need constant care, their fake counterparts have no maintenance requirement. Only periodic cleaning is enough to keep them shining for long.

These do not lose their charm

A major problem with live trees and plants is that they shed leaves. Moreover, their leaves also suffer from yellowing. PermaLeaf® landscaping products are free from such worries. These are made from premium grade plastic materials that are loaded with UV resistant chemicals. PermaLeaf® never sprays but injects the UV resistant chemicals into the foliage, and these never fade, even if continuously exposed to scorching sunlight. Thus, they never lose their charm and continue to glow with their lush green appearance.

No seasonal worries

Unlike the live plants, the fake versions made by PermaLeaf® are not seasoned special. So, you need not wait for them to grow. They come in ready-for-installation state, never wilts and continue to add charm to the commercial outdoor equally throughout the year.

PermaLeaf® provides cost-effective landscaping products

When you use PermaLeaf® artificial landscaping elements for revamping the commercial outdoors, that delights the customers. These are very strong and sturdy and can tolerate all weather conditions. Thus, there is no replacement worry as those are not damaged due to inclement weather. Moreover, these are reasonably priced, easily installable and have the long shelf life. These make the fake landscaping products an inexpensive landscaping option, for outdoor landscaping.