Inexpensive Upgrades That Make Offices Look Better

Although money is essential for upgrading an office, it is not necessary to spend a fortune. Thinking creatively is enough to make it attractive within a budget. Try these simple ideas to have an excellent office.

Inexpensive Upgrades That Make Offices Look Better

Artificial Outdoor Plants“An office should be cool to connect and contribute.”

No matter what size your office is, it does not mean to be messy. Clumsy offices create a very bad impression on the visitors. It also affects the mood of the employees. So, office upgrading is a dire necessity, and maybe you are afraid to do that for budget constraints.

Here is a list of inexpensive office upgrading ideas that you would love to explore.

1. Remove clutter

Cleanliness holds the key to office improvement. When things are organized, the office looks better. Ditch the clutter from the office floor; it should not be congested with furniture. The desks should not also be piled with junks. Organize space-saving storage to keep things that you need regularly. This will give a nice facelift to your office.

2. Ditch the cubicle

Cubicles absorb much space and also isolate the employees. Following an open office-plan is excellent for improving offices. Organize activity based sitting arrangement for better collaboration among the employees.

3. Get a whiteboard

A whiteboard can immediately change the office ambiance. This lets you write down the priorities. The great thing about these whiteboards is that also erasing very easy. It helps to sketch down the ideas for implementation and increases productivity.

Varieties of whiteboards are available in the market. Get the type that suits your décor theme and install that in the office. In case you are a chalkboard fan, you may use that as well.

4. Introduce a digital clock

Counting hours is quite natural in offices. Why have analog clocks in the office? This cast a very dull view. Replace this with a digital clock. These are easy on the eyes and let you have a modern minimalist look. If you prefer the traditional clocks, then have one in the ornamental casing to uplift the office ambiance.

5. Improve illumination

Quality of light is vital for office improvement. Try to harvest as much natural light as you can. This will make the employees more efficient. If that is not possible, then consider improving the ambiance with artificial light.

Have zonal lighting system on the desks and overall diffused indirect lighting in the office room. This will lift the office to the next level.

6. Reposition the monitor

The present-day office employees have to stay glued to the monitor for long hours. Adjust the heights of the monitors so that those come at or slightly below the eye level. Also, place it around 20 inches away from the eyes. This will help the employees work comfortably and increase the productivity.

7. Manage the cables and cords

Cables and cords are unavoidable accessories of modern office desks. But, these create an ugly look and, therefore, to be managed. Try to hide these under the desk. If that is not possible, then execute those with cute binder clips. This will, no doubt, improve the view.

8. Invest in air fresheners

Engaging the senses has a significant impact on office improvement. A pleasant ambient scent lifts up the mood and influences the employee behavior. Since the people spend long hours in offices, investing in air fresheners gives a dividend. Installing air diffusers with essential oil improvise the quality of air in the office.

Scent branding also helps to attract target customer. You can create a signature scent for your office. This will send a customized message to the visitors.

9. Create a fake window

Creating a phony window helps to upgrade the office. Get inspiring outdoor sceneries and hang those on the wall where there is no window. Finish with matching wooden window frames. This will indeed lift up the office environment.

10. Include something quirky

Art pieces set the tone of the office. You can include a replica of some classical art pieces or can consist of something local. Creating own artwork is also a brilliant option. These remove strain, improve office ambiance and motivate people.

11. Use mirrors

Most of the urban offices suffer from space crunches. Using mirrors provides a brilliant solution to combat this problem. You can hang mirrors on the opposite walls for more bouncing of light. This will also create an illusion of more space.

12. Pop up with color

Splashing the office with color improves the ambiance. Use shades of gray, orange, and blue for enhancing the mood. If you have more than one room, paint those with different colors. This will deliver an outstanding effect.

13. Have a bigger trash can

Although sounds silly, it is a strategic hack for office improvement. This helps to put the unnecessary documents after digitalization. This may be more visible than the smaller one, but it prevents overflow and keeps the office tidy.

14. Go green with plants

When people are near nature, they become more creative. Although live plants are nice office decorating elements, they are tough to maintain. But the faux plants have no such issues and make great alternatives.

The green artificial plants are now manufactured using prime quality foliage, plastic materials, and strong, colorfast pigment. These are made so stunningly realistic that they cannot be differentiated from their live cousins.

These are quite strong and durable. Being loaded with UV blocking chemicals, the fake topiary plants never fade. Once included in the office, they maintain the same glow in seasons. The quality fake plants are available in customized sizes. Coming in standard pots, they can be installed easily.

The silk boxwood and other faux plants do not require any sunlight. They can be placed in any corner of the office and also in underground offices without any problem. The faux tree and plants are highly portable and allow you to interchange positions easily.

Since these do not attract insects, they deliver a safe office environment.


An attractive office is conducive to the success of the business. Although money is essential for upgrading an office, it is not necessary to spend a fortune. Thinking creatively is enough to make it attractive within a budget. Try these simple ideas to have an excellent office.