It's Beautiful! The Range of Landscaping Products from PermaLeaf®

Are you finding a right faux landscaping solution for your commercial outdoor area? Choose from the range of PermaLeaf® outdoor landscaping products and stay mesmerized with their exceptional beauty and elegance.

It's Beautiful! The Range of Landscaping Products from PermaLeaf®

Hanging BasketArtificial plants and trees have become the latest trend in the landscaping industry. Whether you are a homeowner or business, if you find it difficult to upkeep the live plants and trees in your yard then artificial landscaping is a realistic solution. PermaLeaf® is among best landscaping companies Minneapolis that has been offering high quality and reliable artificial landscaping products for years. Their range of faux trees, plants, flowers and more foliage engineered specially to withstand all the harsh outdoor environmental conditions. They also possess exactly same look as those of their real counterparts. Infused with preserving chemicals and properties, these don't lose their shine and graceful looks even in critical outdoor conditions.

Kinds of Landscaping Products You Can Find with PermaLeaf®

Excellent Boxwood Topiaries

Boxwood is a standout amongst the most well-known topiary assortment and is regularly associated with customs and magnificence. The PermaLeaf® designers have connected this immortal excellence with mesmerizing styles to specialty topiaries which offer your modern spaces a blend of classic, contemporary and seamless greenery. Regardless of what shape or style you are searching for, with PermaLeaf®, you can have a boxwood topiary which will meet all your necessities. All kinds of boxwood topiaries can bring symmetry and perfect structure to your space as well as a bold style to your dull yard. You can find different kinds of geometric designs in boxwood topiaries ranging from the spiral, ball, cone to custom designed topiaries. With a custom designed topiary, you can get any shape created like your business logo, any special shape, your favorite cartoon character or more.

Realistic Looking Artificial Outdoor Plants

A landscape can never be complete with all sized of plants. PermaLeaf® has a wide range of artificial plants available that help you build a wonderful outdoor landscape. These plants give you a perfect way to showcase your brand, personality, and class to your customers as well as business partners. Moreover, these trees look so realistic that no one can ever think that these are artificial. The wonderful effect provided by these plants to your office will surely help you enhance your productivity by keeping your employees fresh and energetic. With these outdoor pants, you can build inviting and interesting entrance at your commercial space.

Outdoor Artificial Plants- Adding Colors to Your Space

Flowers are ideal for adding multiple colors to your landscape in combination with other plants, trees, and green foliage. Flowers can offer exciting effect to your outdoor area. Along with giving an element of style and size to your landscape, PermaLeaf® artificial flowers can also create lively and graceful settings for your outdoor space. PermaLeaf® flowers are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that you can choose as per your specific landscaping requirements. The flowers can be used in multiple ways, like as foliage for your greener plants, as potted plants, hanging baskets as well as in combination with privacy screens to give a blend of color to your privacy screens.

Unique Privacy Screen

A privacy screen is the most popular way that commercial buildings utilize faux foliage. Green screens give commercial areas an elegant, playful as well as a formal way to surround their areas or create a privatized space excitingly. These are ideal for dividing creatively the office spaces, hotel sections, pool areas, restaurants and more without a need of a brick and cemented walls. Steel fences, metal or brick walls can't give that creativity or impressive look to your outdoor area that PermaLeaf® outdoor privacy walls can give. The innovative and privacy screens are created as per the architectural requirements of your outdoor view and can give the onlookers pleasing visual feels.

Decorative Window Boxes

If you want to define the luxurious outdoor landscape that can define your business lifestyle and class, window boxes are the ideal accessories for you. PermaLeaf® window boxes are available in various colors, sizes, colors, and varieties. These can make your landscape look complete and pleasing. The windows boxes carry fade, resistance, fire resistance as well as UV resistance properties that prevent these plants from fading away and getting damaged due to various environmental conditions. So, add these window boxes to your commercial space and bring a charming element to your outdoor settings without any worries of their regular care or maintenance.

Eye-Catchy Outdoor Artificial Hanging Baskets

It is quite easy to create a landscape with plants and trees is easier but making your landscape define your business style is tricky. But it is possible with highly outstanding artificial hanging baskets. The hanging baskets offer a bright and enriching space to your commercial outdoor area. Hanging baskets can be made available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, plant and flower types as per your personal preferences. These are minimalistic along with being mesmerizing that makes them be the center of attention of your outdoor area. Your employees, customers as well as visitors will find your outdoor space a wonderful place to relax, walk and spend free time because of the grace of these baskets. As these come backed up with all environmentally withstanding properties, so these will stay flourishing for years bearing all kinds of weather conditions.

Large Outdoor Artificial Trees for Exciting Landscape

PermaLeaf® offers a long range of artificial trees for outdoor areas of your office, residence or commercial space that can help you build the most realistic natural habitat around your space. The range of artificial trees of PermaLeaf® includes wonderful palms, bonsais, pine trees, large custom trees as well as tropical tree plants. All these faux tree types look exactly like their real counterparts. These have been designed with superior technology so that can stay for years in your outdoor landscape. These trees can be combined with the colors of faux foliage as well as flowers to form a complete outdoor landscape.