Inspirational Design Ideas for Cramped Kitchen Spaces

These innovative and useful tips and suggestions will help you transform your small kitchen. These ideas are tried and tested and have proven to be very useful in space storage.

Inspirational Design Ideas for Cramped Kitchen Spaces

Artificial PlantsHaving a cramped space can be extremely discomforting if you use the area regularly. There are many ways in which you can remodel the kitchen and add some nips and tucks to the décor that will help in giving the space a more spacious and roomy feel. We have put together a list of these ideas and suggestions that you can use. Here’s everything you need to know:

Clear Out Any Unnecessary Clutter

The first step towards a more spacious kitchen requires clearing out any clutter from the space. Confusion makes any place look messy, cramped, smaller and claustrophobic. Clearing out any items that you don’t need or use, keeping the kitchen neat and clean and making sure to avoid the pipe up of plates and pots and pans can help in improving the décor of the kitchen and making the area feel roomier.

Hang Your Pots And Pans

Instead of piling your pots and pans up on the kitchen counter, or using draws to stock them in a cramped manner, an excellent option is to hang your pots and pans in the kitchen. You can purchase a pot hanger at your local décor store or on any online shopping portal. Hanging the pots reduces the amount of space used in the kitchen. Further, when you hang the pots and pans, as opposed to stacking them in drawers, you don’t need to empty an entire drawer to find one specific item that may be all the way at the bottom of the drawer.

Opt For A Wall Drop Table

If you have no space in your kitchen to install a proper table, you can always opt for a wall drop table. These tables are drop-down tables that are installed into the wall. When not in use the table can be pushed back into the wall to clear out space. You can even opt for foldable chairs to go with the drop down table. The foldable chairs can be folded and stored in one corner when the table is not being used, hence, giving the kitchen a more spacious look.

Repaint Your Kitchen Walls With A Lighter Paint Shade

Dark walls can make any space look dull, gloomy and it can also make the area seem smaller. If you want your small kitchen to feel spacious and roomy, you should opt for light paint shades on the walls. Off-white, white, beige, yellow and other such colors are ideal to make space feel larger and roomier.

Choose Drawers And Cabinets That Are Made From Light Shades Of Wood

You need to install cupboards and cabinets in your kitchen that have doors that are tan, light brown and so on. If you’re going to opt for kitchen cabinets and drawers that are dark cherry red or deep brown, you will once again make space feel smaller. You can also select white or light grey kitchen cabinets for that spacious and roomy feel.

Over The Sink Chopping Board

If you don’t have enough space in your kitchen to install a counter and you need an area for the cutting and chopping of your vegetables, you can always get an over the sink chopping board. These boards are placed over the sink when you need to use them, and they can be cleaned and stored away when not in use. You can get several different varieties and types of over the sink chopping boards on online shopping portals.

Add Shelves For Storage

If you don’t have enough cabinets and drawers in your kitchen, you can always add shelves to your kitchen walls. Shelves can give the kitchen a more spacious feel, and they can also play an important role in keeping your kitchen counter clear from clutter.

Hide Appliances Inside Cabinets

Every kitchen requires appliances like an oven, microwave, refrigerator and so on. If you have limited space in your kitchen, the best thing to do is to hide these appliances inside cabinets. Keeping these appliances out in the open will make your already cramped kitchen look even more cramped and small.

Use The Microwave And Oven As Storage

When you aren’t making use of the oven and microwave, you can use these appliances as storage bins. Stock your condiments and other bottles and spices in the oven or microwave. Stack a few plates and bowls inside the appliances. This way you will use less kitchen space and make your cramped kitchen look roomier.

Use Spice Containers For The Storage Of Spices

Spice containers that can store multiple different varieties of spices in one container are extremely useful for a small kitchen. Using containers with multiple compartments can help because you will need that many fewer individuals storage containers. The more the storage containers, the higher the space usage and wastage in the kitchen.

Get Rid Of Utensils And Crockery That Goes Unused

Very often we end up storing extra plates, glasses, spoons, and other such items even though we don’t use them. If you get rid of utensils or donate utensils that are unused, you will end up clearing out a lot of space in your kitchen. If you want to hold on to them because of some sentimental value, then you can store the unused plates and utensils in cardboard boxes in your attic. As and when you need to use them, you can always bring them down and box them up once again later.

These innovative and useful tips and suggestions will help you transform your small kitchen. These ideas are tried and tested and have proven to be very useful in space storage. Working in a cramped kitchen can be an absolute nightmare. You can avoid this by incorporating a few of the suggestions as mentioned above and transforming the décor of your tiny kitchen. You will be utterly impressed with the outcome. Don’t waste another minute and get right to it! Give your kitchen that much-needed makeover today!