Interior Design Trends That Will Be Huge for the Years to Come

This year also, a few ideas have been presented, which have struck a chord with the masses and are looking to be ruling the industry for the near future.

Interior Design Trends That Will Be Huge for the Years to Come

Outdoor Faux PlantsOne of the most promising and upcoming industries of the present world market is the architecture and interior design industry. This industry has managed to keep its relevance in the modern, fast-paced world by continually adapting and changing according to the ongoing trends and demands. The ability to listen to the wants and needs of the clients and provide them with the necessary solutions has made this industry one of the fastest growing markets of the world, with latest trends and designs resulting in creation and distribution of newer and newer products and services. Since the demands of the clients are never-ending and always changing, listening to the needs of the customers has proved beneficial to the interior design industry and has helped it grow by leaps and bounds every year, instead of being stagnant with old ideas and unwanted ideas and trends.

The Always Changing Trends of Interior Designing

Just like every year, 2018 has also thrown up many new trends and styles in the interior designing world. While some of these trends have already gone out of fashion, some of these ideas have stood the test of time, and are looking to be strongly heading towards the new year too. These include everything from room decor ideas to color palettes to choices of furniture and styles of curtains and draping. Here we list a few of these latest interior design trends, that are here for the long run in the industry.

1) Minimalism

The biggest and most popular trend in the design industry, not only in the interior design industry but in the overall home and lifestyle industry, is the idea of minimal decorations and leaving things clean and tidy for a fresh look, otherwise known as minimalism. Minimalism has already made a name for itself in the art industry, where minimalist paintings have been famous in both the consumer and critic circles for quite some time now.

This idea has now gripped the interior designing industries, where everything from furniture to upholstery has taken up a minimalist design. Clean, sharp lines and straight angles in making furniture, and calm, solid colors or linear design patterns on the wall or upholstery define this style of design. This style can even be implemented in any plan for outdoors also, like having clean construction lines on the outside of the house, straight-edged windows, doors with minimalist designs and so on. Whatever be the case, it is evident that the art of minimalism has successfully infiltrated the interior design industry, and it seems to be here for the long run.

2) Use of artificial plant decorations

In stark contrast to the idea of minimalist decor, another rising trend seems to be the idea of using various types of plants and plant products to decorate the interior of the house. This type of interior design is becoming more and more popular, especially in bigger cities and more so in apartment buildings, since residents of these buildings do not generally have access to a lush green garden or lawn. So, maybe through the use of such artificial plants for kitchen cabinets and other spaces like the living room and even the bathroom space, the consumers are trying to recreate some of the charms of an outdoor garden in their own, small living spaces.

The best part of using such fake topiary plants is that they require very little upkeep and maintenance. Using plants and trees for indoor decoration is not a very new idea, per se, but until now, people have been a bit apprehensive about using real plants indoors for decorating. This is because these indoor plants require a lot of time and effort, including proper lighting conditions, regular watering, and care, and can also leave an unwanted smell in the entire house. Also, they keep on growing and hence need occasional trimming and maintenance.

But these artificial plants do not require and regular care, just a quick clean sometimes will again rejuvenate these. The ease of maintenance and yet the aesthetic looks these fake plants provide is what appeals to the consumers, and hence this design trend has taken the industry by storm.

3) Use of false ceilings and walls

With the growing population, living spaces have become smaller and smaller, especially in big metropolitan cities. People are moving out of huge houses and into smaller, more affordable apartment buildings. Although these flats do not have the space for multiple rooms, there is no reason that space cannot be utilized efficiently and accurately for maximum benefits.

Most new living spaces usually consist of one large living area with smaller bedrooms and bathrooms. The kitchen, dining area and living rooms are almost always part of a large common area with no distinct partitions. This can cause some privacy issues, but building a whole new brick wall can not only be very expensive but can also be illegal according to some building and construction regulations and laws. Thus, to get around this loophole, people have started installing fake walls and partitions like screen doors and artificial plant walls. Among these, artificial plant partitions are the ongoing trend as these serve two purposes. Not only do they act as a partition between two spaces and provide some much-needed privacy, but they are also a beautiful way to spice up the decor of the living area as they give a very aesthetic look to an otherwise large and dull space.


The interior design industry is never a stagnant place with new ideas and trends coming and going almost every season. But sometimes, some classic and unique ideas are presented that stand the test of time and are adapted and used by companies and consumers for years and years to come. This year also, a few ideas have been presented, which have struck a chord with the masses and are looking to be ruling the industry for the near future.